How to Install Airshou: Why We Can't Install It Normally

AirShou is a screen recorder App that does not require users to jailbreak their device. It is one of the few software programs which is equipped with many other features other than its main purpose. It not only records screens but also assists in developing videos of very high quality.

AirShou is developed by the creators of which was also a screen recording platform. The AirShou App is a more refined and improvised version of it that works very well on iOS devices. It uses less processing power yet delivers excellent quality of screen recordings at the same time. It comes in handy to many iPhone and iPad users thus making it a must for all smartphones.

The most appreciated feature of this App is that it is available free of charge on its official website and also many others. However, users sometimes complain about the problem in downloading and AirShou install issue. This article aims to rectify this problem by delving into the reasons behind such glitch and explaining in detail the steps to be followed to install AirShou App on iPhone and iPad.

Part 1: Why can’t we install AirShou normally?

AirShou is a very popular screen recorder software used by many all over the world. This App was launched basically to help users to record their screens without jailbreaking their iOS device.

This App is very much in demand due to its well-equipped features but sometimes it is observed that some users complain about the minor problem while they try to install AirShou.

“AirShou could not be installed at this time” is an error that is witnessed by users off-late. This indeed is a very rare and strange situation because it appears out of the blue.

Lack of enough space in the internal memory of the device is one of the reasons for such an error but AirShou does not install even if there is smartphones space available.  Another reason for an App to not get installed on iPhone/iPad is related to the version of iOS, but again the AirShou App does not install even if the iOS version is the same before and after downloading the App.

It will be safe to say that as of now no concrete reason has been established. It is speculated by many that the AirShou installation error occurs mainly due to some network setting error or due to network failure. This error may also be caused by unstable network configuration provided by the service provider.

unable to download app

Part 2: How to install AirShou on iPhone/iPad?

AirShou is a free app available for download and installation on the App’s official website “”. It can be installed following a few simple steps listed and explained below.

AirShou is compatible with iOS and works with all mobile devices with iOS 8, 9 and 10.

These are following ways to install AirShou on iPhone/iPad:


This is the official AirShou website from which the App can be downloaded and installed. This website explains in detail about the App, how to install AirShou and use it. It also describes the main features of the AirShou App.

Step by step explanation to install AirShou:

1. Open Safari on iPhone/iPad

tap on safari

2. In the address bar, type the URL mentioned above or copy and paste the URL from below.

3. The web page will now open on which an “UP” arrow appears. Tap on it.

tap on up

4. Now tap on “Add to Home Screen”, name it AirShou and tap on “Add”.

add to home screen

5. The AirShou App now appears on the iPhone/iPad Home Screen.

airshou on home screen


Other than the official website, there are various other links from which you can install AirShou App for free of cost on your iPhone and iPad device. One amongst such links which are highly recommended by users is

The step by step process to install AirShou from “” is as under:

1. Open Safari browser on iPhone/iPad and type the URL “”.

2. Tap on the AirShou installs icon.

3. Tap on “Install” on the message that appears on the screen to add the AirShou App on the device Home Screen.

Part 3: Useful tips for AirShou installing:

If the methods listed in Part 2 of this article do not work and AirShou fails to get installed on iPhone/iPad, then here are a few quick remedies. Such download and installation are mainly observed in iOS 9 and 10 devices. Kindly follow the tips listed below carefully to install the App.

Reset your network. This can be done by first tapping on “Done” on the error message and then turning on the “Airplane Mode”. Wait for about fifteen seconds and disable the “Airplane Mode”. This would solve the problem, if not; here is what you need to do.

airplane mode

This step requires users to use a link to solve the “AirShou could not be installed at this time” error. If such an error pops up while installing AirShou App, it can only be rectified by visiting “” on iOS mobile devices only.

It is imperative to remember that the AirShou app requires users to manually approve or give access to the App in “Settings”. So go to “Settings”, then “General” and then to “Profile Setting”. Now, select “AirShou” and then tap on “Trust”.

After giving access to the App or tapping on “Trust” as explained above, users need to go to “Control Center” and verify that “Access within Apps” is turned on.

The AirShou App is recognized, used, verified and recommended by users from all around the world. Sometimes, there is a minor problem during its installation which can be overcome with ease and thus it is a must have App in iPhones and iPads for users who wish to instantly record any activity on their screens and share it with others. It is the best alternative for those users who may be waiting for the next jailbreak in iOS but still want or need to be able to record their screens.

So, this article discusses various aspects of AirShou starting from the errors during installation of the AirShou App on iPhone/iPad and the best ways to deal with it, to the useful tips to install AirShou. It is quite evident that the error is not a major glitch and once sorted, does not hamper the working of the AirShou App in any way.

AirShou remains to be the best App to record screens on iOS devices.

So, go ahead; download and install AirShou to enjoy its services without having to jailbreak your iOS device. It’s free, safe and absolutely worth a try!

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