Top 8 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go has no doubt taken the world by storm. This fresh out of the kitchen game has spread across the world like a wildfire, and it’s not hard to see why. As new as it is, many users have found it hard to understand and play it. That’s why I have with me the Pokemon Go tips to make sure that each and every player out there is catered for accordingly.

The 8 Pokemon Go tips that I have with me are evenly spread amongst different levels. Just pay attention to each and every tip and apply it accordingly to ensure that you go up the ladder as fast as you may want or wish.

Part 1: Understand the Egg and the Kilometer

In your ventures, you may have noticed the presence of eggs and a Kilometer sign next to it. The meaning behind this is, the higher the kilometer an egg has, the more power you are guaranteed to have once it hatches. What you should do when you bounce on the eggs is to pick them up by tapping on the egg tab located on your upper right-hand side. Choose your egg and an incubator, and walk around as you wait for it to hatch.

Pokemon Go tips and tricks

Part 2: Incense Pokemon

Another Pokemon go strategy is to use the incense fragrance. This fragrance functions by attracting wild Pokemon to your direction for up to 30 minutes for an easy catch. I know you might wonder why you should be chasing after Pokemon if you have this fragrance. Well; you just can’t sit down and wait for wild Pokemon to come your way. This, of course, will be boring. Just stride around, and Pokemon will come your way.

Pokemon Go tips

Part 3: Record Pokemon Go for Future Reference

If you thought playing Pokemon Go wasn't going to be a little more interesting, then think again. Well; do you want to record each and every move you make, and each and every Pokemon Go strategy you employ? If your answer is yes; I have a screen recording method that you can use to record your Pokemon Go escapades and save them for a later day.

The screen recorder I have is not your usual type of screen recorder. It’s more advanced and easy to use. The program is none other than iOS Screen Recorder from Wondershare. As much as you may want to apply Pokemon Go tips and tricks, this is another recording trick that you should have at your fingertips. Just follow these steps to record your adventures on your PC when playing Pokemon Go.

iOS Screen Recorder

3 steps to Record Pokemon Go

  • Simple, intuitive, process.
  • Mirror and record mobile gameplay on a larger screen.
  • One click to wirelessly record your device even without tutorials.
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How to record Pokemon Go

Step 1: Launch the iOS Screen Recorder

You first have to download iOS Screen Recorder and install this program on your PC. Once you have downloaded it, install it and run it.

Step 2: Select "iOS Screen Recorder"

Connect your iDevice and your PC to an active WIFI connection. You should be in a position to see the screenshot below once you have successfully connected both devices.

Pokemon tips

Step 3: Launch AirPlay

Swap your finger on your screen in an upward motion to launch the control center. Under the control center, tap on the "AirPlay" icon and the "Done" icon. On your new interface, tap on the "dr.fone" icon and tap "Done" again. The below screenshot summarizes these steps.

Pokemon Go tips

Step 4: Start Recording

A new interface with a record option will open up. Tap on the red button to initiate recording.

Pokemon tricks

Now that’s how you can record your Pokemon tips while still playing the game.

Part 4: Throw a Curved Ball

If you want to gain more XP in your level, make sure to throw a curved ball. This is usually important when you are after the wild Pokemon. How do you do this you may ask? Just jiggle the ball and shake it well by tapping it, holding it, and spinning it in a clockwise manner. You can also rotate it in an anti-clockwise manner but make sure that the ball sparkles. The moment you see the sparkle, toss it up and release it. If you happen to capture the critter with your throw, you will be awarded the curveball XP bonus. For extra points, throw the ball in the opposite direction from the original spin. For instance, if you were spinning the ball to your left, throw it to your right and vice-versa.

Throw a Curved Ball

Part 5: Transfer Wisely

Do you want to get that extra candy to help you get the egg for extra XP points? If yes; just transfer one of your Pokemon to Professor Willow. However, keep in mind the fact that once you give out your Pokemon, there’s no going back for it. It’s gone like the wind.

Transfer Wisely

Part 6: Make Use of the Razz Berries

If you don’t want to run around and capture Pokemon, just employ the razz berries Pokemon go strategy. How do you do this? Just feed wild Pokemon with the Razz berries. These berries function by slowing down the Pokemon hence giving you the opportunity to capture it with no difficulties at all.

Make Use of the Razz Berries

Part 7: Pay Attention to Your Moves

Take a closer look at each and every move that the Pokemon you catch makes. If you happen to grab a 105 CP Staryu and a 98 CP Staryu, check the one with the better chance of increasing your level. In this case, if for instance, the 98 CP Staryu has a "Water Gun", while the 105 CP has a Body Slam capability, go for the Water Gun. Check the amount of damage each and every wild Pokemon can cause and go for the better one. You can do this by checking the numbers next to the Pokemon capability.

Pokemon Go tips

Part 8: Make Use of Your Combat Power

The initials CP stand for Combat Power. This is the number present above each and every wild Pokemon. The CP level usually increases as your experience point (XP) increases. You can use this combat power to fight your way up the level. Make use of many curved balls as possible as they increase your chances of going up the ladder.

Pokemon tips

Part 9: Grab the Lucky Egg

The big lucky egg grants you more XP points for 30 minutes. As lucky as you may want to be, there’s a catch right here. For you to grab this egg, you must have saved enough coins since you must buy this egg from the Pokemon store. If you happen to have a number of Pokemon candies, keep them until you come across this egg. Once you are here, evolve and hatch them one after the other and watch as your XP and CP level rise.

Pokemon Go tips and tricks

From what we have covered in this article, we can conclude that it’s easy to go through different stages of Pokemon Go if the right Pokemon tips and tricks are employed. We can also conclude that it’s easy to record each and every move and each and every Pokemon Go strategy using iOS Screen Recorder.

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