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[Solved] How to Resize Photos iPhone

Mar 21, 2023 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Photos are an essential part of our lives. We always look to take photos and save them with us forever. Seeing these photos after years reminds us of all the beautiful memories we've had. However, if an iPhone has too many photos, there's a very high probability that your phone will soon start to hang because of storage issues. Deleting memorable photos with a heavy heart is the last thing we can think of doing. Instead, why not just resize the photos and save the picture? You wouldn't need to delete the picture, and the space compatibility issue would also be resolved.

If you have no idea about what we are talking, this article will let you know about resizing iPhone photos. So, without any further ado, let us begin with the topic.

Part 1: Resize Photos with iPhone

You would have surely encountered the problem of lack of space on your iOS device. You obviously cannot delete the important apps, contacts, and messages. Most of you would look forward to deleting pictures. Pictures may be very close to our hearts. Instead of deleting them with a heavy heart, you can shrink photo size in iPhone. If you resize images in iPhone, you need not delete the pictures, and you will effectively be able to sort out the lack of storage space problem. Change the size of photos on the iPhone today and make storage space without deleting them! Here's how you can do it, follow these steps, and learn how to resize pictures on the iPhone.

There can be two ways to get your iPhone photo resized. One is through the cropping feature with the in-built Photos app in the iPhone itself, and you can use a third party app to get the purpose solved. We will share both the methods with you for your convenience. Let us have a look.

#1: Resize Picture on iPhone with Photos app

Step 1: Launch Photos

Simply open the Photos app on your iPhone to start.

Step 2: Select Picture

Look for the photo to be cropped. Hit on “Edit” at the top right corner of the screen.

select picture

Step 3: Crop it

Choose the Crop icon, which is a square. Followed by this, you need to hit the crop box button located in the upper right corner.

Step 4: Finalize

You can now select the desired aspect ratio.


Chose between vertical or horizontal crop and then hit on “Done”.

choose and hit

#2: Shrink Photo Size in iPhone using a third-party app

Step 1: Download a photo editing app compatible with your iPhone

You can download and use any photo editing app of your choice. We are taking “Image Size” app as an example. To get it downloaded, simply head to the App Store and search for it.

Step 2: Choose Photo

Once the app has been downloaded, you need to open the app and look for the top's image icon. Select the image that you want to shrink or resize.

choose photo

Step 3: Reduce photo file size on iPhone

Select “Choose” button, and then you can easily choose the image size option from the pixel, mm, cm, and inches. Apart from that, you can add the image size manually.

Lastly, tap the Download icon, and your image will be saved.

reduce photo file

Part 2: Release iPhone storage by compressing photos losslessly

If you're struggling with a shortage of space on your iPhone and have way too many pictures on your iPhone, then you should consider using an image resizer iOS. You can do this with the utmost ease using Dr. Fone-Data Eraser. Dr. Fone-Data Eraser is the one-stop solution to resize a photo on the iPhone. The tool is one of the best ways to save iOS storage space by compressing image size on iPhone! Whenever your iPhone seems to be running out of storage space, head to Dr. Fone-Data Eraser and get ample space for your files without deleting anything!

Key Features:

  • Clear unnecessary junk and speed up your iPhone: Too much junk on the phone can make it extremely slow. Using Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, you can clear cache and remove unnecessary cache and junk files.
  • Clear all data from your iPhone: Clearing all the data from your iPhone one by one can be very time consuming and irritating. Using Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, you can clear all the data from the iPhone in one go!
  • Erase contacts, SMS's, photos from WhatsApp selectively: Sorting out the photos, contacts, messages to be deleted one by one could be very tedious and may take lots of time. Using Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, you can selectively delete photos, messages, and contacts easily!
  • All in all, Dr. Fone-Data Eraser is the total solution to all your iPhone space maintenance needs.
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Step by Step Tutorial:

If you're struggling to reduce the size of the image, then don't worry anymore! We're here to help you. Follow these simple steps and compress your pictures easily.

Step 1: Launch the Program

First, all you need is to download Dr.Fone – Data Eraser on your PC and then install it. After it is done, open the tool and click on “Data Eraser” tab on the main screen.

launch the program

Step 2: Click on the "organize photos" option

Once you launch the Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, you will see an option “free up space” tab on the left panel. Click on it and then choose “Organize Photos”.

click on the organize photo

Step 3: Proceed with the compression

Now on your screen, you'll be able to visualize two options

  1. To compress the photos on your iPhone losslessly
  2. To export photos to PC and delete from your iOS device.

Now, you're all set to begin with compressing your images and reducing image size on your iPhone. To start compressing your image size, click on "Start".

reduce image size on iPhone

Step 4: Start compressing your photos

The photos will get detected now and will be shown on the screen. You simply need to select the ones you need to compress. Once done, hit on “Start” button given at the bottom of the screen.

start compressing photos

Step 5: Export the compressed images to your computer

After clicking on "Start" the images would soon be compressed. Now you need to select a directory on your computer and extract the compressed images to the directory. To do so, select the directory and then click on "Export".

export the compressed images

Your iPhone may have lots of junk files and apps that might be totally unused and still occupy unnecessary space. Taking some time off from your busy schedule to delete apps, images, and files could be a real pain. Instead of deleting them manually, you can delete all of these in one batch using the Dr. Fone-Data Eraser. Using Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, you can delete all the unnecessary junk files in one lot without wasting much of your time! Use Dr. Fone-Data Eraser today and flush out all the unnecessary apps and files. Take a step towards making your iPhone a junk-free one!


You no more need to struggle to reduce photo file size iPhone. Using Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, you can easily manage your iPhone storage and resize pictures on your iPhone. The image resizer iPhone works just perfectly and efficiently frees up space on your iPhone. By using the app, you can easily change the size of the image on your iPhone. Use the Dr. Fone-Data Eraser today and stop your iPhone's hanging problem and make it as new as ever!

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