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How to Download Free Android Games in Full Version

James Davis

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

An APK file is something you may have heard of if you own an Android phone; you may also have thought to yourself, what an APK file is exactly? It is essential to understand what this is if you want to improve your Android experience and download apps that have been leaked. APK files will allow you to customize Android games by enabling you to download games that are not on the Play Store.

The following information will give you an idea of why downloading APK files has become so popular.

Part 1. Why Do I Want to Install an APK File?

Downloading APK files after searching for them will enable you to

1. Ingress apps -That have been leaked before they have been released officially. Although it is not recommended, you could also download apps that are banned.

2. Leaked APK files - Android builds happen ahead of time, giving early access to new and exciting features, which wouldn't be available to users for quite some time. One example of this is the Android L build which was released early, and even though it had not been released officially, it could be found online.

3. Another advantage of APK files - Is that they allow you to bypass carriers, which enable you to get the latest updates from Google; these updates seem to take forever to arrive from your network as they are an over-the-air update.

4. You cannot - Access the Google Play Store through your Android device, then APK files will probably be your only option when installing apps onto your device.

Unfortunately, not everyone can avoid installing an APK file onto their Android device, so the following are just some of the reasons you may have to sideload an app.

1. Not all Android devices offer Google Play - You may not realize it but not every Android device manufacturer offers Google Play, and the Android market doesn't offer users of Nokia a huge selection of apps. Therefore, to play different games and have different apps on your device, installing APK files is your only option.

2. Apps you want aren't offered – Google Play does not offer you the kind of apps you want within your region; the region you live in may restrict certain applications. For example, some apps are only for the U.S. Market and so they cannot be installed through Google Play. If this is the case, then you would need to sideload the APK file onto your device.

3. Credit or data plan- It may be that you have run out of credit or you have no data plan left until you pay your next bill; if this is the case, then downloading APK files is another way in which you can install apps or games to your Android device.

Part 2. The Top 5 Sites for Downloading Android APK Games


This site has the best Android APK games for Android devices.


1) Evostar: Legendary Warrior – This popular space warrior needs help in his adventures through the galaxy. You will fight enemies that are strong and visit various planets. This game has an interesting plot and many levels. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

2) My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Find the magic crown that a villain has stolen, with adventures that are breathtaking with new schoolgirls who are together and of an old school. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

3) Earthcore: Shattered Elements – There are legendary hero cards to collect, including mythical creatures, ancient gods, and so on. Even take part in card duels. Study different skills and incorporate them to increase your efficiency. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

4) Dragonfall: Tactics – Build yourself an army as you and your team of heroes fight against the cruel dragon king. Develop your skills and complete different tasks. Also, fight in battles with you your team and develop their skills as well. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

5) Evo Creo - This world has many different monsters and creatures that are strange living on it. Create your team plus tame and defeat monsters. Find new adventures and take yourself on a new journey as well as finding new friends. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

6) Kayle: League of Legends – Kayle is an angel you control; she destroys enemies who get in her way with a sword that is punishing. You can buy different types of munitions by collecting and gaining them. There are different locations you can take your character through. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

7) Ace of Arenas – You and your friends can make the team and fight against other players in teams and are from around the world. There are dynamic fights to win in the arena, and tactics applied appropriately will help you defeat your enemies. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

8) Dragon Village TGC – Collect and make a collection of cards with unique monsters and dragons that are powerful. Your characters which you control, will have to do battle with various enemies. A powerful lord is a goal you can achieve as you play this game. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

9) Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle – Fight enemies with your team of heroes. Colored spheres appear on the screen, which you have to tap so you can gain energy. This game is based on a popular anime series, and just like the characters in the series, each one of them has abilities and skills that are individual to each of them. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

10) The Quest by Chorrus – As you guide your brave hero through the different levels of traps and obstacles, you can defeat the monsters or even escape from them. This game has several characters to choose from, with each one of them having unique abilities, weapons, and class. The hero must go through forests, dungeons, and other places as you take yourself on an adventure through this game. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

2. apk4fun

This website has the top free APK fun Android games and apps to download.


