How to Fix AirPlay not Showing

AirPlay features offer its users a chance to wirelessly play content from any iOS Apple device onto their Apple TV, Mac or PC. Though it's a great feature, it can stall at times due to various reasons hence leaving you stranded. In this article, we are going to take a look at AirPlay not showing related problems and how we can solve them, with hopes that you will get a reliable connection to an airplay speaker or an Apple TV.

If you are experiencing AirPlay not showing issues with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, this is your ultimate help center. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most common AirPlay not showing causes, as well as the ultimate solution and fixes when dealing with an AirPlay button not showing problem on your iDevices.

Part 1: Why is My AirPlay Icon Not Showing?

We have various reasons as to why your AirPlay icon is not showing. The primary reason as to why your AirPlay icon is not showing on your iDevice may be because your device is using an old software version. This happens to be the leading cause in many situations I have come across from different people. However, if you are sure that you have the latest version in your iDevice, then I would recommend you to check your internet settings. Your mirroring and recording devices must always be connected to the same internet connection. AirPlay icon not showing may be caused by a poor connection that eventually leads to a network problem which prevents you from accessing AirPlay. Another reason is that you may not have turned on the AirPlay feature on your iPhone. As we proceed, I will be in a position to show you how to switch ON or OFF the AirPlay feature in different iDevices.

Part 2: How to Fix AirPlay doesn't Work Issue Via Update

The AirPlay icon not showing is the first precise indication that your AirPlay is not working, and that you need to rectify the problem ASAP. The following is a detailed process on how to fix a faulty AirPlay via troubleshooting the iDevice in question.

Step 1: Verify Update

Depending on the iDevice that you are using, you can check the software update to help you diagnose the problem. If you are using Apple TV to AirPlay, you can check your software updates by clicking on Settings> General> Update Software. If Apple has a new update, you will get a notification asking you to update your Apple TV.

update apple tv to fix AirPlay not showing

On the other hand, if you are using an iPad or an iPhone to AirPlay, you can check your software updates by clicking on Settings> General> and Software Update. If there’s a new update, go ahead and download it. If you have no updates, it only means that you are using the latest update. Proceed to the next step.

software updates ipad

Step 2: Enable AirPlay

Switching AirPlay ON and OFF can be a daunting task, especially to newbies. If you are using Apple TV, switch ON the AirPlay feature by going to Settings> AirPlay.

Enable AirPlay to fix AirPlay not showing

If you are operating an iPad or an iPhone, slide your finger in an upward motion on your screen. This request will open the control center. Tap on AirPlay to activate it.


Step 3: Switch ON Wi-Fi

You need to have a single and an active Wi-Fi connected to both of your devices. Don’t use different Wi-Fi connections on your devices because this will stall the connection. You can confirm that you are using the same network by checking the Wi-Fi network on your iDevice. On Apple TV, you can check your Wi-Fi name under the Network tab as shown below.

Switch ON Wi-Fi Apple TV

These are the main key points and steps that should solve your AirPlay icon not showing problem.

Part 3: Use a Third-Party Software to Mirror iOS Screen

It has become a craze nowadays that people all over the continent want to mirror their gadgets screens on their Apple TV and computers. That’s why various third party programs can be applied to realize this goal. In Apple devices, AirPlay comes as a preinstalled mirroring feature. Third party programs are also used in smart TV and Windows computers as a solution to mirroring. dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder is one of the most sort after screen mirroring software on the market. It enable you not only mirror your iOS screen, but wirelessly record your iOS screen on you computer. If your AirPlay button is not showing, you can't mirror your screen since you can't turn on AirPlay. The good thing is that you can use dr.fone to mirror without been worried about the AirPlay button.

dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder

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  • Mirror and record iPhone games, videos and more on a larger screen.
  • Supports both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.
  • Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that runs iOS 7.1 to iOS 11.
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Steps to mirror your iPhone to computer

Step 1: Run dr.fone

Start by running dr.fone on your computer and then click on "More Tools" option and select iOS Screen Recorder.

Mirror iOS Screen

Step 2: Connect WI-FI network

Connect your computer and your device to the same network and make sure that the internet is running on both devices. After connecting to the WI-FI click on "iOS Screen Recorder" on your computer, wait for it to pop up the window of iOS screen recorder.

Connect WI-FI Network

Step 3: Launch mirroring process

Mirror your iOS device screen onto a larger screen. When mirroring your Apple TV, you are required to tap on the "AirPlay" feature and select dr.fone. With AirPlay mirror, you can send everything on your phone’s display to your Apple TV, wirelessly.

Mirroring airplay

Step 4: Mirror your iPhone screen

Then here below you can see that you have already mirrored your iPhone screen to your computer. As we introduced above, it also enable you to record your device screen. So, you can choose to mirror or record your device as you want.

Mirror your iPhone screen

If you want to capture and savor your precious moments, dr.fone gives you the opportunity not only to mirror your screen and data but also to record data on your screen by taking screenshots. Also, if your AirPlay button is not working, you can depend on dr.fone to help you out when you need to record and mirror your iDevice to your Apple TV or PC. It's also easy to see that we can quickly solve the AirPlay icon not showing headache by applying different methods and steps. On the other hand, if the AirPlay button is not showing, the chances of pinpointing the problem are high.

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