Best Alternatives to AppLock for Android

Of all the issues that Android device users feel are most important, the security of their device is top of that list. Our devices often hold too much sensitive information that we try to find different ways to ensure we minimize the risk of data loss. For this reason any product that promises to provide improved methods to help you secure you data.

One of the most widely used methods to secure data on Android devices is to lock certain apps that may contain sensitive data. AppLock has for a long time been the go to app to enable a lock-down of certain Apps on your device. In this article we are going to be looking at why AppLock has been popular and a few alternatives to AppLock.

Part 1. What’s AppLock for Android?

In order to understand just how AppLock can help the security of your device, it is important to understand exactly what AppLock is and how it works. AppLock is a third party application that allows Android users to create specific PIN that can be used to lock down selected apps. It is widely available and very easy to use. Some of its features include:

  • It has the ability to lock down just about any app on your device
  • The Pro-version comes with a Multi-Lock feature that allows you to add different locks to different apps
  • The Pro version also allows you to set an Auto-Lock ba_x_sed on time
  • It can also be used to lock incoming and outgoing calls
  • It also comes with an Auto restart feature that prevents apps from being killed by task killers
  • Part 2. AppLock For Android’s Reviews and Ratings

    The true test of any App is the reviews and ratings the major tech websites award it. AppLock’s popularity means that it has been tested and reviewed by some of the best. In an attempt to help you make a decision as to whether you would use AppLock or not, we have compiled the top 5 ratings from Major sites.

    1. PCMag

    In their review of AppLock PC mage gave the app a 3.5 rating saying that it is a great solution if you want to lock specific apps. The review was a detailed desc_x_ription of the tests they ran on the application but they also concluded that it does need a little bit of work to make it the best in the business. They specifically pointed out that it is very hard to seamlessly upgrade to the premium version of the app.

    2. TechAdvisor

    TechAdvisor gives a detailed review of the Application making it clear that they took the time to test every aspect of the App. They however conclude that AppLock is not a substitute for proper security on Android devices. They however say that it is a good choice for those who would rather lock certain apps as opposed to having a master password.

    3. Android Authority

    Android Authority was very generous in their rating, giving AppLock a 7.5 rating. They however say that the application’s major selling point are that it is free and easy to use. It however does come with a few misdirects that can confuse the user. Android Authority says that they found a few bugs and issues that needed to be fixed before AppLock can attain superstardom.

    4. Life Hacker

    Life Hacker was a lot more positive in its assessment of AppLock. In fact the site fell short of recommending the application for those who want a secure device. The review is however packed with useful information on just how AppLock can be beneficial to users.

    5. Google Play User Reviews

    The most important of all reviews are the ones given by regular users of the application. For this reason we thought we give you the real user ratings that Google Play Store has collected. AppLock has managed a user rating of 4.3 stars from 3,072,472 ratings in total. Most users who posted a review felt that the program was a little bit complicated to use while others felt it was less than secure.

    The Pros and Cons of using AppLock

    From these reviews we have come up with the pros and cons of using this App as a security measure just to help you make a decision.


  • It has the ability to lock specific apps
  • It allows you to create profiles
  • It is very easy to use to lock and unlock apps
  • Comes with a search feature that can be quite useful
  • Cons

  • It does come with unclear instructions during installation and use
  • It can be quite hard to upgrade to the premium version
  • Part 3. 5 Best Alternatives to AppLock for Android

    If the cons of AppLock turn you off downloading and using this Locker App, you need a secure and reliable alternative to AppLock. The following are the best 5 we have been able to find.

    1. Smart App Protector

    Download link:

    This is a wonderful app that allows you to protect your device from intruders. You can use different methods to lock the apps including pass codes, PIN, patterns and even gestures. It is also effective in monitoring intruders and even captures a screenshot of failed password attempts. It uses the front camera to capture intruders and let you know about them.

    android applock alternative

    2. Smart Lock

    Download link

    This app gives you the ability to not only lock apps but also documents and media files. You can therefore use this app to lock different things such as audio files and even photos. When you use Smart Lock to lock certain apps access to those apps is automatically denied and you cannot even uninstall the app. To uninstall, you may need to unlock the lock.

    android applock alternative

    3. Perfect App Protector

    Download link

    This one also allows for you to lock apps and even prevents you from uninstalling a locked app. It also comes with a special Stealth mode that allows users to hide certain apps from the launcher. It provides certain features as fake fingerprint scanner, screen filter and fake error pop-up.

    android applock alternative

    4. Visidon AppLock

    Download link

    This App uses facial recognition technique. It will lock any app and then use your face as the password. It also requires you to provide an alternative password in case the face recognition system fails. It also prohibits the unauthorized deletion of any application.

    android applock alternative

    5. Guest Locker

    Download link

    Seal App Locker allows you to lock down your personal data and important documents. You can lock your applications using a password and pattern. You can use different pattern or password for different apps. It also allows you to hide SMS, MMS, video clips, music and even contacts.

    android applock alternative

    AppLock can be a great app to secure your data by locking certain apps on your device. It however does have some limitations, we hope that you can find a great alternative to AppLock from the list of 5 we have outlined above.

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