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How to Migrate G Suite to Office 365?

Feb 04, 2021 • Filed to: Cloud Management Solution • Proven solutions


We all know that there are a lot of common things between G Suite and Office 365.

Sometimes, deciding which is better out of G Suite and Office 365 for your business email address can be overwhelming.

migrate G Suite Office 365

But we are there for you.

First of all, you should note that G Suite is web-based. If you have a business website, it becomes very important for you to have a business email address that looks professional. Now, let us talk about what Office 365 actually consists of.

From Word, Excel, Skype, OneDrive to PowerPoint, and Microsoft's other apps, these are all a part of Office 365.

The reason why many organizations prefer Office 365 is because it allows them the liberty to send, obtain, and edit the files conveniently.

Also, there are a lot of additional features in Office 365 apps. Let us talk about such facts in much more detail.

Why Migrate G Suite to Office 365?

suite to office365

There are a lot of benefits of switching over from G Suite to Office 365. First of all, you should understand Officer 365 is most appropriate for business enterprises because most of the employees are familiar with the Office 365 apps, so you don’t need to invest time training them.

Also, since Office 365 gives the ability to work offline, it can really impact the employees' overall productivity as they are less likely to get distracted.

Considering the fact that Office 365 provides better customization and security measures, go through the steps given below to migrate from G Suite to 365.

How to do G Suite to Office 365 Migration?

transfer g suite to office365

First of all, you should note that there is a G Suite migration tool that allows users to migrate from G Suite to Office 365. It is a very useful and efficient tool that can help you with data migration as an organization.

So, let us discuss the steps involved to migrate g suite to office 365.

Step 1: Firstly, you are required to get your domain verified to Office 365.

As you set up Office 365, it is necessary to follow the domain verification process.

Now, you should select your domain registrar.

Step 2: In step, you’ll have to add users, you can either have one user or multiple users, as per your requirement. However, you need to be aware that adding users to Office 365 means that you are adding licenses to them at the same time. Don’t set up your domain, unless your Gmail id has been transferred to the Microsoft 365.

Before adding users, you must ensure that each of the users you want to add has an Office 365 mailbox.

adding users

Step 3: Now, you should create a list in an excel file of all the Gmail Mailboxes that you wish to move from g suite to office 365.

After logging in to the Admin Console of G Suite, click on Users and select the user whose email you want to note.

After signing in the Admin Centre of Office 365, click on Users and select Active Users. Now, see the column ‘username’. Go to excel and create the first column called ‘Email Address’, create a second column called ‘Username’, and the last one should be a column called ‘Password’.

admin centre office365

Step 4: After filling the information, save the excel file.

Step 5: With Migration Endpoint's help, you will be required to connect Office 365 to Gmail.

migration endpoint

Step 6: Next, a Migration Batch is used for migrating Gmail mailboxes to Office 365.

migration mailboxes office365

Step 7: Next, you should perform the crucial step of updating the DNS record or MX record for your domain.

updating dns zone editor

Step 8: After performing the above-given steps successfully, you will be required to make sure that you are receiving all the emails on Office 365. Then, after verifying, you should delete the Migration batch. Last, ensure that you terminate the synchronism between Gmail and Microsoft 365.

receive email oiice365

If you follow this process in a detailed manner, you'll migrate g suite to office 365.

Migrate G Suite Vs. Office 365 - What to Know

Both G Suite and Office 365 products are being used by millions worldwide. G Suite started in 2019, has five million users, and most of these are SMEs. The G Suite helped them to become more organized and productive.

On the other hand, Office 365 has an enormous client base, over 180 million users, including diverse sizes and complexities. With all due respect, Office 365 offers more efficiency and productivity than G Suite.

Is Office 365 better than G Suite? There is no clear-cut answer:-

Gsuite vs office365

Office 365 has several advanced security features in comparison to the G Suite. This, in fact, the biggest USP of the software. It has a myriad of highly customized security features, offering full-suite protection against malware and phishing activities. G Suite, on the other hand, has numerous limitations when it comes to security. With G Suite, you probably require a third-party tool.

Office 365 has more family of use; it ranges from Word, Excel to PowerPoint for processing, and managing it. Since the design is very much familiar, you don't have to use training to use it.

Office 365 is better online, as you can use the traditional Office 365 desktop applications. Later, these files can be synced with Office 365. It is much more effective than setting up Google do


So, we have reached the end of this article. We hope that this article was insightful, and you got valid reasons to switch from G Suite to Office 365. We have also provided you with a convenient way to migrate; you should carefully follow each step for a successful migration.

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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