Why is My iPad So Slow: How to Diagnose and Fix

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iPads are such amazing devices and can be used for anything. Whether you’re relaxing at home and watching a movie, scrolling through social media, or shopping online, or you’re using your tablet to manage certain aspects of your business or organize your company, iPads can do it all.

ipad performance

Of course, iPads are designed to be super-fast and ultra-responsive with what they do, but over time, there’s no denying this element of speed is lost. It seems the more you use your device, the slower it gets; and that’s because that’s exactly what happens!

Whether you’re browsing the internet, downloading apps, playing games, or reading emails, there are small bits of data that will be saved to different areas of your device to make it run properly and to give you a better experience. However, even deleting your games and apps can leave traces of these files.

There are also many other problems that could be slowing down your device, and today we’re going to explore them all. In this guide, we’ll help you identify the problem you’re facing and detail how to correct it.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Part 1. Fix slow iPad by clearing system junk (most common)

As we spoke about above, the most common problem for having a slow device is simply because you’ve used it a lot and the files have stacked up and cause your memory to be full and run slowly. Fortunately, there are plenty of approaches that can sort this problem out.

1.1 Clear junk files from iPad

The best and easiest way to clear all the junk files from your iPad device is to use a software application known as dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS). This software is extremely effective at scanning deep into the contents of your device to detect junk files and then gives you the option to delete them.

Despite the raw power of this software, it’s incredibly easy to use, and you’ll be able to pick it up in just a few clicks. Not only will it help you speed up your iPad device, but it also has a ton of other benefits and advantages that include;

dr.fone - Data Eraser

Fix slow iPad by purifying the iOS system radically

  • Optimize iOS performance by clearing junk
  • Can delete everything on your device, or just specific files
  • Can work with all iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones
  • Super user-friendly and can be learned in next to no time
Available on: Windows Mac
4,683,556 people have downloaded it

Sounding like the solution you’ve been looking for? Here’s the detailed step-by-step guide to ensure you have the best, most effective experience. Step One – Download the dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) software to your computer from the official website and install the program by following the onscreen instructions. Once installed, open the software, so you’re on the main menu and connect your iPad using the lightning USB cable.

main menu of drfone

Step Two – Click the Data Eraser option, followed by the Free Up Space option on the left-hand menu of the screen. Now select the Data Erase Junk Files option to start scanning your device for unnecessary junk files that can be slowing down your device.

Erase Junk Files

Step Three – The software will scan your device and show you a set of results based on what it was able to find. You can use the tick boxes to confirm which files you want to delete. For the best results, select all the options available; followed by the Clean button.

scan ios

Step Four – The software will now run. Once completed, you’ll be able to disconnect your device and use it with its new faster speeds. Restart your device for the best results.

complete erasing junk

1.2 Delete useless apps

Another sure-fire way to speed up your iPad device is to delete the apps installed on it that you no longer want or need. The more space you have, the faster your device will run, so it’s all always a good idea to give your device a spring clean to keep it running fast.

For managing your apps and deleting them quickly, you can continue to use the dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) software. Here’s how.

Step One – Download the software and install it to either your Mac or Windows computer by following the onscreen instructions. Once installed, open the software, so you’re on the main menu and connect your iPad using the USB cable.

connect using cable

Step Two – Click the Data Erase option, followed by the Free Up Space option; then tap Erase Applications to start scanning your device for all the apps that are installed.

Free Up Space

Step Three – You will now see a list of all the apps installed on your device. Simply go through the list and click the tick box of every app you want to uninstall. When you’re happy with your selection, click the uninstall button, and you’ll gain back all the memory!

uninstall ios app

1.3 Clear Safari cookies, cache, or history

Another way your iPad will fill up with data and eventually run slow is simply by saving small files from the internet. This happens no matter what website you visit and will come in the form of cookies, cache files, or even web browsing history entries.

