How to Fix Airplay Display No Device Detected Erro

Airplay is a great feature that lets you stream content wirelessly from your iOS device to an Apple TV. But you may sometimes find that Airplay has some connecting problems such as No Device Detected Errors. You may be wondering how will you solve Airplay issue if you face while using it but no worry now as we are going to discuss some of the Airplay issues and their solutions today in this article.There are many types of issues users face while Airplay, but we will discuss only two sorts of problems in this article. We will divide the article into two parts: the first part dealing with how to fix Airplay Connection Problem and the second part with how to fix Airplay Device Speaker, not available Error. We will try to present real solutions to these Airplay problems.

Part 1: Solutions to Fix Airplay Connection Problem

When it comes to stream content from an iOS device to the Apple TV, Airplay Mirroring is the best choice for every user. You can stream videos, images, presentations etc on your Apple TV or MAC from your iPhone easily and wirelessly using Airplay. Sometimes Airplay gives you connecting problems when you try to stream content from your iOS device to an Apple TV. We fail to connect through Airplay; we can try these methods or steps to solve the Airplay connection problem.

1.  First of all, we need to check if the devices have the latest software. It is important that the devices should have updated with latest software for smooth working. It is simple to verify by going to the Settings>General> Software Update. If the software is an old version, you can download and install the latest one from there. Check software update for both your iPhone/iPad and the Apple TV.

fix airplay no device detected error

2. Next thing that we should also enable Airplay on the Apple TV by choosing Settings>Airplay.

fix airplay no device detected error

3. Next, we need to check if both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi internet. It is also important to check if the internet is working properly.

fix airplay no device detected error

4. It is important that the device should be kept close to the Apple TV. Sometimes, Airplay fails to connect when the devices have long distance between them.

5. You also have to connect to the Internet with Ethernet. If Airplay connection problem exists due to Wi-Fi connection, then try connecting using Ethernet connections. Airplay connecting issues also arises due to a low internet connection.

fix airplay no device detected error

Part 2: Fix Airplay Device ‘Speaker ‘is not Available Error

Airplay features let you mirror your iPhone and iPad to any Airplay supporting devices such as Apple TV. You can also connect mirror your iOS device to your MAC and other computer using some third party applications such as AirServer, X-Mirage, etc. for wirelessly stream videos and other purposes. In this second part of the article, we are going to deal with one of the most common issues that users face while using Airplay. While trying to connect via Airplay, it says the error that Speaker is not available. We will try to explain how to fix this Airplay Device Speaker not available Error in this section. You are requested to follow these steps to fix the issue.

Step 1. First of all, you need to verify that both the devices are connected to the same network or Wi-Fi. You can easily verify this checking the name of your home network on your devices. You also need to check the connectivity of your internet. Sometimes, though it shows that device are connected with the internet, but they have not connected actually. You need to disable the Firewall temporarily and Security software because Firewall and Security  Software may prevent ports that use Airplay for streaming content.

Step 2. Another thing which you need to check is the status of Bluetooth on your device. Let me know you that the Bluetooth of your device must be off while using Airplay for streaming. Therefore, check for Bluetooth status and turn it off if it is on. You can do so by entering into Settings>Bluetooth Off/On.

Step 3. Even if the problem exists still, you can turn off both devices, your iPhone and the Apple TV or whatever device you are connecting to for some time and try to connect again. You need to keep the device within the range of your Wi-Fi. Sometimes, the issues arise when the devices are out if range or not in good range.

Step 4. If the above methods and steps cannot help you fix the issue, the last step you should adopt is resetting the Airplay device. There is more probability that the issue of Airplay device speaker not available issue will be certainly fixed after resetting the devices.

In conclusion, we can say that this article is really helpful for fixing Airplay issues. Whether you have Airplay connections issues or Airplay speaker detecting problem, this article will guide you how to fix them.You can easily follow the steps and methods without any issue.  

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