A Must-Read Tutorial about How to Use Airshou

AirShou has been developed by the creators of Shou.tv, it is one of the best iOS screen recording apps. AirShou has been recently redesigned in a new version that works on iOS 9 and takes advantage of its latest features. This new version uses less processing power, but at the same time, it also gives higher quality recordings of your more intensive, apps, and anything that is on your device screen.

However, as seen not many people use AirShou or are aware of it, that is why we came up this article as a guide to how to use AirShou. So, if you too are new to using AirShou or have any doubts on how to use AirShou, then keep on reading to know more.

Part 1: How to use Airshou on iPhone/iPad?

Before you proceed to use AirShou, you have to download it on your Apple device first. So, follow the simple steps given to download AirShou application on your Apple Device.

Step 1: In order to start the process, firstly you have to open the safari app on the iOS device, this is usually available on your shortcut menu.

open safari

Step 2: After you have launched safari, then you have to go to the search bar and search for a website named as iemulators.com. After you type it in the search bar, the website must open easily.

open iemulators.com

Step 3: Now you will simply have to navigate to the page and tap on the Airshou install button that will be visible on your device screen.

download airshou

Step 4: Now wait for the download to complete, after that, you have to hit the install button, and finally, add the app to your home screen.

install airshou

Step 5: Now the system will finally download and install the AirShou application, it might take a few minutes.

airshou installed

Now, after you have successfully downloaded the AirShou application, it’s time to learn how to use AirShou. Follow the steps given below to know about how to use AirShou

Before you try to use this application, you have to trust the application at the very first step. You can complete this step by simply visiting settings, then you have to go to general and then click on the profile setting option. After that, you have to find AirShou and then hit trust button on your screen. And then finally you have to confirm the process.

After you have successfully completed the very first step, you can launch theAirshou application on your device and click on the record button to start screen recording your iOS screen. This application has options to allow the users do customized settings for resolution.

Now it is finally time to start airplay but, before that, you have to ensure that mirroring option is turned ON in your device. After this, the recording process will be initiated.

After you have finished your recording, then you have to go back to the application and hit the stop button.

This app also allows you to preview your recording and once you have finalized, then you can save it directly to any preferred location on your Apple device.

Part 2: What you may encounter when using Airshou

AirShou is one of the well know, easy to use Android Screen Recording apps. But, this application is also to be engulfed with a lot of errors. So, if you are learning how to use this application, in order to use it, then I would recommend you to know about these errors too. This will help you to take the required precautions. After reading this article, you might also reconsider your decision of using this application. Whatever the end decision might be, let's continue with discussing the top then issues with AirShou:

1. AirShou Glitch Problem

This is the most common issue faced by all the AirShou users. Just on launching the application, you will see an “active recording process” on your device screen. This issue can get really irritable, whenever you see just on launching the application. Although, Shou.Tv claimed that they have fixed this error in the recent version.

2. AirShou Playback issue (on iOS 10)

This is also one of the most common issues on this application. Due to this issue, you will see a black/white screen whenever you try to Play the videos that you have recorded with AirShou. This error gets even worse, when you can hear the audio, see the timeline moving, but your screen still remains blank. There are some simple ways which can be used to fix this error.

3. AirShou Untrusted Developer Error

This error occurs when the system fails to verify the application developer. Being a third-party app, it does not have the valid certificates, that are required to authenticate any app on an Apple Device. In order to fix this error, you have to uninstall the app and reinstall it, but after turning on “install files from Third Party Sources”.

4. AirShou iMove Editing Error

This error occurs when you try to edit the videos recorded through iMove and eventually end up failing. iMovies is the official Apple Video app, and AirShou being a third-party app, these two don’t quite work together.

5. AirShou Old Version Crash issue

This was the most common issue on the AirShou app version that was designed for iOS8. The app would crash suddenly in the middle of recording, and you had to end up recording everything all over again. This issue was fixed in the recent version

6. AirShou log in error

In the recent version, you have to create an AirShou account to use it. But many users have recently complained that they couldn’t log into their AirShou accounts, and finally, they have to create new accounts to use the application. But it is natural can’t create a new account every time you try to use it.

7. “AirShou Won’t Install” Error

This error is faced when you try to install the AirShou app, but the install gets stuck in the middle, or maybe the system gives out a message stating “Can’t install”. But most times, it can be fixed by restarting the installation or by resetting your network.

8. “AirShou Download Failed” Error

As the name states, this error basically occurs when you try to download the application, which crashes the download process and you have to restart the download. Although, the developers claim that they have fixed this issue.

9. AirShou Video Frame Distortion Error

This is one of the strangest errors ever faced by any AirShou user. The video frame gets distorted when you try to play the video (recorded by AirShou) in fast forward. There are many simple tricks if you want to fix this issue.

10. AirShou Play Back issue

This is one of the recent issues faced by the AirShou users. Due to this error, the recorded videos show a blurred video, when played. Many users have reported this issue, although it remains unresolved, the developers are working quite hard to get over this error.

Hence, in this article, we discussed how to use AirShou and the various problems that come with it as well. We do hope this article helps you in using AirShou in a better way and more often than before.

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