Your Complete Guide on AirPlay Receiver

It was back in September 2010 when a unique application was launched by Apple Inc. named AirPlay. The uniqueness of this application is that it can stream audio, video, device screens, and photos wirelessly when connected to the same network. This concept was widely appreciated around the world. The significant prerequisite to keep in mind is that, if you want to use AirPlay, you need to have an AirPlay receiver. It is the device on which you need to stream your audio, video, etc. Let’s learn more about it.

Part 1: What is an Airplay Receiver?

An AirPlay receiver is a device which is compatible with AirPlay and can play the streaming media while displaying the details of the media playing as well. This device is necessary for you to use AirPlay. A single source of it can stream media on multiple receivers. The primary devices that can be used as an Apple AirPlay receiver mainly consist of Apple AirPort and Apple TV. Some other kinds of devices also have the ability to act as receivers. There are a few third-party manufacturers, which have partnered with Apple to produce stereo equipment which is AirPlay compatible.

Apple TV is one of the most used Apple AirPlay receivers. The amazing picture and sound quality is one of the best features that make Apple TV a favorable receiver. However, there are many receivers that can work as an alternative to Apple TV. We have listed three alternative receivers to Apple TV right here.

Part 2: Three Alternative AirPlay Receivers to Apple TV

1. The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small and lightweight computer. Developed with a great design, you can set Raspberry Pi to virtually perform any task. With its amazing usage, it can act as an AirPlay receiver as well. There are a number of ways to enable AirPlay on Raspberry Pi. The easiest way is to use raspbmc, a port of popular XBMC media center. Follow the instructions below to install Raspbmc:

a. To start the process, you will need a couple of things. Start with a new SD card, and use an SD card adaptor to connect it to your computer. The second thing you need to have is Raspbmc installer. You can download that from here. Once saved to your PC, unzip and run the installer.exe file. 

b. Your SD card should be listed in the window, select it and click install. Wait for it to install Raspbmc to the media. As soon as it finishes, you will see a pop-up message. Remove the SD card and connect it to Raspberry Pi.

airplay receiver

c. Make sure your Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet before switching it on, as further data will be downloaded which is vital. Just wait for the download to finish and you’ll be notified when your media center is ready.

airplay receiver

d. When it is done, go to System > Network > Allow XBMC to receive AirPlay content. Enable the option and stream audio and video easily using Airplay without Apple TV.

The cost to run AirPlay on Raspberry Pi is very less, almost one-third to Apple TV. Therefore, it is very efficient as a receiver.

2. Yamaha rx-v675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay

This is one of the best receivers with many great features. Yamaha rx-v675 7.2 channel network AV receiver with Airplay is specially designed for maximum audio performance. Streaming AirPlay is made extremely easy and efficient with this device.

You can easily order this one online as it costs quite less compared to Apple AirPlay receivers. It has a charging port on the front panel to charge your iOS devices and also allows high definition video streaming. Overall, Yamaha rx-v675 7.2 channel network AV receiver with AirPlay is one of the best options to use as an alternate to Apple TV.

airplay receiver

3. Magideal M806 Smart TV Media Player Wireless HD Miracast Dongle DLNA Airplay

This Wi-Fi display dongle receiver allows users to share photos, music, and videos from an iOS device or any other smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the help of this device, you can display multimedia files on computer, TV monitor, or a screen projector. The device has so many features that can overtake even an Apple AirPlay receiver. You can even deliver movies wirelessly from an iOS device, smartphone, tablet or a PC. 

You can easily order this amazing Wi-Fi display dongle online. It is cheaper and way more affordable than Apple TV and also comes with many great features.

airplay receiver

Part 3: Top Three AirPlay Receivers for Windows

Nowadays, you can use AirPlay on your Windows system as well. It is a significant step for various Windows users, who can now happily welcome this technology into their lives. Mentioned below are the three best AirPlay receivers for Windows.

1. 5K player as Windows receiver 

Yes, you can stream your multimedia from an iOS device on any Windows computer. This is possible due to 5K player which enables a computer to get compatible with AirPlay. Follow the instructions given below to enable it: 

a. Download and launch the 5K player from here and click on the interface to enable its AirPlay streaming feature.

airplay receiver

b. Access the control center of your iOS device by swiping up the bottom of your screen. Tap on AirPlay and select your device from the list.

airplay receiver

c. Enjoy the audio, video and screen mirror feature easily on your Windows computer now.

2. Lonely Screen for Windows

This application is similar to that of 5K player, but only better. When this application gets installed on your Windows computer, it enables your computer to act as an AirPlay receiver. It works great with the latest Apple iOS devices and is a very good option for those who want to use AirPlay on Windows.

The process of installing it is similar to the process of installing the 5k player. Follow the same steps and you can enjoy AirPlay on your Windows.

airplay receiver

3. Mirroring 360 

Mirroring 360 is an all-in-one solution from Splashtop, which will make your Windows powered system act like a receiver. Unlike the 5K player, it supports iOS 9 as well. The only drawback of this app is that it is a paid one and you only get 7 days of free trial, after which you have to pay for the complete version. 

The process for installing Mirroring 360 is also similar to that of the previous ones. You can easily install and enjoy AirPlay on your Windows, which is way more efficient than spending money on an Apple AirPlay receiver.

airplay receiver

So, this brings us to the conclusion that Apple TV or any other Apple device is not the only option, which can act as an AirPlay receiver. There are plenty of options out there, and one can explore as many as they want before choosing the most suitable one. Surely, AirPlay has revolutionized the manner in which people listen to music and has provided a very easy and comfortable method to enjoy music. Now, it is your chance to level up the game and customize it to meet your needs.

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