7 Solutions to Fix Google Play Store Error RH-01 [+ Video Tutorial]

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Part 1: Symptoms when Google Play Store Error RH-01 error pops up

Off lately, Google Play Store “Error retrieving information from server RH-01” error has been troubling a lot of people when they are attempting to update or install apps. Though, we have collated 7 proven solutions to fix the issue, let’s first understand the scenarios when you’ll get to witness it and the cause behind it:

  • You may get to encounter the issue while opening the Google Play Store.
  • Or, when you’re downloading any apps from Google Play Store.
  • Also, this error may pop up when you try to update apps from Google Play Store.

Part 2: Google Play Store Error RH-01? Why?

1. Obsolete version of play store installed

If you’re running an obsolete version of Google Play Store, Error RH-01 error is most likely to occur. Not just this but other type of errors may also occur as the out dated version of Google Play Store may no longer be working properly.

2. Device firmware not updated

Likewise outdated version of Google play store app, if your device firmware is not updated to the most recent version, you’re deemed to face the issue as the firmware might not be able to support the Google play store operations.

3. Incorrect system settings

A yet another reason behind the Google Play Store Error RH-01 error popping up is that the system settings may have been messed up.

4. System components of Play Service were corrupted

Since, Google designed and developed the Android operating system, Google Play Services are vital to smoothly execute several app functions. Now, just in case some of the components of your Play service has gone corrupted you’re more like to face errors like Google Play Store Error RH-01.

5. Custom ROM flashed

Though you may notice that the error reads “Error retrieving information from server RH-01” but the root issue is not with the server. It is with the Android device itself. And in most cases, this issue appears due to flashing custom ROM to your device.

Part 3: 7 solutions to make Google Play Store Error RH-01 disappear

3.1 One click to fix Google Play Store Error RH-01

Majority of times, the RH-01 Play Store error arises due to the corrupted or mis-deleted components in the system. In such case, only repairing Android system can come to your rescue. And to do this in one click, none other than dr.fone - System Repair (Android) can be the most practical way. Here we bring you some of the most sought after features of this powerful tool.

dr.fone - System Repair (Android)

Android repair tool to fix Google Play Store error RH-01

  • Easy to use and handles every Android system issue like a pro
  • Can be downloaded freely and provides modern interface
  • No special technical expertise is compulsory to use this
  • More than 1000 Android brands are supported and it works for all trouble-free
  • Safest and secured tool than any other in the market
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Finish Downloading and Installation

Without wasting much time, download the repair tool by clicking the button above. Install it when it is downloaded and then open the tool. Once everything is successfully done, you need to click the “System Repair” tab from the main screen.

fix google play store error rh 01 - use the repair tool

Step 2: Connect Device

Now, take the cable that came with your Android device and use it to connect your Android to the PC. Hit on “Android Repair” given on the left panel.

connect android to fix google play store error rh 01

Step 3: Enter the Information

On reaching the next screen of the program, you will need to choose the mobile’s brand, name and the career you’re using or country/region etc. Please ensure to enter the correct information and click on “Next”.

enter the details to fix google play store error rh 01

Step 4: Downloading Firmware

Before we start repairing, this step is essential to follow. Make sure to look on the screen and follow the onscreen steps to take your device into download mode. When you do this, the program will give your device a suitable firmware for downloading.
download the firmware to fix google play store error rh 01

Step 5: Complete Repairing

Lastly, when the firmware is downloaded accurately, the program will begin to repair your device. Wait for the confirmation of the process completion.

complete fixing google play store error rh 01

Video tutorial to fix Google Play Store error RH-01

3.2 Restart your device

If unfortunately you are still getting Google Play Store Error RH-01 error, no other thing than a simple restart can solve the problem. Many minor issues can be easily fixed by simply rebooting your device and therefore, we suggest it here too.

  • Long press the Power button and wait for the options to appear.
  • Tap on “Restart” and now stay there while it is restarting.
restart android to fix google play store error rh 01

Try to use Play Store now and check if the issue resolved or not.

3.3 Re-add Google account

Removing and re adding Google account clears messed up settings of the account. Freshly add the same account back on your device and you may even get rid of Google Play Store Error RH-01 just by doing this simple task.

  • For this, open “Settings” and go to “Accounts”.
  • Now choose your Google account and tap “Remove Account”.
  • Restart the device and again add the account now.
clear cache to fix google play store error rh 01

3.4 Clear the cache of Google Play Store

There can some bad glitches which got stored in the Cache memory of the Google Play Store and hence, throwing Error RH-01 on Google Play Store when you try to update or install the apps. Try clearing the Cache memory and the issue must get resolved. Here’s how do I fix Play Store error RH 01 with the steps below.

  • Head to “Settings” and tap “Apps & Notifications”.
  • From the all apps’ list, choose “Google Play Store”.
  • Open “Storage” and tap “Clear Cache”.
add the account to fix google play store error rh 01

3.5 Update Google Play to the latest

An out dated or obsolete version of any app can lead you to several unknown errors. And if you are running Google Play store on an earlier version, you are destined to get “error retrieving information from server RH-01” error on your device. Follow down the streak of steps below to update the Google play store app.

1. Launch the Google Play Store app over your device from your app drawer.

2. Hit on the “Menu/3 horizontal lines” icon over the left-top corner and locate “Settings” from the sidebar menu.

3. Now, you need to scroll down to “Play Store Version” located under “About” section.

4. Tap on it once you find it. Now, if the prompt shows that the Play Store app version installed over your device is not up to date. Simply, proceed with the on-screen prompts to update it to the latest version.

update play store to fix google play store error rh 01

3.6 Uninstall Google Play updates

Sometimes, installing the Google Play updates that were not compatible with your device can also be one of the major reason to halt your operation of updating or installing the apps. For this, you need to uninstall the Google Play updates and then try over to resolve Error RH-01 on Play Store.

  • Go to “Settings” and find “Apps” or “Apps & Notifications”. In some devices, it may be “Application Manager”.
  • Now, open all apps list and choose “Google Play Store”.
  • Look for “Uninstall Updates” and tap on it.
uninstall updates to fix google play store error rh 01

3.7 Set the correct date and time

Messed up date and time settings can also create a havoc over your PC. They may disrupt the internet connectively partially or entirely and you will never have a clue that it can be the reason behind halting the network connection. Follow the steps listed below and get your date and time settings fixed ASAP.

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Date & Time” option.
  • Now, enable “Automatic date and time” or simply set the accurate time manually.
set date and time to fix google play store error rh 01

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