How To Fix a Black Screen on Android Phones

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Android phone screen black issue is a common problem with several causes. Recently, a bunch of Android users asked why ‘my Android phone screen went black but still works.’ The notification light on their Android phone constantly flashes, but nothing is visible on the screen, and the screen remains black until the battery dies. And this case right here is an Android screen black issue.

The bright side is that the Android black screen of death is a solvable problem, and this article will reveal what could be causing it and how to fix it.

Part 1. Why Does My Android Have a Black Screen?

‘Why my phone screen went black but still works Android’ is one of the most asked questions by Android users, and there can be several reasons why. This section will dig into these causes of why is Android screen black but still works. Simply continue reading as the following are some of the frequent reasons of an Android screen black issue:

  • Installed incompatible apps and applications with viruses
  • Incompatible charger
  • Device charged for a long time
  • Error in the Android system
  • App caches need to be cleared
  • The LCD screen connectors might be loose
  • The device is kept in extremely high temperature

Part 2. What To Do If Your Android Screen Blacks Out?

Now that you know the possible reasons that might be causing the black screen of death on your Android device, it’s time to dig into how to fix the Android phone black screen issue.

Force Restart

Because it is the quickest and most painless solution, most people do this when their Android phone screen goes black too fast. The majority of phone issues can be resolved by performing a hard reboot. Here are the necessary measures if you haven’t tried this method before.

To reboot your Android device, you may need to press a specific key combination, depending on the model you have, but most Android devices can be force restarted by doing the following steps:

Step 1: Begin by holding down the Power, Home, and Volume Up/Down buttons of your device.

android force restart buttons

Step 2: Then press the Power and Home buttons.

Step 3: Press and hold the Bixby or Power key, then wait until your Android phone powers off entirely.

Step 4: Lastly, don’t forget to restart your phone after shutting it down completely.

Check and Clean Your Phone

This method might not be popular with Android users, but this can do wonders when dealing with an Android screen black issue. To do this, follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Ensure your phone’s buttons and ports are not stuck before anything else.

Step 2: See if dirt prevents you from turning the device on. Then, quickly press and release the button a few times.

Step 3: If the phone isn’t charging normally, ensure the charging port isn’t clogged with dust and debris by checking and cleaning it. You can gently blow out any debris in the charging port or use a wooden toothpick to pry it open.

clean charging port android

Step 4: After you’re done with the cleaning, it’s best to charge the phone for at least 10 minutes. Just give it a quick charge and then try to restart it.

Remove the Battery

If your phone’s battery is removable, you can try taking it out and trying again if restarting and cleaning it doesn’t fix the problem.

Step 1: To get started, take the phone apart by starting at the back.

Step 2: After 20 to 30 seconds, take out the battery and put it back in.

Note: When replacing the battery, ensure the metal contacts correctly connect to the phone.

remove battery of android phone

This easy and straightforward method should help you fix your Android screen black issue, but if it doesn’t, continue reading, as this article got more techniques you can try.

Recharge the Device

If your Android phone screen suddenly goes black, let the battery die completely. Then once the battery is completely dead, you should plug it in to charge and turn it on by pressing the Power button. Try to check if you still encounter the issue after doing so.

recharge android device

Uninstall Incompatible Apps

There are several reasons why your Android phone is stuck on a black screen, including incompatible software. You can eliminate incompatible apps and programs on your Android device while in Safe mode, which will solve the Android phone screen black issue.

Step 1: Power down your device by pressing and holding the Power button until a menu appears.

Step 2: Navigate to Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Power Off button.

Step 3: Tap the “Safe mode” icon to enter Safe mode. You should now see Safe Mode at the device’s bottom.

Step 4: After selecting Settings, head to the Apps section.

Step 5: Select the app by clicking on it; the App Info window should appear. To uninstall the app, tap the Uninstall option from the menu below the screen.

uninstall app on android phone

Step 6: Now click the Power button to restart your device.

Reboot to Safe Mode

Even after multiple attempts to launch them, certain applications act suspiciously and cause the device to crash. When an Android phone suddenly goes black, you can often isolate the problem to a specific app by booting into Safe mode.

Step 1: Begin by restarting your phone. To do that, press the Power button until a menu appears.

