5 Solutions to Fix Error 491 While Download Apps on Android

If you are keen to find a solution for the interference caused by the error 491, which might have popped up while downloading some applications from Google play store, then you are certainly at the right place. With a vast number of people facing the similar issue, we had to come up with an article as this one.

We all know what happens after getting this error code 491 right? Well, your system does not allow you to download or update any application. But thankfully, we have found 5 solutions that can help you to overcome this issue and continue to use your phone in a normal manner. So, without causing any more damage to your phone, fix the error 491 from the comfort of your home by following some easy steps which are as discussed below.

Part 1: What is error 491?

error 491

You must be wondering what is this error 491 and why it is not letting you download or update your applications?

Although, there could be numerous reasons for the generation of this error, however, in this article, we will discuss the most common and potential causes.

One of the main reason for this occurrence could be that while downloading a particular app something went wrong part-way.

Another common cause can be when mnt/sd card is full and there is not sufficient space available to add new apps.

Also, corrupted app data or corrupted binaries can result into error code 491.

But, don’t get stressed if you haven’t heard these terms before, as they have nothing to do with bringing your phone back to the normal state. Just keep reading this article to get this error 491 fixed.

Part 2: 5 Solutions to fix error 491

Now let us go through the best 5 solutions that we can use in order to fix the error 491 play store.

1: Restarting your phone

The very first method in our list of 5 solutions to get rid of the error code 491, is restarting your phone. And believe me, just like its name, this one is the easiest. All you need to do is restart your phone as you would normally do when your phone's battery goes off in the case of an Android device. For this, the volume and the power button needs to be held altogether until the screen goes dark as shown in the image below:

restart device

Moving on, again press the power button to turn it on and this should reboot your device safely without any issues.

However, there is yet another technique that can be used to fix error code 491 . You can try by removing the battery to force a restart of your Android smartphone in case your system is completely frozen.

remove battery

2: Trying a different network connection

This is another very simple method to fix the error code 491. It basically involves, changing the network connection.

Now to understand this, we will guide you step by step.

First, navigate to the settings menu of your phone which can be easily done by clicking on the icon in the apps menu of your Android mobile.

network settings

There you will see the wireless and network settings which are mostly same for all devices, and by clicking more select any available alternative connection.

change network

Once done, you must check if the error 491 is removed or is still persisting.

data roaming

3. Clearing cache in the Google Play Store app;

To do this, again you will need to navigate to the settings on your smartphone and select apps.

Now move on to and select the Google play store app.

Once you have selected the Google play store app, you will have to then press on “storage” for a couple of seconds and then release it.

After release, you will see a new screen which will take you to “clear cache” button. Now, click on the clear cache button to remove the error code 491.

4. Wiping the cache partition;

This method is also very effective and useful in removing the error code 491.

In order to wipe the cache partition, start by pressing the volume up, home and power button altogether and hold them for a few seconds.

boot in recovery mode

Now just release the power switch when you feel the vibration, and further, as the new recovery screen pops up, select the wipe cache partition and you are good to go.

5. Logging out and logging back into your Google account

Finally, the last but certainly not the least solution to get rid of this error code 491.

Here are the few steps that you must follow

For logging in to the Google account, follow these two steps:

1. First, you must get into the contacts, then press menu and account, and finally open the accounts and sync settings screen on your smartphone.

settigs menu

2. Once done, click on Add account

Now to Log out of your Google account follow these simple steps:

For this step, unfortunately, the only way is to delete the entire account from your Android device.

To begin with, open the Settings menu on your device select the account that you wish to remove in the accounts section.

In case you have an account linked with Google, tap Google and then the account.

add google account

Now click on the menu icon that is located on the screen's right-hand side.

There you go, now select remove account.

remove account

Note: You might have to insert your details such as pin, ID or other information for security reasons if this is the only existing Google account on your phone. This will make sure that your device and your account is in safe hands and not used by any other person.

Once done, you can go ahead and try downloading the apps on Android without the error code 491 bothering you.

Note: All the methods described above must be followed clearly to ensure that you are successful in getting rid of the error code 491 while downloading apps on your Android based smartphone.

Overall, in this article today, we discussed that there could be various reasons that can cause this error 491 but after cautiously following the solutions (whichever works for you) you can get rid of error code 491 and operate your Android smartphone in a perfect state and condition. So, rely on these extremely effective and efficient techniques and take full benefits from your smartphones without facing any issues. You must note that these methods can work differently for different phones so you need to keep trying till you achieve your motive.

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