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How to Merge Dropbox Accounts?

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Cloud storage services are the contemporary version of data synchronization that has developed with time to induce swift and efficient ways of storing and synchronizing data to desktops or mobile devices. One of the most popular and readily consumed online cloud storage services is Dropbox that has been providing exquisite services to its users in terms of data synchronization. However, there may develop complex situations where users who utilize multiple accounts for storing data usually find it to be a difficult task while transferring data from one account to the other. You are aware of the fact that Dropbox does not support two different accounts on a single desktop, which makes it almost an impossible undertaking to merge Dropbox accounts. This article discusses the method that might allow you to connect and merge your Dropbox accounts on a single device.

how to merge dropbox accounts

Part 1: Can I Merge Dropbox accounts?

As stated before, Dropbox does not allow multiple accounts to be logged in on a single device. This implies that there is currently no automatic procedure to follow that would connect two personal Dropbox accounts. However, considering the existing interfaces and procedures available, the easiest and by far, the most compelling way to combine individual accounts can be executed by shifting all files and folders from one account to the other.

Part 2: Combine Dropbox accounts files by sharing folders

While considering the traditional proceedings of combining Dropbox accounts, we come by the most commonly consumed method of merging two Dropbox accounts i.e., through Shared Folders. It follows a series of steps to execute which are described in detail thus and so:

Step 1: Signing in to the first account

You need to access the Dropbox account that consists of the data that you consider moving your files from.

Step 2: Using the feature of "Shared Folder."

After getting yourself signed in, create a shared folder, and add another account, the second account where you want your data moved as a recipient of the Shared Folder.

Step 3: Filling up the Shared Folder

The files that you look forward to transfer needs to be dragged and dropped into the Shared Folder. Complete this process by moving all the required data into the Shared Folder.

Step 4: Logging in to the second account

By accessing the browser's incognito mode, you need to log in to the second account of Dropbox from your device.

Step 5: Add the Shared Folder to the other account

The reason for having a shared folder was to have the data copied on the second device with ease. After accessing the second account, you need to locate the "Shared" tab present on display for locating the shared folder created. After finding the folder, click on the "Add" icon for moving the data to the other Dropbox account.

adding sharing folder to the other account

Step 6: Refreshing the account

Refresh the account and observe that the data or the folders present in the Shared Folder are now located under the options of "My Files" in the second account. You need to be aware of the fact that the files are accessible with the compulsion of them being in the Shared Folder. As soon as you remove them from there, the files cannot be approached from the second account.

Part 3: Merge Two Dropbox account file by Multcloud

You might find the common method to be the easiest among all other options. The method is still, yet quite lengthy and tiring. Keeping in mind that with time comes improved versions of the technology, there is absolutely no need for going through all the procedure that has been explained above. Multcloud, a free cloud to cloud transfer service, is a free web-based service offered for combining Dropbox accounts in a contemporary fashion.

Considering the features provided by Multcloud, it goes far beyond helping manage multiple cloud drives in a single place. It provides a very impressive interface in merging two Dropbox accounts. This is executed by following a series of steps which are as follows:

Step 1: Having a Multcloud account

To perform the tasks that have been discussed, it is important for you to have an account on Multcloud.

account creation

Step 2: Add your Dropbox Accounts

To add your Dropbox accounts onto Multcloud, simply tap "Add Cloud," followed by the Dropbox button to add the account. There is no compulsion over the number of accounts to be added.

add dropbox account

Step 3: Perform different operations after adding

Adding the Dropbox accounts onto Multcloud is all that is required to have them interconnected and merged. After having the necessary accounts linked together, you can perform a series of functions, including uploading, downloading, moving, cutting different data from an account, and having data shared through the "Cloud Explorer" function. For migrating from one account to the other, you can simply perform it through the feature of "Cloud Sync."

merge two dropbox accounts

Step 4: Synchronizing the Dropbox Accounts on Multcloud

The "Cloud Sync" feature is a very effortless procedure to be performed on Multcloud. You need to select on Dropbox account as a source and the other account as the destination. After successfully directing and selecting the accounts, simply tap on the "Cloud Sync" button to have the process completed. This will migrate the source account to the destination easily.

sync from one dropbox to another


We have observed people complain over merging Dropbox accounts and having their data relocated through a single device. This article provides them with the ultimate guide on how to have their Dropbox accounts merged with serenity.

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