Android Cloud Backup: 8 best Cloud Backup Services

The era we are living in is an era taking us to the cloud storage, which would surely become a must have service for everybody. Whether you are an Apple, Windows or Android user, cloud storage is going to be ‘a must’ for you. Cloud storage is way more efficient than any other storage that won’t take up your own storage anywhere and wouldn’t let you lack memory as well. With the help of cloud storage you will not have to carry any hard drive for taking the data to the different places. Moreover, the SD cards and even the internal memory storage trend is fading out now. Cloud storage is taking the place of these storages. Here we are going to discuss 8 best Android cloud backup services for you.

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Part 1: Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is the top most loved cloud storage. It has two flavours. One is Unlimited Photos and the other is Unlimited Everything. This clearly depicts the meaning of both of the flavours. You can buy a very huge storage except for if you want extra space other than the available free storage provided. It can be used easily for getting a cloud backup android service.

amazon cloud drive

Download the app and create an account. The steps will let you create the folders in which you want your data to be copied.

Part 2: Box

Box is an app that provides the service of cloud storage for android devices. The services are available free but user has to pay for getting more space. But the rates are really low for the users to afford. Download this app from the app store and create an account.


It will let you keep the backup of the different files you want and will keep updating the files you already stored. You can see them at any time, at any place, and can edit them as well.

Part 3: One Drive

OneDrive is brought to us by Windows. It is one of the best cloud storage services one can ever have in his smart phone, and especially when you are looking for cloud storage for Android. This storage is designed to work with the Microsoft products like Excel, Word, Power Point. Windows has provided its free App on the Google App store. OneDrive integrates with the Android devices as well. If you frequently use the Microsoft files, then this cloud storage service for android is one of the best services. Other than the Microsoft files, Android users can have their camera backup on OneDrive as well. For camera backup, at least Android 4.0 is compulsory.

Simply download the app from the google app store and sign in to the application. You will see an Add option in the drop down menu which will let you add the files to the cloud storage.


For downloading the uploaded files, simply open the folder in which you stored your required files and select them to download them to your android device.

Part 4: Copy

Copy is a very less known cloud storage available but it’s quite good for the android users. It is a very simple app to use. You can back up all of your files to this cloud storage.


Moreover, it gives its users a feature from which the files on your android device will automatically be copied to this storage. Other than the storage, it lets you stream your videos, audios, and the pictures direct to the TV. Download the app and start backing up your data.

Part 5: Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the very popular cloud storage services all over the world. Google drive works perfectly for all types of files and give a huge space to its users to copy their files from smartphone to this cloud storage. This is very easy to use as it gives its users many different facilities like sharing and editing their own files on the drive.

google drive

Download the app on your android handset and login to your google account. This is all you need to do and it will show you the area for uploading the files.

Part 6: DropBox

Dropbox has been a famous cloud storage among the people. But this is best for the small files. It gives you 12GB space to share and backup your images and videos on this storage. But if the user wants an additional space, he would have to earn it by buying it. Dropbox is very fast, efficient and secure for you to store your pictures and videos in no time.


For using this cloud storage, download the application from google app store and sign in to it. There your drop box is! For uploading the files, tap the menu and select upload. It will ask you the file type you want to upload. Select the type and then the file. All the files are easily shown on the Dropbox, and you can share them too with your friends.

Part 7: MediaFire

As the name suggests, MediaFire is perfect for storing the media files. It offers its customers up to 50GB free storage space but provide the user with 12GB on a sign up. The rest of the space is either earned or bought by the user. The menu of MediaFire app is a bit confusing for the normal people to understand but once they have gone through each process, they would understand it easily then.


Download it from google App store and start backing up your videos and pictures.

Part 8: Mega

Mega gives 50 GB of capacity for nothing out of pocket, making it one of the best free distributed storage applications on Android. All that you transfer is scrambled and the encryption keys stay with the client, so there are no worries over security.


You can even synchronize your camera specifically to your record to naturally acquire a duplicate of the pictures and recordings when you interface it. Until further notice, it is really fundamental, however it ought to be redesigned soon.

This is all from our side about the 8 best cloud backups. Choose the one which fulfills your need. Please, let us know about your experience of using anyone of them.  

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dr.fone - Backup & Restore (Android)

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dr.fone - Recover (Android)

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