AirPlay Not Working? The Full Guide to Fix Your Problems

Having trouble with AirPlay connection and AirPlay mirroring? What do you do when AirPlay is not working?

Airplay is a feature that can be found on iPhone, iPad, iPod, or even Mac devices and Windows PC running iTunes and offers playing content from iOS device wirelessly on television. While this is a great feature to have, you never know when you have run into technical issues and issues with connectivity, which is one of the common problems associated with AirPlay. You can easily run into performance issues as well while using AirPlay. If you are one of those facing issues in AirPlay, you have landed up absolutely at the right place.

Here are some problems and possible steps to fix them:

Part 1: AirPlay icon not showing up

airplay icon not showing up

One of such issues reported by most of the users is Airplay not showing up. At times Airplay icon does not show up and sometimes it does and this prevents using Airplay to connect iOS devices via Apple TV. So, if you come across this issue and don’t see the Airplay icon, here are some steps to fix it:

1. Ensure all the devices have up to date software of firmware

It is very important to check whether the devices which need to be connected have the latest firmware and software. Apple TV must have version 5.0 or latest software.

To check whether the device is up to date in terms of software:

Apple TV:

Select Settings and then select”General”. Select “Update Software” to check if the device is updated with a latest version of software.

airplay icon not showing up

iOS device:

Click on “Settings” and then click on “General” followed by a tap on “Software Update” to check if the device is up to date with latest software.

airplay icon not showing up

Check if the Router is up and running with the latest version of firmware.

2. Turn on WiFi

Ensure that the WiFi is turned on and connected to the iOS device. AirPlay works over WiFi only. So, it is important to ensure that the iOS device is connected to the WiFi network. AirPlay does not work over cellular network and that’s why having the cellular network turned on will not help. After turning the WiFi on, ensure that all the devices are properly connected to the same WiFi network.

If any of the devices are not up to date, update the software version after turning the WiFi on.

3. Restart Everything

After turning the WiFi on and connecting all the devices to the same WiFi network, if the problem still persists, restart everything.

On iOS:

To turn the iOS device off, press and hold the on/off button for some time and then slide the red slider to power off. Restart the device.

airplay icon not showing up

On Apple TV:

To turn the Apple TV off, select “Settings” and then select “General”. Click on “Restart” to restart the device.

After all, restart the router as well.

4.Turn off Bluetooth on the iOS device

Ensure that Bluetooth is turned off on the iOS device.

To turn off Bluetooth, go to “Settings” and then click on “General” followed by “Bluetooth”. Turn the Bluetooth off.

5.Restart AirPlay on Apple TV

Restart “AirPlay” on Apple TV by selecting “Settings” and then turning off Airplay and turning it back on.

This would fix the issue but if the issue is still not fixed move on the next step.

6.Reset everything

If the issue is still not fixed, this probably calls for a reset. Reset the iOS device, Apple TV and the router.

To reset the iOS device:

Press and hold on/off button on the iOS device along with the home button until the Apple logo flashes. This will reset the iOS device.

To reset the Apple TV:

To reset the Apple TV, unplug the Apple TV for 30 seconds and plug it back again.

Reset the router after resetting the iOS device and Apple TV and then check if the issue is fixed.

Part 2: AirPlay Mirroring problems

AirPlay Mirroring enables sharing the iOS device screen with a HDTV. So, with this, we can share whatever playing on the screen with the HDTV or a bigger screen. Web browsing, photos and games can be played on the iOS device screen that will be displayed on the HDTV. At times Airplay Mirroring problems crop up and that can be sorted with some simple steps.

airplay mirroring problems

1.Turn the Bluetooth off on the iOS device by going to Settings>General>Bluetooth.

2.The most important thing is to connect all the devices to the same network. Check if both Apple TV and iOS device are connected to the same network.

First check if the WiFi is turned on in the devices.

For Apple TV : got to settings>General>Network

For iOS device : Settings>WiFi

Check whether both the devices are connected to the same network.

3.After checking the network connectivity on each device, if the problem still persists, check if the router’s firmware is up to date.

4.Restart all:

Restart the WiFi router, Apple TV and iOS device. To restart the iOS device, press and hold the on/off button and then slide to turn the device off.

To  restart the iOS device check the image below:

airplay mirroring problems

If you still see airplay not working, make sure that there is only one device trying to stream.

5.Check for Software Update

The devices have to run latest software versions to be able to work properly. Ensure that Apple TV is running the latest software. To check for software update, go to “Settings” and then select “General” followed by selecting “Update Software” to check the software version.

airplay mirroring problems

In iOS device also it is important to have the latest running software. Click on “Settings” and then click on “General” followed by clicking on “Software Update” to check the software version.

airplay mirroring problems

6.OS X: Firewalls sometimes hinder normal running of processes. In case you have firewall activated, it is imperative to ensure that AirPlay Mirroring is not getting blocked by it.

To check, go to “Apple Menu” and then select “System Preferences” followed by selecting “Security and Privacy”. Then after selecting “Firewall>Firewall options”, uncheck “Block all incoming connections”. Check the checkbox “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections”.

Part 3: AirPlay wifi/network connection issue

WiFi and network issues are most common to occur while connecting the devices to the same WiFi network. But without fixing this, Airplay will work.

Here is a mention on how to fix WiFi problems when Apple TV airplay not working:

When it comes to Apple TV, it is possible that there could be some issues connecting to the WiFi network. To fix that in Apple TV, first move to Settings>Network. Check if the IP address is visible and if the IP address is not visible, the Apple TV or the router needs to be rebooted.

To restart the Apple TV, go to Settings>System>Restart. Restart the router as well by powering off and turning the device on again. This will fix the issue and if the signal is not strong enough, probably the router is placed far from the device. So, bring them closer to increase signal strength. Use Ethernet as it gives the best connectivity.

Check the same thing in the iOS device as well by connecting to the same WiFi network and checking the signal strength.

Part 4: AirPlay not working after iOS 10 update

After the iOS 10 update, there are possibilities of AirPlay not working and that is due to some technical glitch. With the iOS 10 update, also came the WiFi connectivity issue which could be one of the possibilities for AirPlay not working as it requires WiFi connectivity. Some of the reported problems are wifi settings grayed out, dropping connections, slow speed, etc` and all these problems affect AirPlay.

1.Force Restart

Force restart the iPhone or the iOS device and check if it helps. To force restart, hold down the Sleep/Wake button along with the home button for some time. The screen will go blank and the Apple logo will appear.

airplay not working after ios 10 update

2.Forget the WiFi network and join again

If you are not able to connect to a particular network or being prompted that the entered password is incorrect even after entering the correct password, forget the wifi network once and try to join the network again. To forget network, tap on the wifi network to forget from the list of networks under Settings>WiFi. Tap on “Forget This Network” then and tap on “Forget” after getting the pop up message to forget.

Now after forgetting the wifi network, go back to Settings and choose “Wi-Fi” and connect to the required network again by entering the correct password.

3.Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings clears cashes and DHCP settings. To reset network settings, go to settings app and then go to Settings>General>Reset and then tap on Reset Network Settings.

airplay not working after ios 10 update

4.Disable Wi-Fi Networking Services

Under Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services, WiFi networking services can be disabled. This does not disable WiFi but.

airplay not working after ios 10 update

5.Restore and setup as new iPhone

If none of the above steps help, you can resort to restoring iPhone or the iOS device through iTunes. Setting the device up as a new device would help in fixing up issues.

So, these are some possible issues with AirPlay and the solutions to fix them in steps.

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