AirPlay Android - How To Stream Videos and Music from Android to TV with AirPlay

AirPlay has changed the way people stream their media content through multiple devices on a common wireless or Ethernet network. However, the beauty of AirPlay doesn't only lie in streaming your content flawlessly, but also making your entire experience come alive. Users who have been regularly using iOS devices like iPhone and iPad are all gaga about this Apple Technology. However, what about the keen Android users who wish to enjoy the same streaming service through their Android devices? Where must they head? In the given article, we shall discuss how you, as an Android user, can stream music and videos from your Android Device to the Apple TV.

We shall discuss the process through the use of two different applications.

Part 1: Using 'Double Twist' to Stream Music and Videos from Android to Apple TV

For the ones who are or have been trying to stream content from their Android to the Apple TV, Double Twist doesn't come across as any surprise. A very useful app when it comes to the iTunes music library on your Android device, the app can effortlessly play the music you have stored on your phone to your Apple TV. However, to start with the streaming process, you would require the assistance of AirSync plug-in.

Basically, AirSync is a plug-in that helps in the wireless sync of your music from the iTunes library to any Android device of your choice. The famous Apple feature, 'AirTwist' is built in AirSync, and is utilized by the 'Double Twist' app to send your music content to the Apple TV. Enabling the main setting menu and understanding its working can actually help simplify the process of playing music from your Android to the Apple TV.

Here, we list out the steps to carry out the above listed procedure.

1) Turn on your Apple TV and ensure that the smart TV is using the same wireless connection as being used by your Android Device through which you wish to stream the content.

2) After confirming the initial details, you must then move on to enabling 'AirTwist', and you should see the WiFi symbol appear above the music controls. This will be seen in the 'Now Playing' view for music. For video, it shall be seen in the right part.

3) Nothing, but a simple tap should be enough in order to select the Apple TV for the iTunes content in your Android Device. Let the magic begin!

That is not all, as 'Double Twist' replicates the Apple's AirPlay for music even when you use your Android Device. When you are enjoying your songs in the background, you can also go through other applications on your Apple TV. For the ones who love to gain additional information about the music they are listening to, this app offers all the track/album information along with the album cover.

Yes, the app requires a little payment, for what it is worth, it shouldn't hurt your pocket.

AirPlay Android

Part 2: Using Allcast to Play Music and Videos from your Android to Apple TV

Moving on to the second option for the users who wish to use their Android Device to do some magic on the Apple TV, which is Allcast. For the ones who are regular visitors to the Google App store, this app is a striking entry in the otherwise existing list of apps for Android users. Where it really stands apart is its functionality which makes it very similar to Double Twist. Just like 'Double Twist', one would be required to use the same wireless connection on the Android Device and the Apple TV.

Not just restricting itself to Apple TV, Allcast allows its Android users to stream media content on the device of their choice. Considering this article, we shall set our device to 'Apple TV'. The application is very simple to use. After setting the choice of their device, all users are left to do is choose the media content they wish to stream on their Apple TV.

So, what really is the difference between 'Double Twist' and Allcast, apart from the simplicity of the latter? Users must note that Allcast has no provision for you to play your music on Apple TV and at the same time access other applications or programs on the Apple TV. Also, enthusiasts would have to miss out on information like track/album detail and other album art in this one. All users get is a mere blank screen while streaming the content and the Apple TV Remote acts as the main remote for your streaming session.

However, there is no reason for you to be too disappointed, as the app is free, unlike 'Double Twist', and one only has to pay when they upgrade to premium version. For an app which is free, this one packs a powerful punch.

AirPlay Android

As we conclude our article on how to stream music and videos from your Android to Apple TV, we look at the benefits of the apps discussed above in order to help you reach a conclusive decision as to which app you should opt for?

Benefits of 'Double Twist':

1) Plenty features for a single app

2) Track and album information available

3) Access to other applications while streaming content

Benefits of using Allcast:

1) Free app, payment only for premium version

2) Simple interface

3) Ideal for the amateur or young users.

So, here is our take on how to stream music and videos from an Android to your Apple TV. If you have been using any other application, let us know your experience with it, and we shall be featuring it on our portal.

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