Step 2: Press the Power Off button to enter Safe mode.

Step 3: Activate Safe mode by clicking the “Safe Mode” icon.

enter android in safe mode

Step 4: To return to Normal mode, turn off your device and then turn it back on.

Wipe Partition Cache

If your Android device turns on, but the screen remains black, clearing the cache partition should solve the problem. After all, keeping caches on your phone would cause it to run more slowly and cause other problems. Therefore, the issue can be resolved by clearing the cache partition. Check the following steps on how to do this below:

Step 1: Turn off your Android device.

Step 2: Boot the device into Recovery Mode.

Note: The steps necessary to enter recovery mode will vary depending on your specific Android phone model. To ensure you’re doing the correct steps for your device, consult the user manual or look it up online. The following instructions work for Samsung devices:

  • To activate, simultaneously press the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  • If the device logo appears, release your grip, and the phone will restart.

Step 3: Find the Wipe cache partition option using the volume controls after entering Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Select Wipe cache partition by pressing the Power button.

wipe partition cache in android

Step 5: The device will then display some notes about its progress at the bottom of the screen before declaring itself finished. Rebooting the phone is the final step.

Part 3. Fix Android Phone Black Screen With an Android Repair Tool Dr.Fone – System Repair

There would be instances where an Android user tries every other possible method but still ends up not resolving that Android screen black issue. And when this happens, Dr.Fone – System Repair is the way to go. It’s a one-click solution that will repair any system issue with your Android device.

drfone interface

Key Features

Check out the fantastic key features of Dr.Fone – System Repair below:

  • Repairs a broad range of Android system issues like the black screen of death and more
  • Supports 1000+ mainstream Android devices
  • Automatically reboots the Android system back to normal
  • One-click Android repair tool
  • Excellent system repair success rate

Supported OS

Make sure your mobile device’s operating system is compatible with Dr.Fone before using it to fix technical issues.

Platform Supported OS
Mac Mac 12/11/10.15/10.14/X/10.13/10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8
Windows Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP


Dr.Fone – System Repair has many other advantages to offer, along with the ease of fixing an Android screen black issue. Check them out below:

  • Extremely easy-to-use tool
  • Seamless data management
  • Quick and easy data backup process
  • Offers all-inclusive Android repair tools such as advanced data recovery


Dr.Fone - System Repair has some restrictions, which you can learn about below:

  • Sometimes some errors in data recovery

Step-by-Step Guide of Dr.Fone – System Repair

Now is the time to know the steps on how to fix the Android phone’s black screen issue. Below is the step-by-step tutorial on how to do this using Dr.Fone – System Repair:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone on your computer, then click System Repair on the home page.

Step 2: Connect your Android device and computer using a suitable cable, then click the Android Repair option.

android repair in drfone

Step 3: A device information window will appear next, and there, enter the Brand, Name, Model, Country, and Carrier details that identify with your device.

Step 4: A warning will then pop up asking you to confirm the details entered and that the Android repair may delete all data on your device. To proceed, click Confirm, then the Next button.

drfone confirm device information

Step 5: Next is to repair your phone in Download mode. The steps depend on whether your device has a home button or not. Check the instructions for each one below:

For an Android with a Home Button:

Step 6: Turn off your device.

Step 7: Press and hold the Home, Volume Down, and Power buttons for about 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 8: Release the buttons, then press the Volume Up button to enter Download mode.

For an Android without a Home Button:

The steps for a device without a home button are basically the same as a device with one. The only difference is that instead of pressing a home button during Step 2, you have to press the “Bixby” button instead.

Step 6: Once done entering Download mode, click the Next button so the program can download the firmware.

Step 7: Dr.Fone will automatically start repairing your device after the firmware download and verification. All that’s left to do is wait as the program completes the repair process.

completed dr fone android repair

safe Downloadsafe & secure

The Bottom Line

There could be a lot of reasons why an Android black screen issue occurs, but the important thing is knowing the correct ways how to fix it. And this article has covered eight proven methods to help you fix an Android phone screen black problem.

But among the methods discussed above, Dr.Fone – System Repair just stood out as this program does not only help you with a black screen of death problem, but it covers many other Android system issues too. It’s also a highly intuitive program that requires no skills to operate.

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