Everything You Need to Know About Android 8 Oreo Update for LG Phones

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Though LG has been silent regarding Oreo updates, the Android 8.0 Oreo updates are on the talks. The beta version has been released for LG G6 in China, whereas LG V30 has got an official Oreo release in Korea. In the US mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, has already received an Android 8 Oreo update, whereas for T-Mobile it is yet to be confirmed. According to sources, LG G6 will be receiving the Android 8 Oreo update by end of June 2018.

Part 1: Advantages of an LG phone with Android 8 Oreo update

Android Oreo Update 8 has brought a wide range of advantages for LG phones. Let’s go through the leading 5 from the list of goodies.

Picture-in-picture (PIP)

Though certain mobile manufacturers have embedded this feature for their devices, for other Android phones including LG V 30, and LG G6 it came as a boon to relish. You have the power to explore two apps simultaneously with this PIP feature. You can pin the videos on your screen and carry on with other tasks on your phone.

android oreo update for LG - PIP

Notification dots and Android Instant Apps:

The notification dots on apps allow you to go through the latest things on your apps by just tapping on them, and get cleared with a single swipe.

Likewise, the Android Instant Apps helps you dive into new apps right from the web browser without installing the app.

android oreo update for LG - notification dots

Google Play Protect

The app can scan more than 50 billion apps daily and keeps your Android phone and the underlying data secured from any malicious apps hovering on the internet. It scans even the uninstalled apps from the web.

android oreo update for LG - google play protect

Power saver

It is a lifesaver for your LG phones after the Android Oreo update. Your mobile seldom runs out of battery after the Android 8 Oreo update. As the update has enhanced features to take care of your extensive needs in gaming, working, calling, or live video streaming, you just name it. Longer battery life is undoubtedly bliss.

Faster performance and background job management

Android 8 Oreo update has changed the game by shooting up the boot time for common tasks up to 2X faster, eventually, saving plenty of time. It also allows the device to reduce the background activity of rarely used apps and up the performance and battery life of your Android phones (LG V 30 or LG G6).

With all that power-packed performance Oreo update also has 60 new emojis to let you express your emotions better.

android oreo update for LG - faster performance

Part 2: Prepare for a safe Android 8 Oreo update (LG phones)

The possible risks involved with Android 8 Oreo update

For a safe Oreo update for LG V 30/LG G6, it is essential to back up the device data. It eliminates the risk of accidental data loss due to sudden disruption of the installation, which can be attributed to weak internet connectivity, system crash, or frozen screen, etc.

Data backup using a reliable tool

Here we bring you the most trusted solution, Dr.Fone toolkit for Android, to backup your Android device before Android Oreo update on your LG V 30/LG G6. This software application can restore a backup to any Android or iOS device. Call logs, calendars, media files, messages, apps, and app data can be backed up effortlessly using this mighty tool.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android)

One-Click to Back Up Data Before LG Oreo Update

  • It supports beyond 8000 Android devices of different make and models.
  • The tool can perform a selective exporting, backup, and restore your data within just a few clicks.
  • There is no data loss while exporting, restoring, or backing up your device data.
  • There is no fear of backup file being overwritten with this software.
  • With this tool, you have the privilege to preview your data before initiating the export, restore, or backup operation.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

Now let’s explore the step by step guide to backup your LG phone before initiating the Android 8 Oreo Update.

Step 1:  Get Dr.Fone on your computer and connect your LG phone

After installing Dr.Fone for Android on your PC, launch it and click the ‘Phone Backup’ tab. Now, get a USB cable and connect the LG phone to the computer.

update LG to android oreo - drfone

Step 2:  Allow USB Debugging on your Android device

When the connection is established successfully, you will encounter a pop-up on your mobile screen seeking USB Debugging permission. You need to allow it for USB Debugging by clicking the ‘Ok’ button. Now, you have to click ‘Backup’ so that the process will begin.

gupdate LG to android oreo - start backup

Step 3:  Choose the Backup option

From the list of supported file types, select the desired ones you want to backup or click ‘Select All’ to back up the entire device and then hit ‘Backup’.

update LG to android oreo - select items for backup

Step 4: View the backup

Take special care to keep your device connected with the computer unless the backup process is over. As soon as the process is complete, you can tap the ‘View the backup’ button to see the data you have backed up now.

update LG to android oreo - view backup

Part 3: How to do Android 8 Oreo update for LG Phones (LG V 30 / G6)

As LG has rolled out updates for Android Oreo, the LG devices are going to experience all the advantages of this update.

Here are the steps for LG phones to get Oreo Update over the air (OTA).

Step 1:  Connect your LG mobile to a strong Wi-Fi network and get it fully charged before that. Your device shouldn’t get discharged or disconnected during a software update.

Step 2:  Go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile and tap on the ‘General’ section.

Step 3:  Now, get into the ‘About Phone’ tab and tap on ‘Update Centre’ at the top of the screen and your device will search for the latest Android Oreo OTA update.

update LG to android oreo in ota

Step 4: Swipe down your mobile’s notification area and tap on ‘Software Update’ to see the pop-up window. Now click ‘Download/Install Now’ to get Oreo update on your LG device.

download and update LG to android oreo

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Part 4: Issues that may occur for LG Android 8 Oreo update

Like every firmware update, you come across various issues post Oreo update. We have listed the most common issues post-Android update with Oreo.

Charging Problems

After updating the OS to Oreo Android devices often experience charging problems.

Performance Problem

OS update sometimes leads to UI stopped error, lock, or lagging issues and gravely affect the device’s performance.

Battery Life Problem

Despite charging it with a genuine adapter, the battery keeps draining abnormally.

Bluetooth Problem

The Bluetooth problem usually crops up after the Android 8 Oreo update and prevents your device from connecting with other devices.

App Problems

Android update with Android 8.x Oreo version at times forces the apps to behave weirdly.

Here are solutions to app problems:

Random Reboots

Sometimes your device might randomly reboot or have boot loop while you are in the mid of something or even when it’s not in use.

Wi-Fi Problems

Post update, you can also experience some aftermaths on the Wi-Fi as it may respond abnormally or may not respond at all.

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