Top 10 Best Free VR Games you don't want to miss

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If you have recently bought Virtual Reality Headsets want to try your hands on to VR gaming, this article is for you. With the advent of Virtual Reality, we have some cool things happening in the gaming industry. It would not be wrong if we say that VR has brought a great revolution in the gaming industry, making it more exciting and realistic.

It seems a wise idea to start with the free VR games to get started, and then you can move on to the paid ones based on the genre you loved the most. Through this article, we will list out the top 10 free online VR games, but first we’ll talk about the difference between a free and a paid VR game.

Difference Between Paid and Free Games

First of all, as the name itself suggests, free games are those for which you will not be required to pay any price or amount for it. Now, it is essential to understand that most of the time, there is a specific limit associated with these free games, so some of them may not be completely free. On the other hand, you will be required to pay for it when it comes to paid games. Of course, you will find some excellent games at an affordable price, but you will also see some costly games, so the decision wholly depends on you.

Top 10 best free VR games

So, now we will list some of the most amazing top 10 free VR games to kickstart virtual reality gaming.

1. Trickster VR: Horde Attack

best free VR games trickster pic 1

This VR game is a fun and exciting action game that will keep you thrilled throughout. You will get some special powers, and you will get 30 weapons, that sounds amazing.

Also, there are two difficulty options; you can choose one of them.

It allows you to customize everything pretty much all the movements.

2. Wolfenstein 3D VR

best free VR games wolfenstein pic 2

Another amazing VR game is Wolfenstein 3D VR. This game comes with 10 exciting levels.

With the use of VR, you will use weapons, and this gaming has terrific effects. You will be required to gun down anyone who will come in your path.

Playing this game is a unique experience; you will encounter killer dogs, secret passages, etc.

3. MSI Electric City Core Assault City

best free VR games msi electric city core assault city pic 3

You will be amazed by the magnificent Electric City; this action game will give you the ultimate VR experience. There are two gameplay modes, along with it you get three various types of enemies. Whether it is the awesome sound effects of the visual effects, which are quite appealing, you will enjoy every part of this game.

4. Drive Through Explosions

best free VR games drive through explosions pic 4

This is going to be the most exciting best free VR games oculus; you will enjoy it a lot. You will experience the speed as you destroy the enemies. It is available at HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, this VR game will take you to a whole new post-apocalyptic world. This action-adventure game will provide you with a thrilling experience.

5. DCS World Steam Edition

best free VR games dcs world steam edition pic 5

Ready to enter the battlefield, play Digital Combat Simulator, there is no doubt that this VR game has one of the finest simulations. It will give you a very realistic experience, from the ships to the military aircraft and the tanks. The most exciting part about this game is that it features the Russian Sukhoi Su-25T aircraft; you would be amazed.

6. PokerStars VR

best free VR games pokerstars vr pic 6

Want to experience some realistic physics for the first time in VR, and play PokerStars VR. From fighting with opponents to unlocking free chips every day, this game is quite easy and exciting. You will find this VR game merely impressive.

7. The Red Stare

best free VR games the red stare pic 7

The Red Store is one of those VR games which provide a unique experience. In this game, you will be spying communist spies, as you will be playing an American agent's role.

You will be required to apply a unique strategy each time to identify the people, isn't it exciting? Note that the game is available on Oculus and HTC Vive. So, put on your VR headsets and begin the journey of going into an entirely different world where you are an American spy living in the 1950s.

8. The GetUp

best free VR games the getup pic 8

Next comes the game The GetUp, in which you will be acting like an Egyptian God. Your role is to get the most significant pyramid to build. You will take the help of physics, and no doubt, you will get a realistic appearance. You will be required to get the work done from your slaves. We hope that this game will provide you a new experience.

9. Cube Dancer

best free VR games cube dancer pic 9

Note that Cube Dancer is a short VR game; you will experience some amazing dance battles. What exactly you will do is that you will study the dance moves of your opponents.

This game can be quite challenging, as a free VR game, this game is impressive. With some beautiful arenas and unique choreography, this VR game is visually very appealing.

10. Tea For God

best free VR games tea for god pic 10

With room-scale tracking, Tea for God provides you better customization powers. This is yet another fantastic free VR game. You will fall in love with this game soon because of the Infinite VR space. The game succeeds in offering an immersive experience.

Final Thoughts

So, we have reached the end of this article. These were some of the best VR games to get started with VR gaming for free. We hope that you found the article quite helpful. If you have any suggestions regarding the article, please feel free to write it down in the comment section. Stay Tuned

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