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How to restore the iCloud backup to iPhone 13


Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Backup & Restore Data • Proven solutions

Most iPhone users have automatically implemented the backup option in their older iPhones. When switching to new gadgets like iPhone 13, there is a need to restore the backup files from iCloud to your new phone. This article discusses the best ways to carry out a restore of iCloud backup to iPhone 13. Restore is the process of copying the content from iCloud backup to the destination device without any data loss. You would have come across ample products to support this operation. The reliability of those tools requires analysis before selecting them.

In this context, you will explore the perfect software to perform this restore operation with utmost accuracy and at a faster rate. Do not worry to move your iCloud backup to any gadget, make few clicks for successful completion of this task.


Part 1: Official iPhone Backup - a quick recap

Before examining this process, you must learn to back up your iPhone at regular intervals to carry out the restore process in future. It is a good practice to enable the iCloud backup option without fail to protect the valuable data for a longer period. The iCloud virtual storage space helps the users to store their iPhone data precisely in a well-organized manner. There is a possibility for quick retrieval if you had practiced backup on the iCloud platform.

It is important to back up your phone data for future use. In case of any phone theft or any system updates, you might lose your phone data. The backup process helps to recover them whenever required. Protect your phone data by creating a backup at the virtual storage like iCloud. It is an effective way to store the crucial files for future recovery.

To enable the iCloud backup option in your iPhone, go to the "Settings" option in your gadget and choose your Apple ID. Then tap iCloud and enable all the options like Photos, Messages, contacts to enable the backup process. This procedure assists in the automatic backup action of your iPhone data to the iCloud storage space.


Part 2: Insightful data on iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is a top-notch model in the Apple gadget"s collections. The Pro Max version triggers the excitement of gadget lovers. This gadget works in a 5G network with Hexacore CPU and Apple GPU. It has a display made of Super Retina OLED with scratch-resistant features. The stereo speakers sound great and the fast-charging battery makes this gadget unique from the crowd. The high resolution main and selfie cameras give you a wow feel at first sight. This slim structure gadget offers flexible features operating on the iOS 15 platform. The built-in sensors like Face ID, Proximity, Barometer adds extra comforts in handling the device. The water and dust resistant property enhance the users for comfortable use. It has excellent storage and advanced voice commands with ultra-wideband support.


Part 3: Restore iCloud backup - With Reset Process

The official method includes the reset process before restoring the iCloud backup. You must erase the content in your device prior restoration procedure. This is the formal method of retrieving the backup data from the iCloud platform.

To reset your device, go to "Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase all.


Tap the above wizard to reset your device to prepare it for the restore process.

Next, for the restore procedure, you must press the "Apps and Data option from your iPhone and choose the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option. Then, type in the iCloud credentials and select the backup data that requires the restore operation.


This procedure is a formal method to access the iCloud backup data precisely. There are some shortcomings associated with this procedure. You must erase all the phone content before commencing the restore operation. Then, during the restore process, there is a possibility of data loss. The entire procedure takes more time and the data transfer occurs at a slower rate. Moreover, there is no option to perform the selective transfer in the iCloud backup. You must restore all the data available in the iCloud backup to your device without any customization options.

If you are looking for an alternative to overcome the above-discussed shortcomings then Dr Fone - Phone backup tool is a perfect choice. You can scroll down to take a quick synopsis about this application.

Part 4: How to restore the iCloud backup to iPhone using Dr Fone?

In this section, you will study the perfect application that has optimal controls to work on the iCloud data restore process. The available iCloud backup makes a copy of its content to the desired destination device in no time. The Dr Fone application from Wondershare carries out this restore process efficiently. You do not be a technical expert to handle this platform. Few clicks are enough to transfer a huge amount of data without any loss towards the destination. It is incredible software that works without any issues. Moreover, the functionalities are in-built in this tool and you can trigger them by making a tap on its respective icons at its interface.

The fabulous application Dr Fone- Phone Backup program helps to restore the iCloud backup to iPhone. It is a sophisticated tool that provides unique solutions to your gadget needs. You can work on your phone data precisely using this excellent application. In the below section, you will learn how to use the Dr Fone app to perform the restoration operation effectively. Before going into detail on its stepwise procedure, it is high time to take a recap on the hidden features of this innovative software Dr Fone.

Awesome Features of Dr Fone Phone back up tool

  • This app can restore and backup iCloud data at a faster rate
  • Handles the phone data precisely without any data loss
  • It is compatible with all data types and you can work on large-sized media files without any issues.
  • The simple interface encourages the newbie to try this program confidently. You can restore the iCloud data selectively.
  • A systematic wizard drives you to make the respective clicks according to your needs.

The Stepwise Process to restore iCloud data to iPhone 13 using Dr Fone - Phone Backup Module.

Step 1: Install the application

Visit the official website of Dr Fone and download the respective version of the tool based on the system OS. You can either choose the Windows or Mac version and make a quick download. Install the application by following the instruction wizard and finally launch the app by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step 2: Choose Phone back up

On the home screen, choose the "Phone Backup" option from the displayed items. Then, connect your iPhone 13 with the PC using a reliable USB cable. Make this connection firm throughout the restore process to avoid data loss issues.


Step 3: Select "Restore"

There are two options available on the screen stating "Restore" and "Backup". Tap the "Restore" button to begin the iCloud restoration process. You can press the "Back up" option to create a backup of your phone data with the connected system. Like the restore process, you can select the desired data to carry out the backup process and follow up with the wizard to complete the procedure successfully. You must create a backup with the PC using Dr Fone before commencing the restore process.


Step 4: Choose the files and restore

Next, choose the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option available on the left side of the screen. The Dr Fone app displays the available backup data. Choose the desired files from the list and press the "Next button. Select the files by enabling the check-in boxes of each item on the left side of the screen. Finally, tap the "Export to PC" or "Restore to Device" button available at the bottom right side of the screen to complete the restore operation.

Enter the required location path in the "Export Location" text box to save the backup files precisely.


You must wait for few minutes until the restoration process completes. The selected files are available on your device. Disconnect the gadget and check whether the chosen iCloud files are available on your iPhone.


The Dr Fone -Phone backup module has guided you to restore the iCloud backup on the desired iPhone 13 swiftly. The entire process completes in few minutes and you do not have to spare more time on it.


Thus, in this article, you had learnt how to restore the iCloud backup to iPhone 13 precisely. You had witnessed two methods. The first method includes the reset process whereas the other is by employing a third-party software Dr Fone - Phone backup tool. The latter one does not require any reset operations. It is an effective way of restoring the iCloud backup to the iPhone 13. You can select the required backup data for the restoration process in this method. The selective data transfer using Dr Fone - Phone backup tool seems to be one of its impressive features. Choose Dr Fone application as a complete solution for your phone needs. It provides efficient performance and you can rely on o it without any hesitation. Stay connected with this article to explore the enhanced features of the Dr Fone tool.

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