How to use Google Now to Plan your Travel

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Everyone fancies an organized day  that is why we have a personal intelligence assistant in our today's digital world. Apple have come up with Siri and now  Android users have Google Now. Google Now is a product that was first used in Android Jelly bean (4.1). This application was launched in July 2012 by Google.

When it was first released it only supported Google Nexus phones. However, its growth has becoming admirable and is now available in most android phones such as Samsung, HTC and Motorolla just to mention a few. So what exactly does Google Now do?. With Google Now on your phone, you will be able to get the most searched news, sports updates, weather, traffic, it sets reminders and also informs you of the events that are around you.

Moreover, this application is the best Google travel app. It will help inform the weather of the day of travel and hence you will know what to pack. In this article the main focus is on how to plan your flights using this application.

Part 1: How to Add Flights to Google Now

You are to fly out of the country for a business trip or it could be even within the country to visit your family. In some cases you could be flying to that long a waited holiday destination in Australia or Miami. In such a scenario, you require Google Now app since it will update you on the weather of your holiday destination or the city you are going for business meeting. 

add flights to google now

As if that is not enough this personal assistant will recommend the type of clothes to carry a long with you. Moreover, with Google Now you can manage and track your flight on your phone or computer. To make this possible you need to add your flight to Google Now card.  To add your flight to Google Now you need to add your Gmail  account so that you can access your the information from it.

Moreover, you should also have the flight number of the flight you booked so that you can track it at the comfort of your mobile phone on your Google Now flight card. Here is how to add the flight to the card

Step 1: Launch the Google Now app on your Android phone. It's icon is labelled "G". Ensure the G mail account you are using on Google Now is the one that you used when booking a flight.

steps to add flights to google nowgoogle now travel plan

Step 2: On your Google Now app , tap on menu button at  the top left. A drop down menu will appear. Click on Settings.

google now settingsset google now

Step 3: Click on Google Now cards and then manage your Gmail cards. So when you receive an email of the confirmation of flight. It will  Google Now will sync with your Gmail and it will appear on your  as Google itinerary flight.

google now cards

Whenever you book a flight  and the  flight is confirmed it will appear on your Google Now flight card. This will make it easier to track your Google Now flights.It will display your reservation, arrival, departure  destination, flight number and your personal details.

On the day that you will be traveling, this smart app will inform you about the traffic and gives you alternatives if there is any Jam. To add on Google Now will inform you about the flight conditions and updates on traffic delays. This will help you manage your time so that you can plan and know how long you will take to reach the Airport.

When planning on Google travels, you should put in mind that this interesting technology is not used by many airlines. Most airlines are on the verge of using this feature. At the moment the airlines that have embraced this  include Singapore Airline, China Airline, Fly Emirates , Cathay Pacific, S7 Airline, and Qantas airline.

Part 2: Google Now Boarding Pass

Google Now is revolutionizing the airline industry with its digital boarding pass. Amazing right? Forget about the printed boarding pass. What you need to do is just to check in on your Gmail account and your flight details will appear on Google Now with a bar code.  The digital boarding pass will provide the information of the terminal that you will use, gate  as well as the seat number of the plane.

Google Now Boarding Pass

The digital boarding pass saves you the long queues and traffic at the airport. Therefore, at the airport you will just have to provide the bar code and it will be scanned. This feature is time saving. However, not all airlines use this method. It is therefore important to confirm or check if the airline board accepts this paperless boarding pass.

Which airlines uses this digital feature.  A number of airlines are currently using this feature  include United Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Arline, Alitalia, Jet Airways and Virgin Australian Airline on selected routes. Therefore it is good to visit the website and confirm first.

Part 3: Other important feature of Google Now when planning to Travel

When Google Now realizes that you are far away from home it will show you the  foreign rates of your destination.  Upon arrival of your destination this  Google Now app will suggest the nearby restaurants, parking lots and any related searches on your website will pop up. Furthermore it is also built with a voice search that you can use to ask questions that you want them to be answered. The weather update will also pop up so that you can plan what to wear during the day so that you are not caught off guard.

use google now to plan travelgoogle now tour guide

If your were on a business trip, Google now will remind you about important dates and appointments. You will also be in the limelight of events that are happening around the place that you are.With Google Now, it is like having a personal assistant all through in what you do. It makes life easier and organized.  If you are in a foreign land, you can always use this app to translate since it supports different languages.

To conclude, Google Now is transforming and digitizing the airline industry in a positive way. This exciting feature lets you plan flight travels well and conveniently. It also saves time when you are checking in since you do not need to queue those long lines in the airport. It is also efficient and a good reminder. 

Apart from tracking flights, it also puts you in the know of what is happening around with it websites and news updates. It is also concerned about you health thanks to it weather feature. Indeed this the ideal assistant that android users have been yearning for.

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