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How to Download Photo from Facebook?

James Davis

May 23, 2022 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

With currently more than 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network platform. It allows you to interact with people from around the world. Apart from this it also holds a treasure trove of memories in the form of images and videos.

You can upload videos or images anytime you want. The same is the case with downloading. You can download photo from Facebook whenever you want. But many are unable to download photos from Facebook due to various reasons. If you are one of them and are facing difficulty in downloading an image, this guide is for you.

How to Download Photo from Facebook?

Well, Facebook photo download is not as difficult as it seems to be if you are having the right technique by your side. There are many official as well as unofficial techniques that let you download all Facebook photos instantly.

Although there is nothing wrong with the official techniques. As these are the best methods to download images from Facebook. It provides you with both ease and security. But the problem arises when you use a third-party app or what we generally call a professional tool.

The thing is, most Facebook image downloaders let you download photos easily with security, some cause an issue. So you are required to go with the best Facebook picture downloader.

We are going to discuss this all in detail. Let's begin with the official technique.

Method 1: Download photo from Facebook directly to Phone or Computer

This allows you to download any photo that you can view. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been posted by you or by your friend, or by a stranger that has made their photos public.

Note:  Unless you took the photo yourself, it doesn’t belong to you.

Step 1: Find the photo you want to download and open it.

select the photo

Step 2: Hover over the photo until you see Like, Comment, Share options.

hover over the image

Step 3: Select the “Options” from the bottom right corner next to Tag Photo. This will provide you with several options. Select “Download” from them and the photo will be downloaded in the highest resolution that Facebook has on their servers.

select “Download”

When it comes to the mobile app, the process is somewhat similar. All you need to do is to open the photo that you want to save and select the three little horizontal dots.

select the three little horizontal dots

You will be provided with several options. Select “Save Photo” and the photo will be saved to your phone.

select “Save Photo”

Method 2: Download All Photos at Once

There can be a scenario where you want to download all photos at once instead of downloading one by one. Well, you can easily do so. This will not only let you download images but the whole of your Facebook data. This includes your wall posts, chat messages, about your information, etc. Just follow some simple steps for the same.

Step 1: Go to Facebook and click the downward-facing arrow. It will be at the top right corner. Now select ”Settings”. This will take you to “General Account Settings”.


Step 2: You will be provided with several options. Select “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. It will be at the bottom.

select “Download a copy of your Facebook data”

Step 3: Click on the “Start My Archive”. Below this option, you will get detailed information about what you are going to get for downloading.

click on the “Start My Archive”

You will be asked for a password. This is for verification. Then you will be asked to wait for a few moments. This is to gather the data. Once it is gathered, you will be mailed to a registered ID.

Step 4: Go to your inbox and open the mail sent to you by Facebook. There will be a link attached in the mail. Click on it and you will be taken to a new page.

click the link

Step 5: Click the “Download” button on the page you are directed to. You will be asked to type the password. Enter it and your archive will begin to download. The time taken for downloading will solely depend upon the speed of the internet and the size of the file. If you have accessed Facebook a lot, the size could be in GBs. This means you may have to wait a few minutes for the download to complete.

This archive will be downloaded in the form of a .zip file. So you are required to unzip it to extract data.

extract files

You will see a lot of subfolders with every album and photo that you have ever posted in the past. You will also find some HTML files. You can open them to get a rough, offline version of Facebook. This will make your scanning process a lot easier.

use HTML files

Note: Facebook doesn’t allow you to extract data from groups. You can only extract data from pages. This is so because some groups have thousands and millions of members. So their information can be at risk. Even from a technical point of view, this data can add to large file size.


Downloading photos from Facebook is easy if you have the right knowledge with you. You can download some or all photos using the techniques that are presented here in this guide. You can go with either official or unofficial techniques as per your choice. But if you are going with an unofficial technique, you need to be careful with security threats. In this case, Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) is the best option to go with. It makes your task easy and effortless.

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