1) Clash of Clans – There are Barbarians filled with rage and wizards who are pyromaniacs, so raise your army and lead your men to victory. Build your very own village and defend it from raiders; you can also battle against other players who are around the world. Create a powerful clan and destroy many enemy clans. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

2) Gunship Battle – Helicopter 3D – Engage in combat missions as a helicopter pilot all around the world. You can choose from various fixed-wing VTOL and rotary aircraft when completing your missions. There is a flight control simulation and scenarios that will enable you to experience combat, keeping you immersed in this game. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

3) Hill Climb Racing – Bill Newton is an uphill racer who is young and inspiring. He is about to go on a journey that will take him to places he has never been before. His law of physics is not respectful, and until he has completed his race up the high hill on the moon. The challenges he faces are climbing unique environments which can be achieved by driving many different cars. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

4. Hay Day – This farm is the best around, and this game is the most popular game by far. Tend to your livestock, crops and trade the goods you grow with friends and neighbors. You share your farm with quirky animals, and although it never rains, your crops never die. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

5) Jetpack Joyride – Fruit ninja has created this game. Wear the coolest jetpacks and fly through the skies as Barry Steakfries. This game takes you on a one-way adventure. Barry breaks into a secret lab and finds all the jetpacks he could ever want.

Android Games APK

6) Plague Inc – Patient Zero has been infected with your pathogen. You must now end any history of humans by bringing about their end. Produce and evolve a deadly plague that goes global while you adapt what you can against humanity to defend itself. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

7. Agar.io Wrapper – This game has been created for you to enhance the player experience of Agar.io; this game also has Tagpro, a multiplayer addition included. This app also makes it easier to play Agar.io. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

8) Criminal Case – Solve a series of murders when you join the Grimsborough Police in this hidden object adventure game. You will have to investigate the crime scene, find clues, and find evidence to catch the killer and question suspects. Do you have what it takes to be a detective?

Android Games APK

9) Call of Duty: Heroes – You will command an army that comprises heroes, devastating drones, and elite soldiers, which are from Call of Duty in this 3D strategy game. Train your special forces so you can dominate your enemy in battle, which features heroes who you fully control, there are amazing killstreaks, and your base is customizable. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

10) Summoners War: Sky Arena – This action-packed fantasy game will take you into battle in a world that is fighting over the vital resource Mana Crystals. You will jump into the Sky Arena, where teams of monsters can be assembled to fight using strategic moves to victory. There are over 800 monsters for you to choose from. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

3. GetANDROIDstuff

This website has the top HD APK Android games to download.


1) Asphalt 8: Airbourne - You can now play this game as if you were in arcade mode, drive as frantically as possible in all the best cars on the planet. The cars can perform amazing stunts and spectacular jumps. There are races to take part in and events as well, and there are over 180 events in career mode. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

2) Fifa 14 – You can play in your favorite team and with 33 leagues to choose from and 16,000 players, 600 licensed teams, and 34 real-life stadiums. You can create your very own dream team by using the Ultimate Team mode. Control all the players by making taps to indicate their routine drag. The players also make them defend, pass and shoot at goal by using your fingers on the screen.

Android Games APK

3) Blood & Glory: Legend – Players have to face each other in the gladiator arena in Rome, fight for gold, prestige, and glory. Defeat all your enemies by equipping your weapons and fight all your enemies to become king of the gladiators. This game will enable you to use several combo punches as you try to stay alive. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

4) Dead Trigger 2 – This is a first-person shooter game where you will have to kill zombies that are everywhere, protect yourself from them, and try not to get finished off by the undead, with lots of missions for you to do. There is all manner of weapons for you to use, with each one causing more blood and slaughter than the next. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

5) Eternity Warriors 3 – Players looking for many hours of fun will love this game. This fantasy world of Undar is an epic game that will take you on a journey where you will have to do battle with other players. You will need to be aggressive, and your reflexes will need to be quick; your adrenaline will help you in this game of war, but you will need to master the art of running and attacking all at the same time if you want to defeat your enemies.

