Essential Guide to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

Who does not want to make the working of their iPhone and iPad smooth and fast, but sometimes no space in the device causes the slowdown in its processing.

How to clear space on iPad? Well, in this situation decision in the righteous direction is required. So, if your concern is boosting up the speed and want to know how to get more space on iPhone or how to clear space on iPad, and if you also want to use the space for other important tasks such as saving new media files, downloading new apps and lot more to make the device organized in a better way. Then, just follow the guided steps given in this article one by one.

Part 1: Check data usage and delete unwanted apps

First of all, you need to check how much amount of data has been used by the installed apps in your device.

To check data usage of the device, you need to go to Settings option >Click on General>Then select the Storage and iCloud option> Here you will find out Used and Available Space option (That will assist you to give a brief idea of used and available space of the device).

iphone storage usage

Once you are done with the above checks, you are required to go to Manage Storage option>Click on Storage Settings> from there delete the apps no longer in use.

delete unused apps to free up space on iphone

Part 2: Remove App Data

With the help of usage option, you would be able to remove all of those extra data that gets stored by other apps with the passage of time. For app data removal the steps are below:

Go to Settings>Click on General>Select the Storage and iCloud Usage> Open Manage Storage> Select the apps using more data (For example Document and Data Section if the particular app shown using more than 500 MB of data, then) Click on the app to delete> after that Go to App Store > Re-download the app.

remove app data to free up iphone space

Doing so will remove all the unwanted, consumed or installed data.

Part 3: Use dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser to clear space on iPad

With the help of dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser you can easily wipe out the data of your device. Whether it is Images, Contacts, Messages, Files, Bookmarks, Notes, History and almost everything you would be able to remove out of the device to get more free space to perform other useful and important tasks. You can access the Toolkit by going through the following link:

dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser

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Part 4: Remove Safari cache and junk file to free up space

If you want to remove those junk files and extra cache memory that are apparently eating up the space of the device then you need to follow the process.

Go to Settings then Click on Safari app> Select the Clear history and website data option, after that click on Clear History and data

remove safari cache

Part 5: Restart to clear space on iPad/iPhone

Restarting is actually an evergreen space saver technique that will assist the device in maintaining the performance of the phone by removing unknown bugs and closing any hidden or background running apps.

So, just Hold and Press down the Sleep and Wake button>Swipe the slider left to right till the screen turn off> Wait for few seconds> Press down the Sleep and Wake button again to restart the device.

restart iphone or ipad

Part 6: Synchronize multimedia files

You can easily synchronize your media images or videos with Google under Google Photos (Or you can choose other modes such as Dropbox, Box, or SugarSync online iCloud platforms).

To work out this solution, you need to go to the Settings apps>Select the Backup and sync option> after that need to Turn ON to start the sync process (Now you can access your media files through your device or on the web by Google Account)

synchronize multimedia files

Once done with the sync process recheck whether they are safely synced with online services, then you can delete the media files out of your device that are capturing large space and which are not so important.

Just Go to Photo App> Select the media file> Delete them> Then Go to Albums> Click on Recently Deleted>Click on select> Then Select Delete All (Doing so will delete the trashed data also).

Part 7: Delete Old Messages

With the passage of time, your messages tend to get piled up thus taking up a great amount of space of your device. But, you can easily manage your device messages by following below mentioned steps.

A: Auto Delete Method

To prevent building up of old messages, you can easily set it to expire the messages after a certain span of time as shown in the below-mentioned image. So, go to Message App>Click on Keep Messages option>Choose the option either 30 days or 1 year.

auto delete old messages

B: Manual DeleteMethod

For that go to Messages App> Select iMessages option>Delete particular message by long pressing it>Then click on More>select the messages you need to delete then click on trash.

C: Delete Bulk conversations

At the Message home screen, click on Edit option>Select on multiple conversations>Then click on delete

delete bulk conversions

Part 8: Delete Old Podcasts

No doubt that Podcasts are a rich source of information such as news, episodes etc. But, after some time the phone gets loaded with lots of Podcast episodes that use large space of the device, making the processing speed slow. So, in case you are facing similar low space problem then it will be a good idea to remove heavy, old, and already watched Podcast Episodes. The required process is as follows:

Go to Settings App>Click on General, after that choose Usage option>Then select Manage Storage>Once done with the above steps open the Podcasts App and Choose the Podcasts that you want to delete>Swipe it to left and then Click on Delete.

delete old podcast

Part 9: Disable Photo Stream

Photo Stream features are used to sync last 1000 images to all the iCloud services automatically. Thus, sometimes it replicates the same media file into the device. So it is better to disable Photo Stream in order to avoid further space covering of the device.

For that go to Settings and open the Photos and Camera option, here Toggle it OFF.

delete photo stream

Part 10: Keep Only HDR Images

There are two types of images, HDR and non-HDR. Normal Photo streaming keeps a duplicate non-HDR photo in the device which acquires a large space.

So, how to stop the Duplication of HDR photos?

For that, go to Settings and open the Photos and Cameras > after that Go to Keep normal photo option and turn it Off.

keep only HDR images to free up space

If you go through the above article carefully, it will enable you to easily clear space on your iPad and iPhone, thus helping you to optimize and boost the speed and performance of the device. Here, you just need to go step by step so that your concern about how to clear space on iPad and iPhone gets resolved and we are sure that thereafter, it will definitely perform better.

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