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Facebook has been a great introduction to the social media space, where the platform has significantly developed into a platform with all kinds of content across it. Some people, however, find this a waste of time. You might feel that urge to avoid Facebook but still remain in contact with the people through it, which was essentially the vision of the social media platform in the first place.

Messenger is a great tool that makes this happen for users. Rather than staying on Facebook, people prefer using Messenger to cover their essential contacts. Can you have Messenger without Facebook? Read this article to learn the efficient and accurate ways to answer this question.

Part 1: What Will Happen to Messenger If You Delete or Deactivate Facebook?

While looking into deactivating the Facebook account, users may confuse the process with deleting the Facebook account. These terminologies are different entirely, as they both represent a different process across Facebook. If we talk about deactivating a Facebook account, this process allows you to reactivate the account at any instant. Following this, users cannot access you or your associated Facebook pages across the platform until reactivated.

Under this procedure, you can still consider using Facebook Messenger. Talking about deleting a Facebook account, this procedure permanently deletes your account and all associated pages across the platform, which can never be re-accessed or regained on Facebook.

Part 2: How to Use Messenger With a Deactivated Facebook Account

After understanding the basic differences between deactivating and deleting the Facebook account, you will be pretty much aware of doing the right thing to still keep using Messenger. You can have a formidable experience getting in touch with your friends through the platform. However, to use Messenger with a deactivated Facebook account, it is necessary to know about the steps associated with this.

The current version of Facebook automatically allows users to have access to Messenger, regardless of the fact that they cannot access their Facebook ID. If you want to figure out that can you use Messenger without Facebook after deactivating it, you can go through the steps for deactivating a Facebook account if you want:

Deactivate Account from Computer

Step 1: If you are logged in through your computer, click on the “Profile” icon on the top-left section of the screen and select “Settings & Privacy” from the menu that appears.

access settings and privacy

Step 2: Proceed to the next section and select “Settings.” Move to “Your Facebook information” and select “Deactivation and deletion” on the screen that appears.

choose deactivate and deletion option

Step 3: Select the option of “Deactivate account” on the next window and click “Continue to Account Deactivation.” Add in your account credentials to proceed to the next screen.

continue with account deactivation

Step 4: Following this, you will need to select a particular reason for deactivation and tap on “Deactivate” to complete the process.

tap on deactivate button

Deactivate Account from Smartphone

Step 1: If you own an iPhone, turn on Facebook on the device and click on the "Hamburger" icon present on the bottom of the screen. For Android, you will find this icon on the top-right of the screen.

access facebook menu

Step 2: Lead to the "Settings & Privacy" section on the next screen. Click on "Settings" on the drop-down menu that appears on the screen.

open settings and privacy

Step 3: For the next window, click on "Personal and account information," followed by selecting the option of "Account ownership and control" on the next screen.

select account information option

Step 4: Now you'll be redirected to the next screen, where you will select the "Deactivation and deletion" option. You need to select the option of "Deactivate account" on the next screen and tap on "Continue to Account Deactivation" to proceed. Facebook will prompt you to provide your account's account email and password.

proceed with account deactivation

Step 5: You have to select a particular reason for deactivating the account and tap on “Continue.” Before you completely deactivate the account, Facebook will prompt you to a screen where you will see that it will allow you to access your Messenger, regardless of deactivating the account. Proceed with the “Deactivate My Account” option to conclude the process.

confirm deactivate my account

Step 6: Once deactivated, open Messenger and log in with the same email address and password to access its services. You can easily use Messenger on your device.

open your messenger

Part 3: How to Use Messenger Without a Facebook Account

What to do if you never had a Facebook account, but if you wish to use Messenger on your device? Although it sounds odd, it is quite simple to execute. For this, you need to create a Facebook account and create Messenger account. On the other hand, if you had your previous account permanently deleted, you may then have to recreate one to access Messenger.

Once you have accessed it, you will simply deactivate the account created on Facebook and use Messenger without a Facebook account. Yes, it is highly possible to create a Messenger account without Facebook, which is explained in the following parts.

3.1. Create a Facebook Account

To start with the process, you first need to create a Facebook account for yourselves. For this, you can use Messenger to set up the whole process.

Step 1: As you open up Messenger, you will be prompted to a screen where you will be asked to log in to an account. If you have to create a new one, click on "Create New Account" and proceed to a new window that prompts you into Facebook.

select create new account option

Step 2: Add in your “First Name” and “Surname” and click "Next." Provide your date of birth and proceed by clicking "Next." Add in your phone number or email address, as per your requirement.

add your name

Step 3: Following this, select a gender and give in a password for your Facebook account. Once set up, click on "Sign Up" to create a new account successfully. Your account is now successfully created on Facebook.

sign up facebook account

3.2. Set Up Messenger

Step 1: Once you have successfully set up your account, you will be redirected to your Messenger account that has been initially set up.

facebook messenger opened

Step 2: To set up your Messenger, click on the "Profile" icon on the top-left of the screen and click on the image space provided in the next window. A prompt menu will open up where you can select the option of "Choose from Library" to add an existing photo as your profile picture. Along with that, you can also "Take Photo" to instantly take a photo and add it. Following this, you can also "Use avatar" if previously created.

change your profile picture

Step 3: On the same menu, find the option of “Active Status” and set up your online status on Messenger as per your requirement.

customize your messenger active status

Step 4: Navigate to the option of “Notification and sounds” to turn on notifications for your Messenger so that you can easily communicate with people across the platform.

edit messenger notifications

3.3. Deactivate the Facebook Account

Once you have successfully completed the setup of your Messenger, you can simply deactivate the Facebook account as shown in the guide across Part 2 of this article which clearly represents how you can deactivate a Facebook account so that you can use Messenger without it.

Part 4: FAQs about Facebook Messenger

You may have come to know much about using Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account. To cater to this process, there are many formalities that are to be fulfilled, as defined in the parts above. However, there might be a few questions that may arise in the minds of the users while using Facebook Messenger, which is provided as follows:

1. How many Messenger accounts can I have?

You can log into 5 consecutive accounts across Messenger and use them on your device for communicating with people.

2. How can I know if someone is using Messenger?

To find out if someone is using Messenger, open the application and lead to the person that you want to check. Although you can message them even if they don't use Messenger, you can call them by clicking on the "Phone" icon to check if they actually use Messenger. If you can call them successfully, it means that they have activated their Messenger.

3. Can I send messages to my friends that don't use Messenger?

It is completely possible to send messages to people that do not use Messenger but have a Facebook account. They can see your messages when they log into their account through the computer.


Every Facebook user asks this question “can I use Messenger without Facebook?” This article has provided users with detailed procedures as the answer that they need to go through to ensure that they can use Messenger without Facebook with ease.

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