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10 Best Tools to Connect Android to Mac / MacBook and Transfer Files

It may not be that easy to connect Android phone to Mac to transfer files. But smart Mac users always know many ways to connect Android to Mac for file transfer. How? Find answer in this article now. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 03.09.2018

Best 10 Android Emulators to Run Android Apps on Mac OS X (2018)

Want to use Android apps on Mac but still do not know how? We have collected top 10 tools to run Android apps on Mac OS X, and an effective solution to bring Android apps to Mac in one click. Enjoy! Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 14.06.2018

How to backup your iPhone X/8/7/6/5 to Computer/iTunes/iCloud?

Learn how to backup iPhone to computer, iTunes, and iCloud in this post. Different step by step techniques are listed here so that you can backup your data. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 01.08.2018

Too Early to Seek Identity Protection Service Before You Know This

Identity protection services by agencies are the mainstream identity protection measures. But do you know there are low-cost but effective alternatives, and must-do preparations? Find out here. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 17.07.2018

Everything You'd Like to Know about iOS 12

Want to know how to upgrade to iOS 12? In this guide, you will find every essential thing about iOS 12: its features, pros, cons, compatibility list, and more Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 05.09.2018

Identity Stolen: Facts You May Not Know

Identity stolen risks may be around. This article describes what is a stolen identity, identity theft signs, what to do if someone steals your identity, and useful tips to prevent identity theft. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 17.07.2018

iMessages/Text Messages Out of Order? Here is more than the fix!

Is your device iMessages or text messages out of order? Then you must read the guide to get out this situation as soon as possible. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 12.06.2018

Credit Card Fraud: 10 Tips to Ensure Full Protection

Credit card fraud and theft hurt us both mentally and financially. Fret not! Just follow the 10 tips to ensure reliable credit card fraud protection in this inter-connected world. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 17.07.2018

An Extensive Guide to Restoring Notes from iCloud

Want to learn how to recover notes from iCloud backup or the device store? The guide features stepwise tutorials to restore notes from iCloud in different ways. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 31.07.2018

5 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Updating iCloud Settings

Does your iPhone sometimes get stuck on updating iCloud settings? Are you facing this type of problem regularly? If yes, then we have permanent solutions to get rid of this issue. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 05.09.2018

Identity Fraud Protection Service and Cost-Effective Alternatives

Identity fraud risks may be disastrous if not handled properly. This article collects all must-know details about identity fraud protection, dedicated protection services and alternatives to them. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 17.07.2018

Messages in iCloud is Finally Here! How to Get Started?

Get to know about the latest update of iOS 11.4 messages on iCloud. Learn how to enable messages in iCloud in this guide with all of its amazing features. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 16.08.2018

Ways to Sync Android with Mac OS X (99% People Don't Know)

Many own an Android phone and Mac OS PC, but there hardly exist reliable tutorials to sync Android with Mac. This article collects main ways of android and mac sync for light and heavy data to help. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 31.08.2018

Top 7 iCloud Alternatives to Backup iPhone/iPad

iCloud is the cloud storage offered by Apple and built in every Apple device. In this article, we will introduce you 7 best iCloud alternatives to backup your iPhone/iPad data. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 06.06.2018

Quick Ways to Sync iCloud Contacts with Google

Are you looking to transfer contacts from iCloud to Google but don’t know how? Well, then read the article to discover the best ways to export iCloud contacts to Gmail. Read More >>

Posted by Selena Lee | 16.08.2018
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