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What to do when my phone keeps restarting itself?

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There is a problem that my phone keeps restarting itself.How to sovle this problem?Who can help me?

Asked on 04/29/2015 18:12 by Caleb Arbar
None of that wont work, take my advice, get a new phone because you been hacked, basically you already been spied on, they can installed apps without you knowing, add unusual files in your storage which is viruses, if you have a two way camera they probably watching you like a perv, they can reset your phone anytime unless your on wifi or on data network, pretty much they are cyber bullying you which I called it but they is might be a solution that might help, go to settings then apps then all apps and start disable all the apps that are unusual, i had the problem in about few min. ago i think its working fine so far if not ill let yall know
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Restarting helps fixing most of the minor problems faced by android phones. But if the phone starts to restart itself then that becomes a problem too. Many users have been complaining that their LG G2 automatically turns off for some time and then restarts itself after some time. This is not a major problem but as many of the users are facing it, it’s a big concern. To solve the restarting problem in your LG G2, here’s something you can do.

Solution 1-Step 1

This type of problem arises because of some apps installed in your phone put load on the processor for a long period of time. To reduce this load so that your phone does not overheat, the phone turns itself off and then restarts itself after some time.

Solution 1-Step 2

Use CPU Monitor to figure out which app is responsible for this, more is the CPU usage by any app more will be the load app is putting on the processor.

Solution 1-Step 3

Delete the responsible app and see if the problem still exist.

Solution 2-Step 1

Gmail lock screen widget could also be the reason why your phone keeps restarting.

Solution 2-Step 2

Remove this widget from your phone and this will solve the problem. 

Do not use water or any other liquid to wash off dust as it may harm the battery.


A-Removing the Gmail lock screen widget helped many users to solve this problem, but there is a chance that it might not work for you.

B-Your phone may have a hardware problem in it, if that is the case the above steps won’t help you. You have to go to a service center to get the problem solved if there is a hardware problem.

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