How Can I Delete Unwanted Contact from iCloud?

iCloud is very popular these days. It is a useful service that can save, protect your files and help you share them with your friends. It is very easy to use iCloud because all Apple devices have it integrated into their OS. Sadly, there is one problem. As you may believe, the biggest is duplicated contacts. It happens to a lot of people every day. It is annoying and time consuming. Sadly, Apple refuses to give us ''one click deleting'' feature. This means that you will need a bit of your time in order to delete duplicated contacts.

Part 1. Delete duplicated contacts from iCloud at once

The best solution is to merge duplicated contacts. When you are done, iCloud will sync with your devices and all duplicates will be removed. It is an easy tutorial that requires a few minutes of your time. Of course, you can search manually and delete duplicated contacts. This is a safer way, because you can check all information, but you will need a lot of time.

The first step is to open the Address Book on your Mac computer. You can access the Address Book from any iOS device. If you are new to Apple devices, you should know that Address Book is an application that contains all your contacts.

Click on Card tab and choose the Locate the Duplicates. This option should find all duplicated contacts in your Address Book. Also, you should check this even if you think that you don't have duplicated contacts.

When the process is done, click on the Merge button. This will merge all duplicated contacts. Next time when iCloud sync, it will delete these contacts from other devices.

When you are finished, you can repeat the process so you make sure there are no duplicated contacts. Experts recommend that you check for duplicates at least once a month. This will eliminate possible mistakes, when you want to share a file with your friends. Luckily for you, this is an easy task that can be completed fast.

Part 2. How to turn off iCloud contacts

If you have certain problems with your iCloud contacts, you can turn them off. You can also restart them, by turning them on after a few minutes. Anyway, if you want to turn off iCloud contacts, you will have to follow these steps. This is very easy and it requires just a few seconds.

Go to settings and locate the iCloud. Tap on it in order to get into the application. As you can see, you can delete your account as well. On the top, you will see your account information.

Contacts are usually located at the top of the list. All you need to do is to slide the small circle to the left and they will be turned off. When you want to turn them on, just slide the circle to the right.

You can also choose to delete contacts from your device. This is possible only if your data is available on and on your devices. You cannot restore deleted contacts, so be very careful. If you want to restart your contacts, just turn them on.

Part 3. iCloud keeps adding back/synching unwanted deleted contacts to my iPhone

In essence, iCloud is a big vault that is connected to all your devices. Everything you save on it, will be available only to you. Also, you can restore files and contacts if you lose your iPhone or iPad. However, a lot of users complained about iCloud adding contacts to their iPhone. Even when they delete contacts from iPhone, after restarting contacts, they are still here. The explanation is simple. You have your contacts on two places. On your iPhone and on iCloud. When you delete them from just one place, they re-appear because your iPhone and iCloud are connected. This process is called synchronization (sync). The solution is to delete contacts from both, iPhone and iCloud and sync them. When you do this, unwanted contacts will be permanently deleted. All you need to do is to follow these steps.

Go to iCloud settings, via your phone or Mac and turn off sync. This is very easy to do. All you need to do is to move slide to the left. This will prevent iCloud from ''copying' 'contacts to your iPhone. Now, you can delete your contacts from Mac or keep them.

Log to iCloud and go to Contacts. Find a contact you want to remove and delete it. Repeat this for all unwanted contacts. You can also use Command or Ctrl (Windows) if you want to delete multiple contacts.

Delete all contacts from your iPhone. It is recommended to make a backup before you begin. The best way to do this is to use iTunes. It is easy and there are a lot of tutorials on how to do this. Remember that your photos, messages, calls and other files won't be affected when you delete your contacts. Also, deleted contacts cannot be restored.

Now, go to iCloud (System Preferences-iCloud) and go to contacts. Click so you turn them on. You will see a pop-up window asking you, do you want to merge contacts. Accept it and wait a few minutes. When the process is done, your iPhone will merge contacts with your iCloud account.

If you follow all steps, you will end up with the same contacts on the iPhone and on iCloud. This is the main goal of iCloud service, to have the same information on all your devices. If your deleted contacts appear again, in your iPhone, repeat the whole tutorial. If they appear again, you should update or restore your iPhone. Always restore iPhone as a new device. This eliminates the danger of files that can cause certain problems.  In some (rare) cases, iOS have certain bugs that cause this problem. On the other side, you can try to delete your iCloud account and make a new one. However, only a small number of users said that this worked for them.

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