How to Save Voicemails from iPhone

Saving your voicemail messages just like saving your videos, contacts or vital business files is of great importance. Furthermore, voicemails can be the difference between life and death when you consider a situation where an important message was left by someone who was in need. With this in mind, it’s highly advisable for each and every person who runs or uses an iPhone to know how to save voicemails from iPhone.

Currently, we have different methods on how to save voicemails from iPhone to various platforms such as iCloud Drive. Each and every method can be applied efficiently, and the results are fruitful. In this article, we are going to take a look at three different methods on how to save a voicemail on iPhone. Make sure that you will be in a position to effectively use each and every how to save voicemails from iPhone method as explained.

Part 1: How to Selectively Save Voicemails from iPhone to Windows or Mac

Backing up and restoring your information has been made possible thanks to dr.fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore. With this program, you can fully backup almost each and every data on your iPhone and iPad, as well as export the data to your PC or device. Unlike in iTunes or iCloud where the data is only saved, dr.fone gives you the opportunity to restore your backed up files to your device in simple steps, and with a single click of the mouse. Furthermore, the old files won't be replaced by the newly restored data. It should also be noted that you can choose to keep or delete those files that you don’t need. Another great thing is the fact that you can choose from a wide array of files such as contacts, voice memos, contacts and reminders. Depending on your preferences, you can save your files as csv, .html, or as vcard. Here is a detailed process on how you can backup your voicemail messages and different files using dr.fone.

dr.fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore

Selectively Save Voicemails from iPhone to Your Computer

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The following is a detailed method on how to save voicemail from iPhone using dr.fone.

Step 1: Connect iOS Device to PC

Launch dr.fone on your computer and tap on the "More Tools" option on the left column of your interface. With the new interface opened, choose "iOS Data Backup & Restore". Use the USB cable to connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer. In normal circumstances, dr.fone automatically detects the iOS devices.

connect dr.fone to computer

Step 2: Select Backup Files

Once the connection has been established, dr.fone will list all your files present in your iDevice. dr.fone also gives you the chance to see your recently backed up files. Your task will be to select the files you want to backup. Since our primary aim is to backup voicemail messages, our pickup choice will be "Voicemail". Check the box next to voicemail and click on the "Backup" icon.

Select to save Voicemails from iPhone

Step 3: Backing Up Process

The amount of time taken to backup your files will depend on the size of your voicemail data. If you have many files, the time required to complete the backup will take long. On the other hand, if you have a small sized folder, the time needed for backup will be less.

Save Voicemails from iPhone

Step 4: Export Backup Information

Once your backup has been completed, you can choose to export or restore your information to your device or PC. Since our main aim is to save our voicemail messages to Mac or a Windows PC, our choice of pick export our files to the computer.

Save Voicemails from iPhone to computer

Part 2: How to Save Voicemail from iPhone as a Note or Voice Memo

You can save your visual messages on your iPhone either as notes or voice memos. To save your visual voicemail messages, you need to have an iOS device as well as a network carrier that fully supports visual voicemail messages. Take note of the following steps the next time you want to save iPhone voicemail.

Step 1: Tap Phone App

On your iPhone interface, tap on the blue "Phone" icon and select "Voicemail".

Save Voicemails from iPhone as a note

Step 2: Select Messages

With your voicemail option active, tap on the message that you would want to save. Once you have done this, tap on the "Save" icon located on the right-hand side of your interface.

how to save Voicemails from iPhone

Step 3: Choose Between Voice Memos and Notes

Since iPhone gives you the opportunity to make a choice between voice memos and Notes, the moment you click on the "save" icon, you will be requested to choose between these two options. Pick your preferred choice and that’s it.

Part 3: How to Save Voicemail from iPhone to iCloud Drive

Apart from saving your visual voicemails as voice memos and notes, iPhone also gives you the opportunity to save your voicemail to iCloud. The good thing about saving your voicemails to iCloud is the fact that, as long as your iCloud account is active, you can retrieve and listen to your messages as you wish. Just like saving your voicemails as notes, the how to save voicemail from iPhone to iCloud method is simplified and easy to follow. If you want to save iPhone voicemail to iCloud, the following is a detailed method on how to save voicemails on iPhone and iCloud drive.

Step 1: Open Voicemail

For you to open your voicemail app, tap on the call button and select voicemail from your interface.

save Voicemail to iCloud

Step 2: Select Message

From your voicemail option, tap on the message that you want to save and tap on the blue "Save" icon.

save Voicemail to iCloud

Step 3: Choose Add to iCloud Drive

A new interface with a list of different saving platforms will open up. Click on the "Add to iCloud Drive" to save your message to iCloud.  

how to save Voicemail to iCloud

As we have seen in this article, different methods on how to save voicemails on iPhone are available and are easy to employ and use. With this in mind, you no longer have to worry about missing out on your most important messages just because you forgot to save them for a later date. The next time you are stuck because of your voicemails, I bet you know where to turn to if you want to know how to save voicemail from iPhone and on other different platforms.

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