Everything about Airshou iEmulator That You Need to Know

Recently, Apple has delisted plenty of apps from the App Store. This has restricted the way Apple fanboys use their devices. If you wish to customize your device without jailbreak, then you can take the assistance of an iEmulator. Since you can’t download Airshou from App store right now, you can still get the iEmulators Airshou and use it the same way. If you are confused about how iEmulators work and how they are different from Emulators, then don’t worry. We will cover it all in this informative guide. Read on and learn how to install Airshou iEmulators right away.

Part 1: How does Airshou work as an iEmulator?

As of now, Apple has restricted the kind of apps that are available on iTunes and App Store. For instance, screen recorders, game emulators, torrent clients, etc. are not allowed to be downloaded from the App store. Mostly, users choose to jailbreak their device to download apps from other sources without any hassle. Though, there is a way to use these apps on an ideal iOS device as well.

You can use iEmulators in order to download these apps. It acts as a third-party installer and provides a way for its users to browse different apps from its native interface. It collects the kind of apps that use Apple’s Enterprise Certificate. This lets them sideload private apps to the system. Using the same technique, you can also install apps that are not approved by Apple.

There is a dedicated page of iEmulators com Airshou, letting users download the app from its interface. It is compatible with almost all the major devices and versions of iOS. Though, in order to install iEmulators Airshou, you need to change the date and time on your device.

This can be done by visiting Setting > General > Data and Time. Now, turn off the “Set Automatically” option and manually change the date to any month in 2012. 

turn off set automatically

Great! Now you can easily install iEmulators com Airshou. Firstly, you need to install iEmulator on your device. You can do it by following these steps.

1. Simply open Safari on your device. Go to its website right here or manually type iEmulators.com. After opening the website tap on the “up” button from the list of options provided.

open in safari

2. This will let you save the app on your device. As you would get plenty of other options after tapping on the “up” button, select “Add to home screen”.

add to home screen

By doing so, you can add iEmulator to your home screen. Afterward, you can install Airshou iEmulators on your phone as well. Not just Airshou, there are plenty of other gaming apps and torrent clients that can also be installed from iEmulators interface. If you wish to record your screen activity, then you can easily get iEmulators Airshou. All you got to do is follow these steps.

1. After installing iEmulator on your device, installing Airshou is pretty easy. You can find a dedicated page for Airshou on iEmulators right here. iemulators.com/airshou  Open Safari and provide the iEmulators com Airshou link (iemulators.com/airshou) in order to initiate the process.

find airshou

2. After loading the page, you would be able to see a listing of some of its major features with a button to install Airshou iEmulators. Simply tap on the “Install” button to get the app. If you receive an additional pop-up message, then agree to it by tapping the “Install” button once again.

install airshou

3. Wait for a while as iEmulator will install the application on your device. You can exit the iEmulators com Airshou page and let it download the app. Though, after when the app would be installed, chances are that you might not be able to use it. Whenever you will try to launch it, you would get “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” pop-up message like this. Therefore, in order to use the iEmulators Airshou app, you need to move past this issue.

4. Fortunately, it can be resolved without much trouble. Start by visiting your phone’s Settings > General tab. From here, tap on the option of “Device Management”. This will give you a list of plenty of options to manage your device. You will get a listing similar to “Beijing Conjoin Technology…” listed under the Device Management window. Tap on it and when you get the pop-up message, agree to “Trust” the developer.

trust developer

That’s it! Now, you can simply launch Airshou with a single tap and use it the way you like. You won’t face any setbacks while recording your screen activity with Airshou iEmulators app.

Part 2: iEmulator vs. Emulator

We have received feedback from lots of readers, who get confused between iEmulators and Emulators. To help you, we have come up with a quick explanation. Since both the terms sound familiar, readers assume that they are the same. Both iEmulators and Emulators are pretty different.

As you know, iEmulators.com is a dedicated website/app that allows its users to get its third-party installer. It works on almost every leading iOS device and comprises of different private apps that can be sideloaded to your device (by using Apple’s Enterprise Certificate). It comprises of various screen recorders, torrent clients, and gaming apps that are not listed on Apple’s App Store. Therefore, one can simply install the iEmulators app from its native interface and use its third-party installer to get them.


On the other hand, Emulators act as a pseudo-host on any other computer. For instance, an Emulator for iOS can be installed on your Windows system to give you the experience of an iOS device. That is, it will emulate the iOS functionality on your Windows system. You can simply download and use any iOS app on your Windows system using its emulator. There are different kinds of emulators available on the net. They are majorly used to test a program or use a dedicated app that is available for a certain OS.


Now when you know the major difference between Emulators and iEmulators, you can easily use both of these tools as per your wishes.

We hope that after following this quick and informative tutorial, you would be able to install iEmulators Airshou on your device. It provides a seamless way to use your favorite screen recorder without much hassle. Go ahead and follow the above-mentioned steps to install Airshou iEmulators and have a great time recording your screen activity.

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