4 Solutions to Fix Google Play Error 927 on Android

At a day and age when we are using smartphones, tablets and now even smart televisions, Google Play Store is frequently visited by most of us. It is a platform that enables us to enjoy Android apps, games, movies, music, magazines and a lot more across our devices. However, while using the Google Play Store, also suitably called as the Android Market, we often face errors either during downloading a certain app for the first time or updating it. Such apps could vary from Whatsapp to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, CNN, Amazon, etc. No one specific app or genres of it could be linked to these errors. Error 927 is also another Google Play Store Error and not related to malfunctioning of apps.

Error Code 927 may be a simple error to fix, but it is one of the most common ones amongst many others Play Store Errors and hence requires us to know why exactly does it occur and the possible ways to get rid of it.

Part 1: What is Error 927?

error 927

One of the most common and famous error codes in the Google Play Store is Error 927. This error is seen very often by users while downloading or updating an app on an Android device. The complete pop up of the Error 927 while downloading an app or its update from the Google Play Store reads as follows: could not be downloaded due to an error(927).

Error 927 usually occurs when a user is trying to download an app or its update and the download cannot be completed due to data crash. A data crash or any crash in computing means when a software application or OS does not work to its best. Hence, a loss/interruption in the internet connection or data services or any malfunction in the software of the Android device can cause Error 927 while using the Google Play Store to download or update apps through it.

Also, when there is a malware or adware blocking the Play Store from downloading the app or its update, such error can be seen, either because the app or its update contains a virus which could hamper the Android device or sometimes the Android version does not support a particular app or update.

The reasons for this error to occur are many but no one reason can be pointed out for sure in a given situation.

Part 2: 4 solutions to fix Google Play Error 927.

Just as there is no specific reason for Error 927 to occur, similarly there isn’t any one sure shot solution to it with a one hundred percent success rate. The solutions vary from one another and being different in technique, some suit to phones, some to tablets and some others to other Android gadgets.

As seen, in some situations the error can be fixed by using any one of the four solutions listed and explained below but at other times a combination of these or other methods may also have to be adopted.

The solutions provided hereunder have helped a lot of people struggling with Error 927 and hence are worth giving a try.

a) Clear Cache, Clear Data

This method basically involves bringing back the app to its original state, that is, was in when it was first installed. It clears all updates, all data and anything and everything stored with respect to the app in the device, in the external memory or elsewhere.

Let us go through the steps involved:

Open Settings, go to All and select Google Play Store.

google play store

Tap on Force Stop and then on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

The following screenshot can be used as a reference.

clear data

Try and install the app or download its update now. If it still does not work, there are three more ways to fight this Google play error 927.

b) Uninstall Updates

This method basically gets rid of the latest version of Google Play Store by installing its last update.

Step by step:

Open Application Settings, select All.

Select Google Play Store and tap on Uninstall Updates.

uninstall updates

Try downloading, installing or updating the app at Google Play after a few minutes. closing all tabs and applications running on the device before trying to download the app again is advisable.

If the app still doesn’t download or install, DO NOT worry. There are more ways to help fix the Error.

c) Re-add Google Account

This method is a tedious one. It requires the user to delete their Google account and then add it back again. Although no data (contacts, media, etc.) is lost but a lot of users consider it a risk. It is important to understand that this method only requires the users to delete their account from Google play ONLY and hence it is absolutely safe and does not result in any kind of loss of data.

Step by Step

Open Settings, go to Accounts, select Google and then tap on your account.

google account

Go to Menu, select Remove Account.

remove account

Once your account is removed, tap on Add Account.

Now restart your device and try to download the app or its update once again.

The following screenshot may prove to be useful.

d) If the above-mentioned methods to fix Error 927 do not solve the problem, here are two more easy and quick to-dos:

i) Go to Settings then tap on Wireless and Networks, then on Access Point Name.

access point name

Select Clear Proxy. Close all tabs and applications that are running. Try installing the app again.

clear proxy

You may use the above screenshots as a guide.

ii) Sometimes there isn’t enough internal memory left in the device to support the download. In such a case, either move existing apps to the SD Card or create more space on the device by deleting unwanted data.

These were a few simple yet effective ways to combat Google Play Error Code 927. These are not time-consuming and can be understood by any Android user irrespective of age or otherwise. These solutions might not be permanent in nature and such errors may occur in the future as well while downloading an app, its update or during its installation; the reason being that Error 927 can occur due to multiple reasons and in a given situation and the given jargons of the Android software and the internet it is impossible to control all variables.

Nevertheless, Error 927 is not something that causes damage to your device or its software. It is a temporary glitch and can be overcome in just a few seconds.

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