Fortunately, dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) has the features to help you clear these files, helping you start afresh, tune up your device, and gain back some of that all-important speed. Here’s how;

Step One – Download and install the dr.fone - Data Eraser (iOS) software to your Windows or Mac computer by following the instructions on screen. Now open the software and connect your iOS device using the lightning USB cable.

open the tool

Step Two – Click the Erase option on the main menu, followed by the Erase Private Data option on the blue menu on the left-hand side. Then, click the Start button.

start to erase

Step Three – The software will now give you an extensive list of options on what files you want to delete. You can select as many or as few as you like. For clearing your iPad internet files, you’ll need to select the Safari Data option, and for the best results, select all of the options.

extensive list of options

Step Four – All the scanned files will be displayed in the results window as they are discovered. Simply go through the list and select all the files you want to delete using the tick boxes. When you’re happy with your selection, click the Erase button.

clear junk in safari

You can now disconnect your device and start using it with more space and more device speed!

1.4 Stop special effect rendering in the system

There’s no denying that iPads look amazing when you’re using them with all their fluid effects and transitions between apps and menus. However, on older devices or those with less power, this can significantly reduce your device’s performance.

The solution? Turn them off. Here’s how;

Step One – From the home screen of your iPad, navigate Settings > Accessibility, and then toggle the Reduce Motion setting, so it is off.

This will change multiple screen and menu transitions throughout your device and disable certain graphics features, like in the weather tab, all to help improve the performance and speed of your device.

special effect rendering

1.5 Turn off Siri feature

While the Siri feature on your device can be one of the most helpful, the fact it’s always on means there’s a huge hit to your iPad’s performance. The best fix? Disable the Siri feature and see whether your device speeds up. Here’s how;

Step One – From the main menu of your device, navigate to the Settings menu, and scroll down to the Siri and Search option. Tap this, followed by turning off all the Siri options, including ‘Listen for Hey Siri,’ ‘Press Side Button,’ and ‘Allow Siri when Locked.’

Step Two – From the Settings menu, navigate to the iCloud menu and scroll down the list of options to the Siri option. Disable this toggle, and Siri will be disabled completely on your device.

iCloud menu

Part 2. What if slow iPad is caused by system or hardware issues

2.1 Test the Speed of Internet

One of the most common ways your iPad will slow down is when you’re browsing the internet. However, sometimes the device might not itself be slow, but it may be the internet speed you’re connected too. This is why you’ll want to test it, and this is how you do;

Step One – Open the Google Web Browser at www.google.com. Search ‘Google Speed test’ and on the results page, click the ‘Start Test’ option. You can do this on your computer web browser, phone, or iPad.

Step Two – Now wait for the internet test to run. The results will be displayed in real time, and a result at the end will tell you what your internet speed is suitable for running. If your internet speed is too low, this could show why your iPad feels like it’s running slowly.

internet speed

2.2 Restart the device

Sometimes, if your iPad device is not working, this can be because your device has been on for some time, and you need to restart your device. This can reset a lot of the features and functions of your iPad, which could be slowing it down. Fortunately, resetting your device is simple.

Step One – Hold down the power button of your iPad, which is normally located on the side or the top of the device (depending on your model) and then hold it down for the several seconds.

Step Two – Once your iPad has been turned off for a couple of seconds, hold the same button down for three seconds, and wait for your device to turn on again. Your device will now have been reset, and it should be faster than before.

restart device

2.3 Try the latest iOS version on your iPad

With each iOS update, there will be fixes and tweaks to your devices to make sure your device is optimized and running to the best possible potential. If your device is slow, updating to the latest iOS operating system could be the fix you’re looking for.

This means your iPad will be able to update and process information probably, minimizing the risks of it slowing down. Here’s how to ensure you’re running the latest firmware version on your iPad.

Step One – On the home screen of your iPad, navigate Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates, and make sure Automatic Updates is on. This will ensure your iPad is always running up to date/

Step Two – While Automatic Updates are on, you can then update your iPad manually by navigating Settings > General > Software Updates, and you will see if there’s another update available for you to download.

update ipad

2.4 Check the battery or charging issues

Of course, your iPad runs on electricity, and every part of it needs an active and effective connection for it to run properly. If your device is not running properly, it could be a problem with your battery or a charging issue. Let’s explore how you can check if your device has an issue.

Step One – To check your battery for issues, tap on the Settings option, and then tap Battery. Wait for the battery usage list to populate and have information displayed within it. Once populated, choose the Show Detailed Usage option.

Step Two – You can now go through your device and see how your battery is being used and how efficiently your battery is using its power. If you see abnormal usage when using any apps or just in general, you may need to update the battery or get it replaced.

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