6 Things to Do with Your New Android Phone

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So you get a shiny new Android phone, like Samsung Galaxy S8, and want to show off with your friends right now. Wait seconds. There're 5 things to do when you get a new Android phone, like set up network and passcode, install killer apps, monitor data and more. Once you finish the preparations, you can do what you want.

1. Activate Your Android Phone

When you get a new Android phone, first of all, you can active it. Take off the shell of your Android phone, and insert the sim card. Then, turn on your Android phone and follow the on-screen instruments to select a language, set data and time, choose Wi-Fi, set network charges and more. Once you finish it, you Android phone will be active.

things to do with new android phonethings to do when get a new android phone

2. Secure Your Android Phone

The next thing you can do with your Android phone is to set up a passcode for your Android phone, to ensure the security of your important data. The passcode varies in types. You can use a pattern, PIN, password, Swipe, fingerprint and more. To set it, just tap Settings on your Android phone. Scroll down to find Lock Screen > Screen lock. Then, choose your wanted way to lock your Android phone to keep your data safe and secured.

things to do with a new android phonewhat to do with a new android phone

3. Sync Google, Exchange ActiveSync and more Accounts

If you have ever synced contacts and calendars to Google, Exchange ActiveSync, and any other accounts, you're very wise and sensible. Now, you can tap Settings > Accounts > Add account to sign in such accounts on your Android phone and sync contacts and calendar to your Android phone.

what to do with getting a new android phone5 things to do with new android phone

4. Install Killer Apps

As you know, manufacture and carrier offers you some pre-installed apps to meet your daily use, like dial someone, play music and video, send and receive messages. However, it's far from enough. Some pre-installed apps might not work as well as you like. In that case, you're able to go to Google Play to find some Killer apps, like Antivirus apps, file explorer apps, Facebook messenger app.

what you can do with your new android

5. Monitor Data Usage

It's a necessity to measure your data usage, in case you might be overuse it. Overuse means huge overage fees. To avoid it, you'd better install some data monitor apps on your Android phone. This kind of app help to track your data usage accurately, monitor what apps using the most data to ensure that you don't go over your monthly data limit and incur unnecessary charges.

It's also ok if you don't want to install any data monitor. Your Android phone has a built-in data usage feature. Go to Settings > Data Usage. You can set data limits and when you get alerts. You can also see which app use data most.

what to do with your new android phonehow to text on ipad

6. Get a Powerful Android Manager

dr.fone - Phone Manager is powerful Android Manager to help you not only transfer files, including music, photos, videos, contacts and more from PC to your new Android phone, but also bulk install and uninstall apps from PC, send SMS messages from PC, and manage all your Android files. Simply download and have a try.

dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android)

Things to Do with New Android Phone: Get a Powerful Android Manager

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  • Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa).
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