Android Games APK

6) Real Racing 3 – This game will provide you with a diving experience that is realistic with excellent graphics. You will be able to drive over 50 licensed cars at around 1000 events, if not more. Compete with strangers or even your friends, and if they are not connected, you can still compete with any of them. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

7) Dead Effect – You, the gamer, are put on a spaceship that has a zombie plague aboard it; you must survive these plagues and find the cause of infection. This game has lots of guns and quests for you to complete; if you like a challenge and difficult matches, then this game is for you. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

8) Frontline Commando 2 – You will need to show all your skills and accuracy in this game. You will be part of a bloody urban war filled with lots of bloodsheds as you fight real and virtual enemies who also have destructive weapons and like you have them at their disposal. There are up to 40 missions for you to complete and 13 special challenges where you will need to destroy your enemies. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

9) SHADOWGUN: DeadZone – This game is filled with action, excellent graphics, and a multiplayer mode. You can choose between 4 different characters as you go on a journey into futuristic scenarios with opponents that will kill you if you do not kill them first. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

10) Indestructible – Find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle that has been prepared for fighting. Find out who has the best weapon as you do battle with other players. This game enables you to fight in multiplayer mode with four players or against the computer to capture the flag, resource, or even a deathmatch collection.

Android Games APK

4.Android Babbles

This website has APK downloads of the top Android games in 2015.


1) Teen Patti Android Casino Game – This card game is all about playing cards online. You can play with up to five players, and you all play Teen Patti Indian Poker. The object of this game is to play three card games all at once on the same table. You can play this game with your friends or live. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

2) Subway Surfers Arcade Game – Subway surfers is a viral arcade game. You must dodge the trains; collect mystery boxes, coins, and character tokens. You can even try to beat your friend's score if you dare. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

3) Fast Racing 3D – This racing action game has high fidelity and stunning graphics. You must collect power-ups and knock other racers off the road. This game has all you need. It contains amazing cars and stunning tracks. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

4) Traffic Racer – This is an endless racing game, where you can drive through locations that are new and with cars that are new in the traffic on the highway. You must avoid obstacles between the pathways, and the faster you drive them throughout the game, the more awards and coins you will earn. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

5) Temple Run 2 – This game is based upon the idea that you have in your possession an idol that has been stolen from an ancient temple. This has angered a monkey monster who is ferocious, and it wants the idol back. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

6) Super Bit Dash – The user taps the screen to jump, and swiping will also make the player do various actions. The session of dashes used is filled up by collecting the coins. But be careful. The careless dashing can lead you to be left in a deadly way, completely high and dry. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

7) Banana Kong – This ride is filled with thrilling action and has amazing graphics, and you will find there are many twists to the game. You are Banana Kong, and as you swing throughout the air, you have to collect coins. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

8) Temple Castle Run 2 – You must explore the castle, mysterious and face unknown dangers. Find the lost temple castle and face active forces and consist of legendary dragons and the powerful archer. The coins in the game need to be collected so you can create a high score. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

9) The Unicorn Dash - You control the Unicorn in the forest, and it is in this forest that you must crush the amethyst with the elves, which will earn you more points. Crushing the crystal will earn you more points. You can increase these points by crushing as much amethyst as you can. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

10) Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D – This game has a 3D effect and powerful combat helicopters to choose from. This action game has you flying helicopters, and as the pilot, you have to stop terrors and suppress wars in the many different corners of the world. This game has fight control simulation with the military that is modern. Find this game here.

Android Games APK

5. Androidsdl.com

This website has the top free APK Android games you can download.


1) We Heroes: Born to Fight – You must gather effective beasts and incredible saints, each with negatives and positives. You must create a strong squad of legends and go and find some scanning for experiences in this universe. The arrangement of fights is unlimited, and you will have to face intense supervisors and different creatures.

2) Pharaoh's War – You must create in the hot desert a hot realm. Obtain your required assets and erect urban areas and make an armed force in a great number. Become an astute ruler and a general. Extend your domain and region, make new mines and build communities.

