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How to Transfer Photos from One Google Account to Another?

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There is no point in arguing that the cloud is one of the most prominent inventions of the 21st century. With the ability to store and access data from anywhere in the world, cloud drives have gained momentum in the past few years. Google photos bring forth the same convenience. So, if you want to know how to transfer photos from one Google account to another, this is just the right article for you.

Here we shall be discussing some of the most conventional to more advanced ways in which you can share photos. So, without wasting any further time, lets jump right into it.

Part 1: How to transfer photos from one Google account to another By downloading and uploading

There are several instances where we no longer have access to the original photos and videos. Under such circumstances, this nifty feature of Google Photos can really come handy. Neither less to say, using the same method, you can actually transfer it to other accounts. Down below is a list of all the steps in which you can download and upload your photos from one account to another.

Step 1: Login to Google Photos

First of all, you need to log in to your Google Photos account and choose all the images you want to transfer.

Step 2: Download Photos

Once you get everything right, you can just select the “Download” button or type “Shit + D” to download all the photos.


Step 3: Upload the images

Now, log in to your second Google Photos account and drag all the downloaded images over them. You can also click the “Upload” button and select the images you want to upload.

Note: Bear in mind, if you are downloading multiple images, you will find them in a single ZIP file. So, make sure to extract before you upload them. The only downside to the entire process is that it is completely manual, and it might take you a considerable amount of time.

Part 2: How to transfer photos from one Google account to another Via sharing your library

Here is the other way to transfer photos from one Google account to another. It was back in June 2017 when Google announced the share library option. In this way, you can share your entire album between two accounts. Look for the steps down below on how to properly share the album with another Google account.

Step 1: Open Settings

Launch Google Photos and to begin with, you need to head over to the “Settings” section of your primary Google account. Now select the “Shared libraries” option.

shared libraries 1

Step 2: Enter Address

To proceed with the process, make sure to enter the email address of your second Google account and hit on “Next” button.

shared libraries 2

Step 3:

At this point, you can even choose all the images from your Primary Google Account. Now select the “Next” option.

shared libraries 3

Step 4: Send Invitation

Now, you are required to click on the “Send Invitation” option. Once done, move ahead with logging in to your second Google account.

Step 5: Accept the Invitation

Go to the Sharing screen and click on the “Accept” option in order to get the invitation accepted. You will be able to view the photos you want to transfer.

shared libraries 4

Step 6: Add Photos

Go to “Shared Library” and then choose all the images. Hit on “Add to library” and get them transferred to the second account.

You can’t just automatically transfer the albums. At first, you need to transfer it and wait for the second account to accept the request. Bear in mind, any change in the date or time will also reflect in the 2nd account. Neither less to say, all the descriptions and captions within the photos shall be shared too.

Part 3: How to transfer photos from one Google account to another With shareable links

Migrating your photos from one Google account to another via sharable links is by far one of the most conventional ways. If you want to transfer photos using sharable links, make sure to follow the steps down below:

Step 1: Open Google Account

First of all, head over to photos.google.com and connect with your primary Google account.

Step 2: Pick Out Photos

Select all the files you want to transfer, and select the “Share” option from the top right corner.

Step 3: Make Link for the Photos to be shared

Now choose “Create Link,” and you will find the link for the images. In this way, you can share your images with anyone and even on other social media platforms.

shared album

Step 4: Transfer photos from one Google Account to Another

Log in with your other Google account, and open the link. Choose the option “Add to Album.”

There are some of the few things you need to keep in mind while sharing in this way. Any description or caption you have added to your Google Photo will also be shared in the link. Even if you are changing the date and time, it will reflect in the latter. At the same time, it is always advised to back up your entire collection, in case anything goes wrong.

Concluding Words

Throughout this article, we have described three of the easiest ways on how to transfer photos from one Google account to another. Please make sure to go through the steps one by one. That being said, if you want more versatility on the table, there are several third-party software that can do the same for you. In fact, you can even sync your photos with other cloud services. So, once you get everything right, you are always good to go. We hope that you have liked this article. If we could be of any help, share your views with us by writing in the comments section.

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