#DeleteFacebook Timeline

The hashtag #DeleteFacebook goes viral recently. As reported, Facebook's Android app has been collecting call and text histories for long time. Your data is prabobly being used without your consent. Here's how this recent abuse of Facebook user data developed.

Facebook user data was leaked from Cambrige Analytica. Therefore Facebook suspended CA from its site.
Newspapers like NYT and The Guardian reported how CA accessed the information of tens of millions using Facebook.
Large-scale hashtag #DeleteFacebook started to spread on Twitter.
Facebook carried out the audit against Cambridge Analytica. And Guardian reporters said Facebook blocked CA story by threatening to sue them.
The UK goverment gaves pressure to Mark Zuckerberg. Then Zuckerberg broke his silence with a series of apologies.
Facebook was again reported to surreptitiously collect call and SMS data for years from Android users.
Facebook took out full-page apology ads in nine newspapers in the U.S. and U.K for the "breach in trust".
The Federal Trade Commission confirms it’s investigating Facebook.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would testify before Congress and explain how the data of 50 million users were leaked.
Companies and celebrities such as Playboy, Mozilla, Sonos, SpaceX and Tesla, Will Ferrell, Cher, etc are leaving Facebook.

Test&Win: Are you using Facebook Safely?

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1. What device do you use Facebook app on?
2. Is your Facebook emaill address used for work or personal contact too?
3. Do you constantly update what you're doing or where you are on Facebook?
4. Do you log in other Apps or online services with Facebook account?
5. Do you use the same password for your Facebook as well as other services like bank accounts, etc.?
6. Do you add your friends into different groups to customize what content they can see?
7. Do you review the posts your friends tag you before they appear on your timeline?
8. Have you prevented Facebook from detecting your face when you friends post photos.

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You value privacy very much. But we can never be too cautious with regard to online privacy protection, right? Check out and share our tips to better safeguard your Facebook privacy.

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Your Facebook account has much more personal data than you think. Actually it's not that hard to protect your Facebook privacy. We've got some easy but effective tips on this page to help you secure your Facebook account and safeguard your privacy.

How to Better Protect Your Privacy When Using Facebook?

Delete Facebook? It's actually a lot more complicated than that. And this isn't an option for everyone. Furthermore, if you are determined to delete Facebook, then you should delete other services from Facebook too, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. What's getting worse is that you may be surpurised how many apps like Airbnb, Venmo you've logged into with your Facebook account. Since it's not that easy to get rid of Facebook, it's time to learn how to better protect your privacy when using Facebok.

  • 1

    Update privacy settings

    Touch on the drop-down arrow on the top-right, go to Settings > Privacy to control the access to your posts, phone number, friend requests, etc.

  • 2

    Review posts that your friends tag you in

    You can go to Account Settings > Timeline and Tagging to add the preference to review the posts that your friends tag you before they appear on your timeline.

  • 3

    Segment friends into groups

    If you receive a friend request from someone you are not close with, mark the friend as Acquaintances so that they have limited permission.

  • 4

    Extra security settings

    Go to Settings > Security and Login, and scroll down to the "Setting Up Extra Security" part to perform extra security settings.

  • 5

    Control who sees your posts

    Go to Custom Privacy, and perform settings to make your posts visible to Friends, and hided from Acquaintances.

  • 6

    Set an extra code to access your account

    Go to Account Settings > Security to set an extra code for accessing your Facebook profile from computer and devices you have not used before.

  • 7

    Block your profile from search engines

    Go to Account Settings > Privacy. Under "Who can look me up", cancel the checkmark before "Let other search engines link to your timeline." In this way, people won't be able to find you by searching your name on search engines.

  • 8

    Stop in front of "quizzes"

    Some malicious developers use such quizzes to gather private information on Facebook users.

  • Cyber Security Threats Is More Critical Than You Think

    Facebook user data leak not just remind us Facebook privacy protection, but also alert us online security threats. Along with the development of technology, hackers pose a greater than ever to cyber security. A large number of cyberattacks, including Uber, Deloitte, Equifax, and WannaCry ransomware attack. Here are some most typical mobile device data leak and attacks.


    FinSpy on iOS and Android

    Using spear-phishing emails, FinSpy can turn on the mobile’s microphone, take screenshots, and bypass encryption on Android/iOS devices


    Factory Reset doesn't wipe data

    Avast found 40,000 photos, 750 emails and text messages, 250 contacts on 20 resetted Android phones.


    Android Leak

    20% of Android apps leak private user data


    iCloud Leak

    Hundrads of personal photos leaked due to an iCloud security issue.


    Blueborne Virus

    It affected devices connected via Bluetooth, and then take a complete control of the device.

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    • 1-Click to wipe all data from old iPhone/iPad before you dispose it.
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    dr.fone - Erase (Android)
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    • Your must-have tool before selling or donating your device.

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