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How to Move Files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

Oct 26, 2020 • Filed to: Cloud Management Solution • Proven solutions


Cloud storage is a good option to keep your files safe in the form of backup. It allows you to store a large number of files. You can pay and get enough cloud storage to keep backup of your files. This is the reason why Dropbox and Google Drive are so popular.

But many face difficulties when they have to move files from Dropbox to Google drive. If you are finding it difficult too. No worries, we are here with some simple techniques on how to move files from Dropbox to google drive.

move files from Dropbox to Google Drive

Part 1: Why Move Files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

Both Dropbox and Google Drive are one of the best in their respective fields. They both provide you with an ability to store files on cloud storage. You can use as much storage you need on both platforms. Where Google Drive provides you with free storage of 15GB with Google account. Dropbox basic provides you with 2GB of free storage.

Once this space is completely occupied you can buy more storage on both platforms. Although both platforms provide you with top features, many want to migrate files from dropbox to google drive. If you are thinking about the same and are confused, let us discuss why move files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

1. Price: If cost matters to you a lot Google Drive is the best option to go with. Google drive is more affordable than Dropbox. Google storage provides you 100GB of storage for just $1.99/month and 2TB for just $9.99/month. On the other hand, when you exceeded the 2GB of free storage limit on Dropbox. You need to pay at least $9.99/month for 1TB with plus (If paid annually).

2. Good choice for Google apps and Gmail users: If you are already using Gmail and Google Apps for your business or for personal use, Google Drive is the best choice. Since the time, Google has provided a user, the ability to store any type of files on Google Drive, Dropbox is not a match anymore. Now you can add any file type and keep them all on a single platform. You can access them anytime you need from both the iOS and Android platforms.

Now You need not use Both Google Drive and Dropbox for managing your Microsoft files, Images, PDFs, and other doc files. Google Drive provides you all at a single platform.

3. Permissions: When it comes to permissions both Google Drive and Dropbox use encryption technology. Both of these platforms provide you with two-factor authentication.

But when it comes to managing 10 members or more for your business or company, and if all were using Google Apps for business. There is no match for Google Drive. This is so because Google Drive accounts are tied to each user account in Google Apps.

Moreover, Google Apps provides you with group-level permissions that include Gmail, Drive, Docs, and so on. This gives you an opportunity to organize your team into groups. This means the moment you add a team member, Google will automatically grant access to various documents and folders.

4. Integration: Google allows developers to create applications that on a later stage can be easily integrated with Google Drive. This will help in enhancing the functionality of the apps. It means you can use Google Drive to save flowchart and mind map documents that are created with Lucid chart. You can save these directly to Google Drive folders.

It means a great opportunity for those, who need data sharing using both Google Drive and Dropbox.

Part 2: How to Transfer Dropbox Files to Google Drive?

There are many instances when you are not satisfied with one platform and you want to switch to another. Dropbox and Google Drive are such platforms where competition is high.

If you have made up your mind to switch from Dropbox to Google Drive and are wondering about how do I transfer files from dropbox to google drive? Your search ends here as we are going to present you an easy and step by step technique on transferring mega files to google drive.

“Well, for this you just need to download files to your computer by signing into your Dropbox account. Then you need to upload the same files by signing into your Google Drive account.”

Let us discuss the same process in detail.

Step 1: Start off by going to the Dropbox website and log in to your respective account. On the left panel of the screen, you will find the ‘My Files’ option. Click on that and all your files will be displayed to you.

click on “Download”

Step 2: Select the ones that you want to transfer to Google Drive and go for the ‘Download’ Option. The downloading process will kick in immediately and based on the number of files and internet speed, they take time to complete.

click on “Upload files”

Step 3: Go to Google Drive and log in to your account. Here, you will find ‘My Drive’ option on the left panel. Choose between the ‘Upload Files’ or ‘Upload Folder’ options. Navigate to the location where you have previously downloaded your files from Dropbox and select them. Now, these will upload to Google Drive.

There is another convenient way to transfer or migrate your files from Dropbox to Google Drive. You can also use the quick services of Wondershare InClowdz. Start off by creating a new account with the sharing platform if you don’t already have it.

Step 1 - Log in to your account and opt for the ‘Add Cloud Drive’ option from the ‘Migrate’ Module that you will find on the display screen

inclowdz 2

Step 2 - Set up your ‘Source Cloud Drive’ by choosing the Dropbox account from where you want to move content and the one you want to send the files to as ‘Target Cloud Drive’ - which is Google Drive in this case.

inclowdz 5

Step 3 - Tap on the ‘choice box’ if you want to send all the files in Source or you can even send selective files. Choose the ‘migrate’ option to initiate the process of sharing or moving.

inclowdz 6

It takes different time to move the files which solely depends on Network speed and size of your files.

inclowdz 8

Part 3: Google Drive using Tips

1. Use Keyboard shortcuts: If you love to use the keyboard then here are some keyboard shortcuts for you.

  • Shift + t = Create new document
  • Shift + p = Create new presentation
  • Shift + s = Create new spreadsheet

If you want to use all shortcuts then you can have a look at the full list of shortcuts by pressing the gear icon. It is present on the top left corner. Once clicked choose “Keyboard Shortcuts” from the drop-down menu. You can also have access to the list by pressing “Shift + /” or “Ctrl + /” on Windows OS and “⌘ + /”on Mac OS.

2. Save web content like images to the Google Drive: There is a browser extension with the name “Save to Google Drive”. It lets you add images, documents, links, HTML5 audio, video files, etc to Google Drive with a right-click.

For this download, Google’s a free browser extension. Then right-click on the web content that you want to save and select “Save to Google Drive” as shown.

select “Save Image to Google Drive”

3. Offline viewing and editing: If you want to view and edit offline, then you must have Google chrome browser. For enabling this setting, go to Google Drive on your web browser and click on the settings. It will be a gear icon. Now you have to simply click in the box next to “Offline” as shown and choose “Done”.

click in the box next to “Offline”

4. File encryption: Whenever you are uploading your files or data on Google Drive you must be aware of encryption. It keeps your files or data safe. Actually, Google Drive provides you an opportunity to encrypt your data. You can do this by simply adding the “Secure File Encryption” Drive add-on. Once added open it and click on the “New” button. Now click on the “More” and go with “Secure File encryption” from the menu.

secure file encryption

5. Save Data quickly: Google Drive provides you an opportunity to scan documents and receipts directly. You can do this easily by using Google Drive app for Android. For this just open the app and click on the “+” symbol. Now go for the “Scan” option. For saving time, long-press the “Scan” option from your home screen. When you do this, the Drive will save your image in the form of a PDF. The good thing about this is, the image is saved in the form of text-searchable PDF, thus making it easy for you to find it, in the future.

select “Scan”


When it comes to migrating files from dropbox to google drive there are certain reasons and techniques behind this. When it comes to reasons it is obvious that Google Drive is providing more in comparison to Dropbox. Some of the most obvious reasons are presented to you here. When it comes to, how to copy files from dropbox to google drive or how to move files from dropbox to google drive a simple and effective technique is presented to you.

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