3) Horse Racing Simulation 3D – Be a part of the races in the colossal hippodrome. Ride your stallion and race your rivals in an attempt to be faster than the rest. Ride your steed and win, win, win. Try to cause your rivals to detour in any of the races so that you can win the race.

4) Top 12: Master of Football – Create your own football club and take it all the way to the top. Win diverse competitions and become an administrator and an expert in your football club. Choose different players with different aptitudes and qualities and get them to agree to a contract with you.

5) Dragon Striker – In this supernatural world, try and discover 7 monsters. Numerous missions are intriguing, and some associates are faithful and will help you fight. Go on an adventure and see every part of this beautiful dreamland and all the different areas it has to offer.

6) Evil Genius Online – Create a mystery base and bring together an immense force of armed and faithful flunkies. Use your powerful personality and ability to conquer the universe. Create a mystery den and extend it, create science labs, different offices, and encampment, which only a virtuoso can do.

7) Duck Hunting 3D – You are on the bank of a lake, so you need to find yourself in a decent position so you can attempt to shoot as many ducks as possible in a certain amount of time. Out your shooting skills to the test and see if your reflexes and shooting abilities are any good as you attempt to set a record. But beware; ducks can fly up from anywhere.

8) Hero Craft Z – Go through a mixture of assignments and do battle with many different foes. Make a group of legends that will be invulnerable as you discover how different each one of them is as you prepare for an energizing experience as you venture into a mystical universe. Take your legend through woodlands, cells, different areas, and surrenders. Annihilate any creatures that are waiting for you in transit.

9) Car Racing Simulator 2015 – Win races by abandoning your opposition. Drive at a super fast speed as you try your hand at troublesome courses, do sharp turns, and everything you can to avoid driving on the wayside. Drive your vehicle on the winding way, avoid crashes with your rivals' vehicles and win as many races as you can, so you get to reap the rewards.

10) One Piece: Run Chopper Run! – Chopper is a prominent legend from an anime one piece. Guide Chopper through numerous levels that are troublesome as you gather rewards on the journey. This reindeer is the hero of the game, so help him as he ventures to each part of the islands scattered across the ocean.

Part 3: How to Play Mobile Games on a PC using MirrorGo?

I never imagined that I would be able to play Android games on PC in a few clicks without even downloading the game. Innovative software Wondershare Dr.Fone has made it all possible! You can play android games on PC smoothly without even purchasing the emulator. MirrorGo will map keyboard keys to any mobile app you are using in just a few seconds.

style arrow up

Wondershare Dr.Fone

Record your Android device on your computer!

  • Record on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Take screenshots and save them to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

First, download the MirrorGo application on your PC and then follow the instructions below to play mobile games on your PC using MirrorGo.

Step 1: Connect Your Smartphone To PC:

Connect your smartphone to a PC using a reliable USB cable. On your smartphone: Activate the Developer options > Enable the USB debugging feature > Permit USB debugging from the computer. Then it mirrors your Android phone screen to the PC.

Step 2: Mirror Your Smartphone to PC:

Install and launch the game on your android device. Doing so will show you the game screen on MirrorGo on the computer.

mobile games on pc using mirrorgo

Step 3: Edit And Use MirrorGo Gaming Keyboard:

The Gaming panel will show 5 kinds of buttons. Each has a distinct function. The function of each button is:

keyboard on Wondershare Dr.Fone

  • joystick key on MirrorGo's keyboard Joystick: move up, down, right, and left.
  • sight key on MirrorGo's keyboard Sight: look around.
  • fire key on MirrorGo's keyboard Fire: shoot.
  • open telescope in the games on MirrorGo's keyboard Telescope: have a close-up of the target you are about to shoot with your rifle.
  • custom key on MirrorGo's keyboard Custom key: add key of your choice.

Wondershare Dr.Fone allows users to edit or add keys for playing games.

For example, if you want to change the default 'Joystick' key across the phone.

  • Go to the mobile gaming keyboard,
  • Then, left-click the button on the joystick that appears on the screen and long-press it for a few seconds.
  • After that, change the character on the keyboard as per your desire.
  • Tap on "Save" to conclude the process.
joystick edit

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