How Do You Erase an iPhone Permanently?

So after much deliberation you have finally decided that it is time to trade in your old iPhone and upgrade to a newer version. Excellent choice, but does that mean you can simply walk in to your nearest dealer, hand over your old iPhone, pay the amount and bring home a new device?

Absolutely not! Just think of all the data you have stored in your old gadget. There was a time when it was the closest thing you had to a companion and you entrusted it with everything. What happens if all of this sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands?

Before you erase your iPhone permanently

In order to save yourself the trouble, it is recommended that you delete all your data from your old iPhone before proudly announcing the purchase of the latest model. Before we tell you how to delete your data, you need to make a backup first, especially when there is important data that you want to transfer to your new device later.

Make a backup for your iPhone by using iCloud

1. Follow the Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup path.

2. You will see a switch marked iCloud Backup which you need to turn on. A prompt will appear warning you that the phone will not automatically get backed up to your computer. Tap on okay and proceed.

3. Once the iCloud Backup is running, tap on Backup Now. This will start the data backup process from your iPhone to iCloud.

4. If you are using iCloud Backup, any manual deletions you make will also get removed from the backed up data. So ensure you do not remove photos, contacts, or other crucial information unless you are doing so intentionally.

Erase iPhone Data

Make a backup for your iPhone by using iTunes

Another alternative to iCloud is iTunes and this is particularly helpful for those who work with a slower internet connection. With iTunes, you also get to backup your apps and all associated content. Moreover, there is unlimited space unlike with iCloud where you have to pay after 5 GB of free storage gets filled up.

1. Open iTunes and select the iPhone button on the top right hand side.

2. Under the Automatically Back Up option select Encrypt iPhone backup. Set a password for the iTunes backup because some sensitive information may be contained in the list.

3. If you are backing up data using the manual backup mode, click on Manually Back Up and Restore and then select the Back Up Now option to start the process. This is a time consuming process so make sure you have the minutes to spend as needed.

4. Once all essential data from default apps has been backed up, you will be prompted about backing up your purchases. This essentially backs up the installed apps along with their data. All you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID for the process to get underway.

Erase iPhone Data

How do you erase an iPhone permanently?

Now that all your data is backed up, you can go ahead and delete your data. The common way that people use is to use the option that Apple provides.

  • Click on Settings > General > Reset.
  • There will be numerous options for resetting the previously saved data. If you wish to delete everything, select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • There will be a prompt for entering your passcode. This will be followed up by a warning that all your media and data files will now be deleted. Tap on the Erase button on both instances.
  • If the Find My iPhone Services is enabled on your iPhone, it will prompt for your apple id password. It is better to have this setting as an effective anti-theft measure.
  • Once you have your new iPhone, the backed up data can be restored from the iCloud or iTunes storage spaces.
  • While this is usually the way most of the people back up their iPhone data, it has a number of disadvantages. First of all, the process is a very lengthy and hence extremely time consuming, especially when you are working with a slow internet connection. Moreover, there are a number of passwords for you to remember. In case you forget one of them, you will have to reset everything and restart from scratch.

    Then there is the issue of deleted files. Over the length of time during which you used your iPhone, it is likely that you erased some amount of data. This data does not get deleted permanently; in fact, there are different kinds of software out there can be used to retrieve this information. This leaves you in a sticky situation as far as your privacy is concerned.

    A safer and more viable alternative would be to use dr.fone - iOS Full Data Eraser for erasing the data on your iPhone. It has a number of special features with which you can erase your current, private as well as previously deleted data.

    dr.fone - iOS Full Data Eraser

    Easily Delete All Data from Your Device

    • Simple, click-through, process.
    • Your data is permanently deleted.
    • Nobody can ever recover and view your private data.
    • Works greatly for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including the latest models.
    Available on: Windows Mac
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    Next, let's check how to erase an iPhone permanently step by step.

    Step 1. To get started, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. Then launch the program and choose "More Tools" from the menu on the left side. You will see the "iOS Full Data Eraser" option.

    erase an iphone permanently

    Step 2. Click "iOS Full Data Eraser". If your iPhone is recognized, you will see the window as follows. Click "Erase".

    erase an iphone permanently

    Step 3. The program will ask you to enter "delete" to confirm your operation before erasing. Enter it and click "Erase now".

    erase an iphone permanently

    Step 4. When you're here, just wait and the program will do the left. The time of erasing depends on the storage of the data on your iPhone. When it's complete, you will see a reminding message.

    erase an iphone permanently

    erase an iphone permanently

    Erase Phone

    1 Used iPhone
    2. Delete iPhone
    3. Erase iPhone
    4. Clear iPhone
    5. Wipe iPhone
    6. Clear/Wipe Android

    They're downloading

    dr.fone - Erase (iOS)

    dr.fone - Erase (iOS)

    Permanently erase what you want from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, whole devices or part of data.

    dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS)

    dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS)

    Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device.

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