Airshou Screen Recorder FAQs You Should Never Miss

AirShou screen recorder is one App which caused a stir in the market as it was one of the few of its times which did not require users to jailbreak their iOS devices. It offered a wide range of features which made it unique and very efficient.

However frequent complaints received by users regarding AirShou recorder installation and working caused many to divert their attention to more and newer Apps which satisfy the same purpose with fewer glitches.

In this article, a deliberate effort has been made to answer all AirShou screen recorder related queries and introduce a better and more reliable screen recorder software.

Part 1: Airshou Screen Recorder FAQs.

1. How to download AirShou recorder from where?

In order to download the AirShou App, follow these simple steps to get the AirShou App on the home screen of your device.

Open Safari browser and go to This is the official website of AirShou from which the App can be installed for free.

2. How to use Airshou to record iPhone/iPad screen?

All you need to do is open the App. Choose “Record” on the main screen. Then set the “Video Name”, choose a suitable “orientation” from the ones in the drop down list and select the “resolution”. Now tap on “Next Step”. Now swipe up on the device screen to open the control center and tap on “AirPlay Mirroring” and choose “AirShou”.

AirShou will now begin the recording. You will able to see a red bar on the home screen of the device indicating that the App is active.

3. How to use the AirShou recorder App on iOS?

The AirShou App on iOS can be used by launching it and selecting “Record” on the main screen of the App. Keep in mind to select AirShou in the Control Center at AirPlay Mirroring.

To stop the recording tab on the red bar appearing on the home screen of the device to open AirShou App and then just tap on “Stop”.

4. What is the next step after installing the AirShou Screen Recorder App?

After installing the App on the device you need to go to “Settings”, then “General”, then “Profile Setting”, then select “AirShou” and tap on “Trust” on the screen.

5. Can the AirShou recording resolution be changed?

Yes. the resolution of the recording can be changed by tapping on “Record” on the App and selecting “resolution”. You can choose the quality of the video from here.

6. There is an “AirShou cannot be installed at his time” error while installation. What to do?

This error is experienced often by users and can be rectified by visiting

7. What is mirroring in AirShou recorder?

Mirroring is nothing but AirPlay Mirroring in the Control Center of iOS devices. Make sure it is turned on in the settings and once you start the recording select AirShou in AirPlay Mirroring.

8. Is there any other website to download the AirShou recorder other than its official page?

Yes. There are a whole lot of trustworthy websites from where the AirShou Screen Recorder App cane downloaded free of cost. Some of them are listed hereunder:


9. Where and how to save the screen recordings?

After you finish recording the screen and tap on “Stop”, you can preview the recording and save it directly to any location of your choice on the device.

10. What are the other features offered by screen recorder AirShou?

AirShou recorder can also prepare tutorials for other Apps. The sound recording is very high quality and the unique feature of this App is that it let users select the resolution of the recording. It uses very less processing power and can be easily installed on all iOS devices.

11. Does Airshou work with iOS 10?

Yes. AirShou screen recorder is compatible with all iOS devices including iOS 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and their variants.

Part 2: dr.fone toolkit- iOS Screen Recorder

All queries about the AirShou screen recorder are deliberately answered and a sincere effort is made by the Company to make the experience of using their AirShou recorder App a smooth one. However, users all over the world are finding it increasingly difficult to download and install AiShou recorder. Complaints about the AirShou Screen Recorder App crashing and moreover with the

AirShou discontinuing its iOS version just last year, users are on a lookout for a better alternative.

In the wake of such circumstances, another screen recorder App is known as dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder has become quite popular. Users find it easy and trouble-free to install. Its main feature is that it is compatible with iOS 10.3.

dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder

Easily and flexibly record your iPhone screen.

  • Mirror your device to your computer or projector wirelessly.
  • Record mobile games, videos, Facetime and more.
  • Provide both Windows version and iOS app version.
  • Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that runs on iOS 7.1 to iOS 11.
  • Contains both Windows and iOS versions (the iOS version is unavailable for iOS 11).
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Let us go through some of the key features of this excellent dr.fone screen recording toolkit.

“dr.fone toolkit” iOS Screen Recorder has multiple features making it the best and most powerful Screen Recording App.

Users can play their favorite games on the PC and share the screen of their device wirelessly for business, education or training. One can also record the iOS live contents on the PC and export HD videos to the computer. It also captures the system audio of the device and the resolution and orientation of the video and audio recordings can be customized. Finally, It works great with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Part 3: How to use dr.fone - iOS screen Recorder App on iPhone and iPad?

Step 1. Download the App from the website given above and start the installation. Tap on “Install” to grant permission to the App.

install screen recorder app

Step 2. Now go to “Settings” on the device, then “General”, then “Device Management”, then go to “iOS Screen Recorder” and tap on “Trust”.

trust developer

Step 3. When the App is used for the first time, a pop-up appears saying “Screen Recorder Would Like to Access Your Photos”. Tap on “OK”.

access to photos

Step 4. Before starting the recording, it can be customized as desired.

customize settings

Step 5. Now select “Next” to start the recording. The App will minimize and a red bar will appear on the top of the home screen of the device.

record iphone screen

Open the screen to be recorded to record all its activities.

When you are done recording the screen, tap on the red bar at the top of the screen or just exit the current screen and go the Screen Recorder App. The recording will be stopped and saved directly to the Camera Roll.

save video

Part 4: How to use dr.fone - iOS screen Recorder App on computer?

This App enables users to mirror their iPhone/iPad/iPod screen to their PC wirelessly. It involves a few quick and easy steps listed and explained below.

Run dr.fone toolkit on the PC so sees a list of features as shown in the following screenshot.

launch drfone

Connect the PC and iPhone/iPad/iPod to the same LAN or same WiFi.

Now click on “iOS Screen Recorder” on the PC to see a pop-up of the iOS Screen Recorder.

select ios screen recorder

On the iPhone/iPad/iPod swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to Control Center. Tap on “dr.fone” to mirror the device to the computer.

enable sirplay

These steps explain how the screen of the device can be mirrored to PC.

In order to record the iPhone/iPad/iPod screen to the PC follow the steps enumerated below:

Open dr.fone toolkit on the PC to mirror the screen of the device to as explained above. After mirroring is complete, click on the left circle button on the PC to start the recording.

By clicking on the right square button, a full-screen view can be obtained and exited by clicking on the square button again or pressing ESC on the keyboard.

record iphone screen

Using dr.fone toolkit iOS Screen Recorder is as simple as the steps illustrated above. a few clicks and users can enjoy wireless screen mirroring and screen recording.

Thus in this article, we came to know about the FAQ's for the AirShou screen recorder and also we learned how to use “dr.fone toolkit”- iOS screen recorder as an alternative to the AirShou recorder.

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