How to Hack Facebook Messages

Facebook is no doubt the world leading social media platform. From sending messages to making live video calls, Facebook has completely transformed the general social media circles. With a good number of people depending on Facebook to send and receive messages, another group is busy developing methods on how to hack Facebook messages.

Hacking has been the new way of life for many people. Apart from getting to know what people are up to, hacking also gives you the peace of mind that whoever you are tracking is on the safe side or doing what you want them to do or be in the right place at the right time. In this article, I am going to explain to you a simple yet highly effective method of how to hack Facebook messages at the comfort of your hands.

Part 1: How to Hack Facebook Messages by Using mSpy

If you want to hack Facebook messages without getting yourself exposed, you should employ the services of a highly reputable and highly dependable hacking program. One such program should be mSpy. Unlike other programs that can expose your footprints to your victims, mSpy guarantees you a secure way of hacking Facebook messages that you can’t get from another hacking program.

With mSpy, not only are you guaranteed to hack Facebook messages, but you also get the chance to track the location of the Facebook user thanks to the Geo-locating feature and the GPS Tracker. Here is how to hack someone's Facebook messages using mSpy.

1: For you to hack Facebook messages, you must first purchase mSpy.

How to Hack Facebook Messages by Using mSpy

2: To create an mSpy account, click on the download link sent to your email upon purchase.

3: Once activated, get hold of the target iPhone or PC and download the mSpy program on their devices.

4: Log into your mSpy account and click on the "Facebook Tracking" option to activate tracking.

How to Hack Facebook Messages

From this point onwards, you will be in a position to monitor each and every message that gets sent or received from the spied Facebook account. That’s how to hack someone’s else Facebook messages without their knowledge or getting caught.

Part 2: Hack Facebook Messages TruthSpy

Another great method of hacking Facebook messages is by using the TruthSpy program. Just like the mSpy hacking program, the TruthSpy program gives you the opportunity to easily hack on any Facebook messages with the greatest ease ever. From keeping track with your family to monitoring your business empire, TruthSpy allows you to monitor your friends as well as keep an eye on workers who keep chatting online instead of performing their duties.

If you want to hack Facebook messages using the TruthSpy, just follow these basic simple steps.

1: Your first step towards hacking Facebook messages by using the TruthSpy program is by visiting the official website and download the program.

2: Before downloading the program, however, you must first signup and create an account for free.

3: Once signed in, purchase the app by choosing the pay schedule that best suits your needs. An activation mail will be sent to your designated email address once the payment has been confirmed.

4: Get hold of the target phone and install the hacking program into the phone.

Tip: Make sure that you have configured the settings to link up with the account. Just follow the prompts as directed by the program.

Hack Facebook Messages TruthSpy

Tip: The TruthSpy app is supported by both Android and iOS devices. If your target operates an Android device, download the program. On the other hand, iOS device users can also download the program.

5: Once the program has been linked to the target phone, head back to your TruthSpy account. You should be in a position to see the devices that you are keeping track off.

Hack Facebook Messages TruthSpy

6: To get access to the Facebook account that you are tracking, tap on the “Facebook History” option.

Hack Facebook Messages

From this position onwards, each and every message that is sent or received from the target Facebook account will be displayed on your dashboard. With TruthSpy app, you will also get the chance to view any images or videos shared or viewed by the user on his or her news feed.

Part 3: Hack Facebook Messages by Using CocoSpy

Another great method of how to hack Facebook messages is by employing the services offered by the CocoSpy app. CocoSpy provides you with many options such as tracking the location of the victim, reading the phone emails, recording the general usage of various apps, get to see all the pictures captured by the phone as well as remote uninstall it when you are done hacking.

If you want to hack Facebook and get access to each and every message sent or received from a certain Facebook account, CocoSpy has a tailor-made option meant just for you. Below is a detailed method on how to hack someone's Facebook messages by using CocoSpy.

Point to Note

For you to use this program, you must first root your device or else the app won't work.

1: Once you have rooted the device, the Cydia app that initiates the root will appear on the target phone home screen.

Tip: The presence of the Cydia app confirms the successful rooting of the iPhone.

2: With the iPhone rooted, create an account and register the device that you intend to hack.

3: Download and install the CocoSpy app on the phone that you want to hack.

Tip: CocoSpy gives you a 48-hour free trial with full access before purchasing the program. Take full advantage of this offer.

4: Once you have downloaded and created the account, your next step should be to hide the CocoSpy and the Cydia app from the home screen. You can do this by dialing #8888* on the target phone and select “Hide icon From Springboard”. Confirm the request by taping the “Yes” option.

5: Open the CocoSpy account using your phone. On your dashboard, select the “Facebook Messages” option to initiate the snooping process.

6: Once you activate this option, you will from this point get to see and read all the messages that are sent and received from the hacked Facebook account. It is simple as that.

Regardless of whether you want to hack Facebook messages for fun or for personal reasons, employing the services of a good hacking program such as mSpy, CocoSpy and the TruthSpy should be your ultimate decision. As a parting shot and a form of advice, although many people enjoy hacking other people’s Facebook accounts to get access to their personal messages, it should be kept in mind that hacking, in general, is seen as a form of a privacy breach. Therefore, each and every time you hack Facebook messages, keep in mind that if you are caught in the act, you could get into trouble with the victim and the law in general. Therefore, try your best to play it safe by using the mSpy program for Facebook hacking purposes.

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