11 Must-Reads to Free up Space on iPhone in 2020

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You are about to download some essential media file, want to get some useful Application or just about to capture a beautiful image, but suddenly a message Appears on your iPhone screen with insufficient storage space. That will be the most overwhelming point when you can do nothing, to look around to find little more space to carry out the processing.

free up space on iPhone

If you are facing the same situation when you are looking around ways to free up space on the iPhone or how to get more space on the iPhone, then read the article below. It covers 11 most trusted tactics with which you can understand how to free space on iPhone and that too with complete step guide. It will give you a whole idea about how to follow the process with the mentioned tactics and corresponding steps.

So, let us move ahead and learn how to free up space on iPhone using iCloud in the following sections:

Part 1. What data occupies large space on iPhone?

If somehow you managed to get rid of specific data but realized that it was not which occupied the ample space on the iPhone, you need further steps to free up more space on the iPhone.

Well, that’s the difference. If you knew it beforehand, you could have better managed the storage on the iPhone device in advance.

So, what data occupies ample space on the iPhone is one of the most critical questions. It mostly depends upon the usage that varies from person to person.

But still by using some simple tactics, one can gauge what particular areas are occupying more space than others.

In particular, some of these areas are:

  • System storage,
  • A long list of Applications,
  • Downloaded media,
  • Duplicate files,
  • iBooks, or others.

Now, if you like to know how to check the same, then, do the following:

First of all, visit the Settings menu on your iPhone device, General section, and then click on iPhone storage.

free up more space on the iPhone- check storage

Doing so will give you a grid view of which data is using how much storage on your device.

Further, if you want an individual view of the Apps or the area used by them, then scroll down to get a listed look of Applications, areas one by one.

free up more space of some apps on the iPhone

From this page, you can get an idea which particular App is occupying how much space on your iPhone.

Part 2. 11 tactics to free up space on your iPhone

Now, that we know how to figure out which App is eating the maximum storage of your iOS, here are the 11 ways on how to get more space on the iPhone.

Tactic 1: Free up browser space on iPhone

Mostly, people browse different kinds of data daily. Though at first instance, it does not look much, with due course of time it captures an ample browser space due to history, cache memory, cookies, etc.

So, the following mentioned steps will enable you to free up your browser space on iPhone by using one-click solution by dr.fone - Data Eraser:

Step 1: Launch dr.fone - Data Eraser

Once you have downloaded and installed dr.fone toolkit, choose Erase.

free up more browser space on the iPhone using eraser

Step 2: Connect iPhone to the System

Next, bring your phone and create a connection with the PC using a cable and select iOS private data eraser from left.

Step 3: Start scanning

Now, choose the area you wish to examine, then, press the Start button to continue with the scanning of the data of the device.

free up more browser space on the iPhone - start scanning

And, wait till it completes the scanning process.

Step 4: Select the browser history category

Now, after the scanning is over, all the private data will be visible on the left side. Proceed with selecting Safari bookmarks, history, cache, cookies, and then press Erase.

free up more browser space on the iPhone - select browser history

Step 5: Confirm erasing

To confirm, what you want to delete, type “000000” on the box, and enter the “Erase Now” button to finish the process.

free up more browser space on the iPhone - enter the code

Tactic 2: Free up message space on the iPhone

Sometimes, involvement with the excessive exchange of messages to share thoughts and ideas also capture some space on iPhone.

So, by using some simple steps, you can free up message space on the iPhone with the help of dr.fone – iOS (Private Data Eraser):

Step 1: After launching the dr.fone tool, select Data Eraser menu, and connect the device to PC.

Step 2: Then go to private data eraser option from the left side and do the scanning of the device file.

Step 3: After that, select the Messages option from the left side and click on the Erase button, followed by the code “000000” and Confirm the action.

free up more message space on the iPhone

That’s it, following the above steps will help you to free up message space on an iPhone.

Tactic 3: Free up notes space on iPhone

dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) is also helpful in freeing up notes space on your iOS device which pile up in due course of time.

Here are the required steps:

Step 1: Visit dr.fone toolkit page and select Erase section

Step 2: Then connect iPhone to PC and go with Erase Private Data.

Step 3: Now start the scanning by selecting the particular file type.

Step 4: Then, from the left side, choose Notes after the scanning is complete.

Step 5: Click on the Erase button to free up notes space on iPhone and lastly, confirm by entering zero six times on the box and pressing Erase Now.

free up more notes space on the iPhone

Tactic 4: Free up iBook space on iPhone

iOS 8 or later versions have the iBooks App preloaded. iBooks both downloaded or purchased, occupy a considerable amount of space. You can download the purchased iBooks any time when required. So, if you want to add more and more iBooks, then you need to know how to free up iBook space on the iPhone.

