Beginners Guide: How to Use Android Auto Backup

Google is marvelous! Why are we saying this? Because it has launched a system called auto backup on its Android operating system. So you're entitled to privileged for having many things backed up automatically with this feature of Android. 

Google derive takes care of all your automatically backed up data.  

google auto backup

From the image above, you can see that the auto backup feature can back up photos and videos too.

Part 1: What is Android Auto Backup?

Now question comes what is exactly Android auto backup? Yes, we're now disclosing information about this. 

This is a feature that can keep auto backup Android for future use. Really, you won't have to be afraid of your important data for loss as the Auto back up automatically backs up your apps data, settings and login information so that if you shift from your old Android device to new one, all your information will be kept intact after signing in into your new device. 

You can backup varieties of things like auto backup picture Android with this auto backup feature. 

It's really bothering some to set up all your preferred settings on a new Android device every time you purchase one. So Android auto backup is a blessing for all Android lovers. 

So in an auto backup mode, your Google account becomes the information center as all the information is gathered there. 

Part 2: How to Setup Android Auto Backup?

Now we'll show you how to setup the auto backup android. With this method, you can also auto backup pictures Android. So let's see the steps on setting auto backup -

1. First of all, you'll have to run the Google drive on your Android device. Check whether you're logged in with your Gmail account or not. If not, do it now with your default Gmail account. 

2. Then click on "Settings" button. 

set up android auto backup

3. Now from the next window, press on "Backup & Reset" tab.

set up android auto backup

4. Then, swipe the tab of "Back Up My Data" right to turn the auto backup on. 

Now if you would like to see which data have been backed up with the auto backup system, you can do so by going to "Manage backup" tab. This tab will show all your backed up apps so that you can manage them. 

So in this easy way you can opt in for Android auto backup feature. This is very simple and at the same time very quick process. You have to make sure that the auto backup is turned on in order to utilize this feature. 

Part 3: How to Delete Auto Backup Pictures?

In this part, you'll see how to delete automatically backed up pictures from your Google drive. So read on this to learn about deleting auto backup pictures Android. Following the steps below, you could easily delete the backed up images.

1. The first thing that you need to do is to visit Google on your Android device.

2. Then go to "Sync Settings". This is a crucial stage for the process of backed up image deletion.

delete pictures from android auto backup

3. Now you see that the top box is for "Sync Google+ Photos". Remove the check from the box.

4. Now this is the stage to delete the gallery cache data. To do so, follow this: Settings > Application manager > Gallery.

delete pictures from android auto backup 

5. From the Gallery section, press on the "Clear data" button. It will clear the cache data. 

6. Finally, restart your Android device and you'll see that there's no backed up photos there. 

Part 4: 3 Tips for Using Android Auto Backup

In this part, we will give you 3 important tips when you use Android auto backup. We hope that these tips will make aware of the feature and its limitations. So you could avoid lots of shortcomings from this system.

Tip 1. Keep the WiFi or Mobile Data On

It is mandatory to keep the WiFi or internet connection on for taking the auto backup of your Android data. So you can't expect to have your data backed up if you don't turn on your internet on your device. This feature can be active over internet connection. 

Tip 2. Keep Charging Your Device

This is another important tip for making the auto backup doable because without charging, your auto backup feature won't be turned on. 

Tip 3. Keep Your Android Device Idle for 1 Hour

To make the auto makeup start, you'll need to keep your device idle for at least 1 hour. The auto backup feature doesn't work on a running phone, so you should stop using your device in order to start auto back up. 

So here are the three tips together WiFi/Internet connection + Charging + Keeping Idle.

If you miss to follow any of the mentioned three things, you can't expect to have your auto backup active. So be careful and follow these 3 tips.

Sometimes you may see that your Android device is not backed up with the up to date data. This might happen because of missing any of the three elementary things. So you must not go for factory reset your device without making sure that you've did the three things previously. 

Sp the whole day's data backup is usually happens when the three things meet together. 

You see that the Android auto back up feature on latest Android OS has brought us many blessings for keeping our important data secure. Though there are some bindings for making use of the feature, the ultimate benefit of it is too much. So Android Auto Backup is really a boon for us. Nice gift from Google. Thank you so much Google for your great contribution. 

So turn the auto backup mode on when you start using a new Android device. 

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