Airshou Not Working? Here Are All Solutions to Fix it

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Airshou is one of the most widely used apps to record the screen activity on various iOS devices. If you don’t wish to jailbreak your phone and still record its screen, then Airshou would be a perfect app for you. Though, recently many users are complaining about various persisting issues associated with it. If your Airshou not working, then this post will certainly help you. We will let you know how to fix crash or connectivity issues related to Airshou not working 2017 in this post.

Part 1: How to fix Airshou constant crash issue?

Most of the users who wish to record their screen activity to make a gameplay or tutorial video need to jailbreak their devices. Thankfully, Airshou provides a great alternative to record HD videos without the need to jailbreak an iOS device. It is compatible with plenty of iOS devices, but there are times when it crashes unexpectedly as well.

The Airshou not working properly due to constant crashing is one of the most common problems faced by its users. It is caused due to certificate expiration. The company owners are distributed certificates by Apple, letting them install essential apps before given the device to the end-user. If the certificate has been expired, then Airshou not working 2017 might take place.

Thankfully, there is a way to fix it. In order to avoid this error, make sure that your certificate is genuine. Since the app always checks the certificate before opening, it won’t run properly without its authentication.

If your app is still crashing, then the best way to resolve this issue is by reinstalling it. Since Airshou keeps adding new certificates to authenticate, the new app would function seamlessly. Simply uninstall the app from your phone and install it once again. To get it, visit its official website and download it on your device.

airshou not working-re-download airshou

Part 2: How to fix Airshou SSL error?

Besides crashing, the SSL error is another common Airshou not working issue that users experience these days. When users try to download Airshou, then get an error “cannot connect to ssl airshou.appvv.api” plenty of times. Recently, this Airshou not working 2017 error has made it pretty hard for users to access the app. Fortunately, it has an easy fix. There are two simple methods to solve the SSL Airshou not working error.

The easiest way to solve it is by closing Safari. Additionally, you need to ensure that all the tabs are closed as well. Go to App Switcher and close every other app that might be running on your device as well. Wait for a few minutes and try to download the app again. Most probably, it would work and you won’t get an SSL error.

airshou not working-close tabs on iphone

If it doesn’t seem to work, then try the second approach. Close Safari and all the other apps. Make sure that everything is closed using the App Switcher. Now, simply turn off your device and wait for a while to switch it on again. Visit Airshou official website and try downloading it again.

airshou not working-power off iphone

We are sure that after following this simple drill, you would be able to overcome Airshou not working 2017 issues for sure. Nevertheless, if Airshou isn’t working on your device properly, then you can also try an alternative as well.

Part 3: Best Airshou alternative - iOS Screen Recorder

Since you need to download Airshou from a third-party location, it doesn’t work flawlessly all the time. You might encounter several issues while using Airshou and it is always recommended to look for an alternative to record your screen activity. As Airshou has been discontinued from the App Store, you can take the assistance of any other tool like iOS Screen Recorder to meet your requirements.

As the name suggests, iOS Screen Recorder can easily be used to record your screen activity and mirror your device on a bigger screen. You can enjoy playing your favorite games or create video tutorials using this remarkable application in no time. Moreover, it allows you to mirror your phone to a bigger screen wirelessly as well. The desktop app runs on Windows and is compatible with almost every version of iOS (from iOS 7.1 to iOS 13).

Perform HD mirroring and record audios at the same time to have an amazing recording experience. You can simply follow these steps to mirror and record your screen using iOS Screen Recorder.

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iOS Screen Recorder

Easily and flexibly record your screen on computer.

  • Mirror your device to your computer or projector wirelessly.
  • Record mobile games, videos, Facetime and more.
  • Support jailbroken and un-jailbroken devices.
  • Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that runs on iOS 7.1 to iOS 13.
  • Offer both Windows and iOS programs (the iOS program is unavailable for iOS 11-13).
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

1. Start by downloading iOS Screen Recorder, and install it on your system following the on-screen instructions. After launching it, you can see these options of the iOS Screen Recorder program.

airshou not working-connect iphone

2. Now, you need to establish a connection between your phone and your system. You can simply connect both the devices to the same WiFi network to initiate the connection. Also, you can create a LAN connection as well between your phone and your system.

3. After establishing a connection, you can simply mirror your device. If your phone is running on iOS 7, 8, or 9, then just swipe up to get the notification bar and select Airplay. From all the provided options, tap on “Dr.Fone” and start mirroring.

airshou not working-enable airplay

4. If your phone runs on iOS 10, then you need to select the option of “Airplay Mirroring” from the notification bar and then choosing “Dr.Fone” from the list.

airshou not working-airplay mirroring

5. If your phone runs on iOS 11 or 12, select Screen Mirroring from the Control center (by swiping up from the bottom). Then choose the item "Dr.Fone" to mirror your phone to the computer.

airshou replacement on ios 11 and 12 airshou replacement on ios 11 and 12 - target detected airshou replacement on ios 11 and 12 - device mirrored

6. You can easily record your screen activity after mirroring your phone. You would see two added options on your screen now – a red button to record and a full screen button. Just press the red button to start recording your screen. To exit it, press the button attain and save your video file to a desired location.

airshou not working-record iphone screen

That’s it! With iOS Screen Recorder, you would be able to perform the same function as Airshou in a superior manner. Additionally, it has plenty of added features to provide a great experience to its users.

Now when you know how to overcome Airshou not working issues, you can easily record your screen activity without much trouble. Additionally, you can also take the assistance of iOS Screen Recorder as well. Download the tool right away and let us know your experience in the comments below.

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