How to do it step by step:

Step 1: From the iPhone home screen open iBooks Application.

free up more ibook space on the iPhone - start ibooks

Step 2: Next, you need to click on the Collections and select the required collection or All.

free up more ibook space on the iPhone - select collection

Step 3: Click on the Edit option, choose the book you want to delete and hit the Delete button.

free up more notes space on the iPhone - delete files

Note: If “Sync collections” is enabled then you will be given the option to either delete this copy only or from all the devices.

Further, you need to keep a check on automatic downloading of iBooks through iTunes by visiting Settings> click on iTunes and App store to halt the automatic downloading of iBooks.

Tactic 5: Free up space occupied by large files

If there are files occupying space on the device, then you must take some action to free up space occupied by large files on the iPhone. For the purpose, dr.fone – iOS (Device Saver) will play the lead role with its comprehensive solution.

To learn more about how to free up space on iPhone 6 look below:

Step 1: Launch dr.fone toolkit

Open dr.fone interface, connect your device to PC using a cable wire, then select “Erase.”

free up large files by connecting to pc

Step 2: Erase large files

From free up space module of the left bar, click on “Erase Large File” option and then scan all option.

free up large files - choose option

It will lead to scanning the files.

Step 3: Select large file to delete

After scanning, select the large, unused or useless large file followed by the Delete button.

free up large files - select large files to delete

Tactic 6: Free up space occupied by junk files

dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) is also a great way to free up the space occupied by junk files.

Here is the required process:

Step 1: To start, launch the dr.fone toolkit and connect the device to PC.

Step 2: Then, open Erase page and go to Free up space section to choose Erase Junk File.

Step 3: Lastly, after the scanning gets done by the tool, select all the junk and hidden file to clean the system of the iOS device.

clear junk files - start eraser tool

Tactic 7: Free up App space by offloading Apps

You can free up App space by offloading the Apps if you are willing to disable a particular App temporarily instead of deleting it. Although they will Appear on the home screen, but, to get access, you’ll need to download the App again.

The steps to disable the Apps are as follow:

Step 1: First, choose a particular App from the App storage list, click on it, and then choose to Offload the App.

offload app

Note: You do have the auto offloading option too for that:

Step 2: Second, visit the Settings menu General section, go to iPhone storage, and finally choose to Offload Unused Apps.

offload not used apps

Tactic 8: Free up App space by bulk uninstalling

Now, there are so many Applications which do not get access for a long time, so with dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS Space Saver) you can use its bulk uninstalling feature with the following steps:

Step 1: To start, open dr.fone interface and connect iPhone to PC.

Step 2: Choose Erase option, Free Up Space section and then select “Erase Application” option.

free up app space by uninstalling

Step 3: Now, tick-mark all the available Apps and press the Uninstall button to finish bulk uninstalling.

free up app space - confirm uninstalling

Tactic 9: Free up photo space by minimizing them

One of the wonderful options to free up photo space on the iPhone is by reducing them with dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS Space Saver) software. If you are wondering how, then, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the dr.fone toolkit interface and connect your iOS device to the system to choose Erase.

Step 2: Then opt for Free Up Space section from left, and then Organize Photos.

Step 3: Here to compress/minimize the photos, under lossless compression, click the Start button, choose the images, and press the Start button.

free up space by reducing photo size

Tactic 10: Disable Photo Stream to free up space

The My Photo Stream on iPhone comes up with auto sync feature for the latest 1000 photos between your iOS devices through the iCloud. However, this feature many times results in duplicating or eating up ample space of the iOS device.

To avoid further space capturing by disabling photo stream using the following steps:

Open the Settings App> Visit Photos and Camera> Select turn off My Photo Stream.

Simple, isn’t it?

free up photo space by disabling photo stream

Tactic 11: Keep only one photo when using HDR

You can also turn off the duplicity of images caused due to HDR photo technology due to which for each image captured it saves two copies, one standard and another one is HDR.

To keep a single HDR counterpart and save space, look at the steps below:

Visit Settings> Click on Camera> Turn off Keep Normal Photo option to keep only single HDR photo.

free up photo space using camera settings


Getting ample space to store necessary data is the most relieving moment for iOS users. Hence it is a must that you know how to clear space on the iPhone. Therefore, we made a small effort by the article above to make you understand which areas occupy big space on your iPhone device and how can you clear space on the iPhone with the 11 tactics listed above.

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