Best Playstation VR Games in 2023

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The virtual gaming experience is ultimate; nothing can beat that. It gives the player a real sense of feeling that they are part of the adventure, just like Jumanji. In recent years, VR gaming has become quite popular, and today, we’ll be putting forth the best PlayStation VR games. So, without wasting any let anytime, let’s get on with it:

#1 Astro Bot

best PlayStation VR games astro bot pic 1

Mario's makers, Astro Bot is another top-ranked PlayStation VR game that takes imagination to a whole new level. From the theme of the story or the animation, everything is fantastic about this VR game. It has an incredible sense of boundless imagination and scale.

  • Excellent level design.
  • Stunning visuals with amazing detailings.
  • Hidden secrets to explore.


  • Sometimes the game is tough to play because of strange camera angles.
  • The use of touchpads isn’t a great thing.

#2 Batman: Arkham VR

best PlayStation VR games batman arkham pic 2

Unarguably one of the top PlayStation VR games, Batman: Arkham VR, is a puzzle game that presents you with a real feel that you are the Batman. You commence your life with all riches of Bruce Wayne and then descend in the cave for your Batman getup. Each item right from the cowl to the gloves has a specific role to play. The story of this game gets jaw-dropping at times, on the overall will grip you all the time.


  • Solid visual effects.
  • The story has a lot of twists.
  • Batman looks impressive.


  • Lack of replays is a big problem.
  • Jerky moments with lousy imagination.

#3 Skyrim VR

best PlayStation VR games skyrim pic 3

No list of best PlayStation VR games is complete without the Skyrim VR game. This virtual gaming experience provides you complete freedom, fun, and frolics to enjoy the game. The new mechanics are intuitive and incredible. It has an addictive game that can keep gamers of various age groups hooked to it for hours.


  • The real mechanics are immersive and incredible.
  • Have all the fun of Skyrim over and over again.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Perhaps, the graphics are slightly outdated.

#4 I Expect You to Die

best PlayStation VR games I expect you to die pic 4

First things first, this game has nothing to do with 007, but it delivers nerve-wracking, tensed spy action like never before. Powered with unique abilities, you’ve to escape death using all your wit and whatever tools you come across in the environment. Bomb defuse and stop rooms, you’ll feel that you are starring a 60s action film.


  • Delivers a terrifying & thrilling experience.
  • Impressive use of Quest's tracking.


  • Because of the fast nature of the game, sometimes players don’t enjoy the incredible visual experience.

#5 Star Trek: Bridge Crew

best PlayStation VR games star trek bridge crew pic 5

Star Trek has its fan base, and with the Star Trek: Bridge Crew, rated amongst the best PlayStation VR games 2019, they can get into the chair of Federation ships and explore parts that are previously unknown to them. This game can be played with a lot of friends. The real-time lip-syncing is so real it seems that the characters are communicating with each other for the mission, just like in Star Trek.


  • An impressive recreation of the Star Trek saga.
  • So much to explore/
  • The game has intuitive controls


  • The setup is slightly fiddly.
  • Works with 4 enabled VR friends.

#6 A Fisherman’s Tale

best PlayStation VR games a fishermans tale pic 6

It is a kind of game that only exists in virtual reality. You are required to play Bob's character, a fisherman, whose mission is to get to the lighthouse before the storm strikes. The reality of this game is much more amusing and intuitive. The puzzles are challenging to solve; therefore, a brainstorming game.


  • Great visuals with fun voiceovers.
  • Real narrative depth.
  • Clever puzzles.


  • The controls are complicated.

#7 Iron Man VR

best PlayStation VR games iron man pic 7

There is no doubt that the Iron Man VR is amongst the top PlayStation VR games. This game features the licensed properties of the Marvel universe. It is a full-fledged, eight-hour adventure that creative use of the PlayStation controls. Getting into the suit of Iron Man gives all the power to save your planet.


  • Gripping momentum-based flight.
  • Long-enough to justify the price tag.
  • A surprisingly lt, ambitious story.


  • Old school peripherals.
  • The controls have their quirks.

#8 Blood & Truth

best PlayStation VR games blood and truth pic 8

If you are a fan of PlayStation VR shooting games, you simply love the Blood & Truth game. It is a blockbuster worth game that is inspired by the Money Heist. Blood & Truth is all about shooting action that only looks gripping in the virtual world. This game is infused with a lot of twists and set-price moments that makes it addictive.


  • Incredible visuals and immersion.
  • Excellent control system.
  • Remarkable set-pieces.


  • Silly plots.
  • Characters are not well-defined.

#9 Firewall Zero Hour

best PlayStation VR games firewall zero hour pic 9

There are not many multiplayer shooting games in 2020, but Firewall Zero Hour can fill the gap somewhat since it launched. It is a brilliant tactical game where you won’t have raw shooting, but each one you kill is a part of a twisted plot. You can play this game alongside your best pals, and customized weapons are the game USP.


  • The aim controls are excellent.
  • Strategy gunplay.
  • The VR overall is good.


  • Some long waits while playing the game.
  • Only one game mode.

#10 Farpoint

best PlayStation VR games farpoint pic 10

Farpoint makes a strong case for the best one-person VR shooting game. The gameplay is immensely responsive, fast, and tactical, so the gamer ends up playing Farpoint for hours without actually knowing it. The experience is such that you feel being stuck in an alien world.


  • Remarkable visuals.
  • Shooting action makes this game a must-play.


  • Environments are repetitive & bland.


All these best PlayStation VR games are rated best by the top game from across the globe. We mentioned the advantages and flaws so you can accordingly decide which one is right for you. If you have anything other VR game to add to this list, share with us via the below comment section.

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