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How To Restore Backups To iPhone 13


Mar 31, 2022 • Filed to: Backup Data between Phone & PC • Proven solutions

When you are planning to upgrade your iPhone or wish to buy a new iPhone 13, it is essential to restore the backup from the old phone. The latest iPhone 13 was released on 11 September 2021 and offered many new features.

There are many other reasons to restore backups to iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or older versions. For example, you may lose data during iPhone repair, accidentally erase essential files from your phone, or data loss after an iOS upgrade.

Therefore, you should always take the regular updates of your phone and restore them when needed. In this article, we have discussed the various ways to convert backups to iPhone 13.

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Part 1: Restore Backup iPhone 13 with Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

Backup and the restoration of the iPhone 13 are a need of time to keep your files safe and secure. So if you are looking for the safest, quickest, and easiest way to restore backup iPhone 13, then Dr.Fone-Phone Backup (iOS) is an excellent option for you.

Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) is an excellent tool for both restore and backup. You can entirely rely on it as per your needs. It is a versatile tool that is easy to use, and you can take backup and restore files in one click.

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Here are some other reasons to choose Dr.fone – Phone Backup (iOS)

  • It offers one click to backup iPhone13, iPhone11, iPhone12, etc., to your system.
  • You can easily preview and restore any item, any file, or data from the backup to iOS devices (iPhone13).
  • It allows you to restore iCloud/iTunes backups to iPhone/iPad selectively. It means you have the option to select the backup data that you want to restore. This process is quick and fast.
  • There will be no data loss on your devices during the transfer, backup, and restoration. It means you can use this tool without getting worried about the important data in your device.

The process of restoration is very fast and helps you save a lot of time. Let's check out the steps to back up the iPhone data with Dr.Fone-Phone Backup(iOS)

Step 1. Connect iPhone 13 to System

First, you will need to connect your iPhone 13 with the computer. Now, launch the Dr.Fone on your system and choose the Phone Backup option from the list.

connect to pc

No, Dr.Fone supports all data types for backup, including privacy data, social App data, and more.

You will need to choose the Device Data Backup & Restore.

Step 2. Choose the File Types to Backup

After selecting the "Device Data Backup & Restore," Dr.Fone will automatically detect all file types on your old iOS device, and you can choose what file types to backup.

choose files to backup

After this, click on the "Backup." You can also tap on the folder icon to customize the backup.

The complete backup process will take only a few minutes.

Step 3. View What's Backed Up

When you complete the backup of the old iOS device, you can click "View Backup History" to view all the backup history.

view the backup

Now, let's see the steps to restore the backup to the new iPhone 13:

Step 1. Select the backup file

Now, after you take backup on the system, restore it to the new iPhone 13. For this, connect the new iPhone 13 to the system, and click on "Restore".

You can see the view backup option, so click on it to view the backup list.

Now, the Dr.Fone will display the backup history, now, from it, just choose the backup file you need and tap on the "View button" next to the backup file.

Step 2. Restore the backup file


Once you click the "View," the tool will display the backup data in the backup file.

After you see the files you need, choose few files to proceed to the next step. If you want to restore the files to iPhone 13, select the desired files and tab on Restore to Device.

Just in a few seconds, you will have these files on your new iPhone 13.

Part 2: Restore iPhone 13 using iCloud

You can restore the iPhone 13 from the recent backup of your iPhone. When you are switching from old iOS to new or want to update to a new iPhone, then you will need to follow the following steps to restore the backup with iCloud.

Once you've started your new iPhone 13 or have reset it, follow the below steps:

  • You see the "hello" screen; press the home button on your iPhone 13.
  • Now, it is the time to choose the language.
  • After this, select the country or region.
  • Select the Wi-fi network and sign into it.
  • Enable or disable the location Services and set up Touch ID on your new iPhone 13.
  • Now, when you see the "Apps and Data" screen, click on the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option.
  • After this, type your Apple ID and password. Also, agree to the Terms and Conditions to move to the next step.
  • Finally, choose the backup that you wish to use to restore iPhone 13.
  • Click on the show all backups to view the older backups on iCloud.
  • With this, you can restore the desired backup on your new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro, or iPhone 13 pro max.

The drawback of using iCloud

  • To restore iPhone 13 from backup, the device should be connected to the Wi-Fi network because you can't restore the backup on cellular data.
  • It may take a lot of time to restore backups to iPhone 13 with iCloud, as everything will depend upon your storage.
  • If the restore process is not completed, you have to follow all the above-mentioned steps again. This takes a lot of time and can be stressful for you.

Part 3: Restore from Backup Using Computer or MacBook

Are you using a PC or MacBook to backup your iOS devices? If yes, then you can restore it using the computer. Here are the steps that you will need to follow to restore backups to iPhone 13 using the system:

How to restore backup On Mac

With macOS Catalina, Apple replaced iTunes with the Music app. It means backing up and restoring the iOS 15 devices using your system becomes easy under the Finder.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, you will need to open the Finder.
  • Now, connect your iPhone 13 using a USB or lightning cable with the Mac.
  • Now, when you see a message asking passcode for your device or Trust This Computer, follow the steps you see on the screen.
  • It is time to choose your iPhone 13 in the Finder window.
  • Now, select the "Restore Backup" option.
  • After this, choose the most recent backup and click "Restore."

With the above steps, your Mac will restore iPhone 13 using backup files your desired or requested.

But make sure if you want to use Mac for restore backup, there should be a backup of your iOS device either on iCloud or on your system.

How to restore backup On Windows

Are you using Windows and want to restore backups on Windows for your iPhone 13? If yes, then you are lucky because Apple still offers iTunes app for Windows 10.

You will need to follow the following steps to restore backup iPhone 13 on Windows.

  • First, you will need to open iTunes on your system or PC.
  • Now, connect your PC with iPhone 13 using a USB cable.
  • Now, you may see a message asking for your iOS device passcode or trust this computer. You need to follow the onscreen steps for this.
  • After this, follow your iPhone 13 in the search bar of the system.
  • Finally, select to restore a backup. And, again choose the most recent backup. Last, click on the restore icon.
  • This is how you are able to restore backups to iPhone 13 with the help of your system.

Drawbacks of using Windows for restoration

  • It is possible that Windows are slow and may get slow while restoring backup iPhone 13.
  • The process may take more time.
  • You may find it challenging to connect your iOS device with Windows.

So, all in all, if you want to restore backup iPhone 13, then Dr.Fone-Phone Backup(iOS) is one of the best options for you. It is an easy-to-use, safe, and quick way to get your backup from the old iOS device to the new iPhone 13.


iOS 15 would bring you a brand-new experience on iPhone 13 and older versions. But, it is important for you to take backup of your old iPhone so that you can restore backup on iPhone 13. By doing so, switching a phone will not be difficult for you as you are able to restore the backup and can be stress-free about the loss of your important data.

Dr.Fone-Phone Backup(iOS) would give you the best experience. It is the best restore backups to iPhone 13 software and protects your new iPhone 13 pro, 13 mini, or 13 pro max in the easiest and safest way. Try it now!

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