Top 6 Android Root File Managers

Android Root means gaining the privileged access, which is similar to run programs as administrator in Windows. Without rooting, you can only play with the settings of your phone or tablet up to an extent. Once you root your phone or tablet, you can do whatever you want, like uninstall unwanted bloatware, flash custom ROM, update Android version, backup your phone and tablet, block ads, and do more things. Just root your Android phone or tablet, and can't wait to take control of your Android life? Here are top 5 Android root file managers, designed for managing files after you root your phone or tablet.

dr.fone - Transfer, Best PC-based Android Manager for Files and Apps

Now you have rooted your Android and want to manage it with a proper file manager? Here, we recommend you an all-in-one software named dr.fone- Transfer for both Windows and Mac users. Apart from transferring files between any devices, like between Android and PC and between Android phones, it can be used for installing, exporting and uninstalling apps.

dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

Best File and App Manager for Rooted Android

  • Manage all the files on your Android
  • Installing and uninstalling your apps (including system apps) in batches
  • Manage SMS messages on your Android including sending messages from PC
  • Manage your Android music on computer.
  • Fully compatible with Android 8.0.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,683,542 people have downloaded it

You can use dr.fone - Transfer to effectively manage files and apps on rooted Android, like uninstalling apps.

android root file manager - dr.fone

Root Manager File Explorer PRO

It is a great root file manager for rooted Android phones. By using this app, you can browse, modify or delete all the files in your system. For several reasons, you might need to access and modify the root files. However, this facility is only available in the paid version of this app. The unpaid version works just like a basic file manager.


  • Explore .apk, .rar, .zip, and .jar files.
  • Modify any type of file.
  • View SQLite database files.
  • Execute scripts as well.
  • The file access permission modifier is available.
  • Search, bookmark, and send files.
  • View APK file as a binary file using the XML viewer provided.
  • Shortcuts can be created.
  • MD5.


  • If you are not satisfied with the pro version, you can ask for a refund within 24 hrs from the time of purchasing.
  • You can open any file using the “open with” facility.
  • It prompts to overwrite file while copying if those files are already available in the destination folder.

best root file manager for android

Root Manager - Lite

It is an unpaid version of the previous app. It also allows you to perform several tasks of great importance.


  • Explore the APK, RAR, ZIP, JAR and many more file types.
  • Read SQL database file as it has SQLite database viewer.
  • Create and extract tar/gzip files.
  • Multi-select, search and mount options are available.
  • View APK files in terms of binary XML files.
  • Change the file owner.
  • Execute scripts.
  • Bookmark the file inside the viewer.
  • Open with facility is available.
  • Show hidden files and image thumbnails.


  • Smooth app. No extra load on CPU.
  • No advertisement. Just some features are disabled in the unpaid version.
  • Small in size, just 835KB space.


  • You cannot lock the app with a pin.

top root file manager for android

Root Explorer (File Manager)

It is a great root manager for Android. It can access the whole Android file system, including the data folder. It has been used by more than 16,000 users all around the world and it has also a very good rating on the play store.


  • Multiple tabs, google drive, Dropbox, network support (SMB), SQLite database viewer, Text editor, creation and extraction of TAR/gzip, extraction of RAR archives, and many more.
  • Multi select feature.
  • Execute the scripts
  • Search, mount, bookmark facility is also added
  • Change the permission to access a file
  • APK binary XML viewer
  • Sending files is available
  • Open with facility is added
  • Create shortcuts and change the file owner?


  • Updates very frequently in marketplace.
  • Supports 24 hour refund policy.
  • Prevents the device from slipping so that the long operations are not interrupted.
  • Backs up the folders from the file manager.
  • Simple interface.
  • Streams videos from the network or cloud directly.


  • This app is a little bit heavy in terms of CPU uses.

best root file manager apps for android

Root File Manager

It is a file manager for rooted Android devices, including developers and newbies or amateurs. Through this app, you can access all Android file system and take control of your rooted phone or tablet by yourself.


  • Enable you to browse SD card, create directories, rename, copy, move, and delete the file.
  • Extract zip files.
  • Display the thumbnail of image files.
  • Share files directly from the app.
  • Open with facility is also added.
  • Available in many languages.


  • You will be getting the access to the entire file system on your Android phone or tablet.
  • The app is very small in size, just 513KB.
  • You can change the file permissions, add or remove the owner of the file.


  • This app has advertisements.
  • Many options are not available in the app.

best root android file manager

Root Manager

By using this Android root manager, you can directly boot your system into recovery mode. You can create app backup, clear the app cache and many more features are available. You can also wipe the data off your phone or tablet.


  • Remove the system app.
  • Shutdown, recovery, reboot, bootloader options are available.
  • Backup system app in the format of APK.
  • Manage data connection.
  • Manage app permissions.
  • Access the resources.
  • Mount SD cards.


  • By editing a file you can change the connectivity to umts/ hspa/ hspa+.
  • You can also change the display resolution by editing a file ro.sf.lcd_density. It can increase or decrease your LCD resolution virtually.


  • The app doesn't provide all the functionality that a file manager should provide instead it provides a lot of extra functions.

best root file manager android

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They're downloading

dr.fone - Recover (Android)

dr.fone - Recover (Android)

Recover deleted data from Android devices, SD cards and broken Android devices.

dr.fone - Root (Android)

dr.fone - Root (Android)

Root your Android devices by yourself at home to customize your device and enjoy more.

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