Ultimate Guide: How to Use Apple Airplay

This article is an ultimate guide for those who want to know how to use Apple Airplay. We will make you fully familiar with Apple Airplay in this article. Reading this article, you will learn how to turn on airplay, how to airplay from your Mac and many other important tips about airplay. Airplay is an amazing feature inbuilt in iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and MAC that allows you stream content from your iOS devices to your Apple TV and any other devices that support airplay. It helps you mirror your iOS device’s entire screen in a very easy and simple manner. We have divided the article into four parts for better understanding.

Part 1: Hardware/Software Requirements for using Apple Airplay

We are going to share you what are the hardware and software requirements for using Apple Airplay successfully in this first part of the article. As we know, Airplay is an inbuilt software for iOS devices so we don’t need to download it from outside. We need the following things for using Airplay:

1. An Apple TV: We need an Apple TV for receiving the content that we want to airplay. Remember that the Apple TV must be at least 2nd or 3rd generation so that it can support Airplay.

2. An iOS device: An iOS device is essential for using Apple Airplay. We need an iPhone or iPad or a MAC for sending the content. Regarding iPhone and iPad, they must be:

  • iPhone 4s or later·
  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPad mini or later
  • iPod touch (5th generation)

Similarly, if we want to use MAC, it must be:

  • iMac (Mid 2011 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer

3. Internet Connection: To use Apple Airplay, we also need an internet connection. Both the receiving and sending devices must be connected on the same network either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

4. You should also make sure you're running the latest versions of Mac and Apple TV software.

Part 2: How to Set up Apple Airplay

In this part of the article, we are going to show to how to set up Apple Airplay with clear instructions and screenshots so that anyone can easily understand it.

Step 1. Open Control Panel

Airplay mirroring your iPhone/iPad to Apple TV is  an easy process. In this first step, we have to swipe up from the bottom bezel on the iPhone to open the Control Panel.

setup airpay

Step 2. Tapping on the Airplay Button

After opening the Control Panel on your iPhone, we need to swipe it horizontally so that we can get the Now Playing Screen. We can easily see airplay button now, and we

have to tap on the Airplay Button in this step.

setup airplay

Step 3. Selecting Apple TV

In this step, we have to select where we want to airplay mirror. As we are going to airplay mirror our iPhone to the Apple TV, we have to tap on Apple TV as shown in the

below screenshot. This is how we can airplay mirror any iPhone/iPad to an Apple TV just in few simple steps without having any issue.

setup airplay

Part 3: How to Turn off Airplay

Now we are going to show you how to turn off Airplay in this section of the article. Turning your Airplay off is a very easy process. You don’t have to go through few steps. To turn off Airplay, you need to go to the source list and choose your iPhone or iPad whatever you have selected before.

turn off airplay

Part 4: Five Useful Tips to use Apple Airplay

Airplay has been a great tool for presentations, demos, videos, and even testing your app displaying on the big screen. Let’s be familiar with some of the most useful tips about using Apple Airplay so that we can make use of them while using Airplay.

1. Playing Games using Airplay

It is cool trick and tip for a game lover who doesn’t have a console or can’t install games on the computer, yet he can play games on a computer using Airplay from his iPhone. To play games using Airplay, you need an iPhone, an Apple TV or MAC and fast wireless Internet. The process is quite easy, and you can enjoy your games. First turn on your Apple TV and enable Airplay function on your iPhone. After that just launch the game and enjoy. 

2. Using Airplay in Second Plane

You cannot use Airplay in the second Plane, but this tip about Airplay will teach you how to do so. It becomes very annoying when you cannot do anything else when Airplay is running, but this tip will teach you how to use Airplay in the second plane. What you need to do is the start a new reproduction via Airplay. Next, you have to open an application called ‘Remote’. That is all that you need to do.

3. Airplay option in any Music Application

You may have some music app that doesn't support Airplay but reading this tip about Airplay; you can solve it. Let’s know how to do it. First start to play a song. Next press ‘Turn off/on’ button to turn off the screen of your iPhone. After that tap ‘Home’ button to turn on the screen again. Next tap twice on the Home button very swiftly and you will

get the reproduction controls of your iPhone. You will get the Airplay option next to them. Now select the source and airplay the song.

4. Airplay Mirroring to Chromecast 

You can start mirroring from Airplay to Chromecast through Android using this tip about the Airplay. We need a third party application that buffers between Airplay and Chromecast. You can many such programs but we will take Reflector for this.  You can easily buy the Android version of Reflector now for $6 only. Using Screen Cast option, it will send the received content from iOS to Chromecast. Some of the Android devices supporting this are Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Nexus!, HTC (One 7), LG (G2,G3,G Pro 2)

5. Airplay without Apple TV

Even if you don’t have an Apple TV, you can enjoy Airplay reading this tip. There are some applications which will help you airplay on your Windows and MAC. AirServer and Reflector are the best apps among such.

Now we have gained a lot about Apple Airplay regarding how to use and some important tips and tricks as well. 

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