Different Ways to Get Sonos working with AirPlay

Sonos is a speaker system which does not come with Airplay, but you can use Airplay, in conjunction with Airplay apps like Airplay Express and Apple TV to stream music to the Sonos speakers around your house. The Sonos system is easy to setup as it does not need any wiring or complicated programming procedures. You simply place the Sonos player in any room in the house, and then place the speakers all around the house. You connect the speakers to the WiFi network and use the free Sonos Controller application to stream music and radio programs all over the house.

Airplay, on the other hand is an application that stream audio and video to connected devices on the home WiFi network. This allows you to use your computer and connect to the Apple TV and other iOS devices. This guide will show you how to play music on Sonos system, in conjunction with Airplay.

Part 1: Using SonoAir to get Sonos working with Airplay

sonos airplay

The Sonos system has one very big problem, and that is the fact that it is a closed system. This means that you can only stream music that is configured for the Sonos system. People would have liked to make it compatible with other music streaming apps like Airplay. Now it is possible for you to stream your music from Apple devices by using Sonoair and Airplay.

Sonoair is an application that you use to detect all Sonos devices that are on the home network and then connects to your Airplay network and allows audio to be streamed from the Airplay system through the Sonos speakers. The Sonos speaker system is noted for playing music to speakers placed all around the home using the WiFi network, and when you stream music from your iTunes account, you are in for a great listening experience.

Here is how you connect the two systems:

Step 1) Start Sonoair and then let it browse the WiFi network and identify all Sonos devices.

Step 2) Connect Sonoair to Airplay, which will still be using the same home WiFi network.

Step 3) Now play music from your iTunes account, or other media site that is compatible with Airplay, and it will be streamed through all the Sonos speakers through Sonoair.

Note: There are many discovery methods in Sonoair, so when you add a new Sonos speaker, you should simply sign out and then sign in, and let the app discover all devices afresh; it will pick up the new speakers with ease. Sonos airplay connection in this manner is simple.

Part 2: Using Airplay on Sonos via AirPort Express

sonos airplay

Airport Express is a base station system, which uses the WiFi home network to stream music to connected devices. The Airport express provides you with a great sound experience allowing you to hear the true quality of the music that you are playing. The device was the first to be able to stream music from a computer iTunes account to the sound system in the house. Sonos is another top-notch sound system that plays the same role as Airport Express. If you want to use Airport Express on a Sonos Sound System, then here are the steps to follow:

Step 1) Connect Airport Express to the Sonos Stereo component or speakers using the line-in port.

Step2) Go to your Mac, or iOS device and then open the audio files that you want to play or your iTunes account.

Step 3) Click on the Airplay icon and then select the Airport Express as the source of the audio.

That is all you need to get music from iTunes or your computer, to play on your Sonos system.

Part 3: Using Airplay on Sonos via Apple TV


The Apple TV system is a digital media player that allows you to connect to your home theatre and TV to play videos and audio that you get from your iTunes account. It also allows you to stream video from sites such as YouTube and Netflix; it comes with Airplay built within it.

The Sonos Playbar system is one that will play amazing sound through the Sonos wireless speaker system that is installed in your home. The system needs a direct connection in order to play well. Now you can use Airplay together with the Sonos Playbar, using your Apple TV.

Step 1) Start off by plugging the Apple TV into your HDTV and then connect the HDTV to the Sonos Playbar soundbar, using a digital optical cable.

Step 2) Go to the Apple Music app, or your iTunes account on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac, and then select the audio files that you would like to listen to.

Step 3) Go to your menubar on your Mac and select the Airplay icon. If you are using an iOS device, simply go direct to the icon for the app. Select the source as Apple TV, so that you can play the files as you would on any other occasion using the Airplay function. You will now be able to listen to your audio content on the Sonos sound system in your house.

Note: You may also go to the Apple TV interface and select the iTunes radio icon that is on your TV screen. Choose the radio station or sound track that you want to listen to, and it will be streamed through the Sonos system. If you want to listen to audio using Sonos speakers in other rooms, you will have to group the Playbar with these other speakers.

Although the Sonos system is said to be closed, you can use Airplay applications to play your music from a Mac or iOS device. You no longer need to struggle to transfer files from your Mac or iOS devices to the Sonos system. When you have applications such as Sonoair, Airport express or Airplay, you can connect to the Sonos system and listen to music in any room that you are in. Airplay Sonos will no longer be an issue when you use these three methods.

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