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4 Tips You Must Know about WhatsApp on PC

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Communication has been one of the domains that have faced major developments and updates, to bring the world closer together. Numerous communication platforms have come into existence, which each messenger software is aiming to offer unique services in contacting people all around the globe. Out of these proficient messenger platforms, WhatsApp is one of the most consumed and acknowledge social communication platforms on the Internet. With billions of users under its umbrella, WhatsApp seeks to offer a very simple and prolific system of communicating with people around the world and allowing them to chat easily with no associated charges for each message sent. However, with the progress of technology, the platform has faced changes in its dynamics. This article introduces you to several impressive details relating to WhatsApp PC along with a guide on how to use it effectively for allowing better communication across the platform with your loved ones. While WhatsApp has a lot to offer across the smartphone, the article looks forward to offering you a comprehensive understanding of its usage across the computer.

Part 1: Download and install WhatsApp for PC (WhatsApp’s official site)

Although WhatsApp has made itself available through WhatsApp Web on the PC, there are still several downsides of using that platform at large. In various cases, users prefer using the official application of WhatsApp on their PC for a better performance of the platform in communication. With no stunted messaging over the desktop, WhatsApp for PC can be the best version of connecting yourselves with people present all around the world. While saving you from managing your chats on the phone, WhatsApp for PC provides you the perfect environment where you can sit and relax on your office chair without even picking up the phone. To install the desktop application for PC, you are advised to follow these simple steps shown below.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store from the “Start Menu” of your Windows.

Step 2: Proceed towards the "Search" bar present on the right corner of the top of the window. Type in "WhatsApp Desktop" in the search and proceed.

Step 3: While opening 'WhatsApp Desktop' successfully from the search results, proceed by tapping on "Download" or "Install on My Devices" to successfully retrieve the desktop application. You can now easily communicate with people throughout the world by signing yourselves in with the phone number that is activated across WhatsApp.


Part 2: Set up WhatsApp on PC or Mac

As you are done with the download and installation of your WhatsApp Desktop application, there is a special protocol that is considered whenever setting up the application on your Mac or PC. To understand the procedure that is associated with setting up WhatsApp on PC or Mac, you need to look over these detailed steps provided as follows.

Step 1: Once you are done downloading the application, you need to proceed towards its installation. If you are on your Mac, a pop-up window will open up that would ask you to shift your WhatsApp application to the specific folder on your Mac.

Step 2: Drag the “WhatsApp” messenger icon into the ‘Applications’ folder present on the same window. Cross-check the successful transfer by opening the folder. With the application in position, launch and confirm by tapping on “Open” over the pop-up. For Windows users, they can simply launch the application after it downloads.


Step 3: Once you are done launching the application on the desktops, you need to pick up the phone and open WhatsApp on it. Tap on the “three-dots” icon if you are an Android user or “Settings” on the bottom of the screen if you are an iPhone user to open a menu on the front.

Step 4: Select "WhatsApp Web" from the available options and tap on "Scan QR Code."


Step 5: Place the camera in position, aligning with the QR Code emerging on the screen of your desktop. This would simply set up your WhatsApp on the PC or Mac.

Part 3: How to make a video call on PC

WhatsApp is not only known for simple communication but a platform where you can connect with people through voice chat and video chat. WhatsApp offers you a very easy system for video, calling your loved ones on the smartphone. However, when the question arises on making a video call on a PC using WhatsApp, it may not be quite straightforward as found in smartphones. For this, the use of emulators is to be taken into consideration. While you figure out the best emulator that would serve the purpose of a smooth video call, you need to focus on ensuring a video call across your PC by looking over the following steps.

Step 1: Initially, you need to download any trusted Android emulator from the Internet and have it installed successfully across your desktop.

Step 2: Conversely, you are required to download the WhatsApp Desktop version on your PC. With the emulator under-functioning, you need to download the .apk file of the application to proceed to its installation.


Step 3: With the installation underway, you need to follow the on-screen instructions that pop-up while setting up WhatsApp across the emulator. These instructions include entering your phone number, allowing permissions such as file transfer, and using a camera and microphones on the computer.

Step 4: It is recommended to provide the specific phone number that is connected across your smartphone while setting up WhatsApp on the emulator. Lookup for a contact, open their chat, and simply initiate a video call by tapping on the icon present on the top of the chatbox.

Part 4: What to do when WhatsApp for PC not working? Here is an alternative!

As you look deep into the platform that provides you a functional WhatsApp for PC, several drawbacks usually prevent you from operating WhatsApp on your PC with ease. In such cases, you always look towards various alternatives that would provide you a smooth experience in operating WhatsApp across your desktop. One efficient choice under such circumstances is using mirroring applications that would provide exquisite detailing in operating WhatsApp Messenger on your device. Following this, as you lead towards realizing the saturation in mirroring applications, this article focuses on setting your differences by presenting you with Wondershare Dr.Fone, an exquisite platform for mirroring applications on your desktop with ease. Various factors would lead you to prefer MirrorGo as the primary option in mirroring platforms.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

Mirror your android device to your computer!

  • Play mobile games on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Store screenshots taken from the phone to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

Wondershare Dr.Fone offers an advanced system of mirroring applications while moving you towards larger screens for a better view and a system to control your phone using the PC peripherals with high-quality outputs. MirrorGo offers you a very clean system with an impeccable environment to control your Android device using the computer. You can easily control the applications of your smartphone with the aid of a mouse. Mirroring the Android screen onto a PC is made quite easy with MirrorGo, where you have to simply establish a USB connection with the devices for enabling a lag-free connection with no time delays. Along with that, MirrorGo offers you to simply drag and drop files from the PC onto an Android phone, allowing you to simply transfer photos, videos, and documents of all kinds among the devices. The platform also offers you a simple system of recording the screen of your mobile, making it a perfect choice in numerous cases. However, when it comes to using the platform for mirroring your Android smartphone on the PC, you need to follow these simple and straightforward steps offered below.

Step 1: Connect your Android Smartphone

As mentioned above, you need to establish a USB connection between the device and the desktop to proceed. Select the option of “Transfer Files” in the USB connection options and proceed towards the next configurations.

connect android phone to pc 2

Step 2: Accessing Debugging Mode

Following the establishment of a USB connection, you need to open the “Settings” of your smartphone and open the “Developer Options” from the “System & Updates” settings. On the emergence of the next screen, enable “USB Debugging” from the toggle adjacent to it.

connect android phone to pc 3

Step 3: Establish Mirroring Connection

A new prompt appears on the front of the screen, which demands confirmation for the establishment of a mirroring connection. Tap "Ok" to establish a successful connection to use WhatsApp on your PC.

connect android phone to pc 4


This article has featured a critical explanation of the guide that explains to you how to use WhatsApp on PC by following a series of simple steps and configurations across your device. You need to look over the article to get a better understanding of all the involved techniques.

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