Recover Deleted Photos, Vidoes, Music from HTC Phone

To lose all the important data from the mobile due to some technical glitch is really very painful if you can’t recover that lost data as soon as possible before it’s too late. The HTC M8 doesn’t have the built back up option so it’s really disappointing for them. But not worry! There is an alternative way to recover all your deleted photos, videos, music from your HTC phone.

Part 1: Why the deleted photos, videos, music still can be recovered?

Data loss has become a common problem and issue for all the mobile users. There are a lot of users who do not have much idea about the technical solution to such problems. Many people think it is impossible to recover all the deleted photos, videos, music once the files have been deleted from your phone. But not many of us realize the fact that deleted files can still be recovered with the help of the right type of software since the data is not entirely gone. Highly sensitive data stays in the hard drive of your phone. When we delete any information or file, it becomes invisible to the operating system due to which, we are unable to locate it, however with the help of the right software, you can recover all your deleted data from the hard drive of your phone. It is the same way, as with an PC or Mac, the data once you delete stays in trash or recycle bin of your PC. Now even if you happen to empty the trash can or recycle bin of your pc, you can still recover the data from the hard drive of your PC.

Whenever a file is deleted from the hard drive, it is not completely erased, but what gets erased is information that points the operating system to the location of that data and hence the operating system is unable to find the data on your phone. This lost data can be easily retrieved the right software like Dr fone's Android Data recovery tool. You can use this option on any kind of mobile brand such as HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and many more. You can retrieve your data in simple steps mentioned below. This method will require you to manually recover all your data with some simple steps.

However, the only exception to this would be if the data has been overwritten.

Part 2: Recover HTC deleted photos with Android Data Recovery

Today, we are going to learn about the easiest and most effective way of dealing with Data recovery on your HTC Android phone, which is Dr Fone Android Data Recovery toolkit. This software helps your recover all data including photos, videos, audio, documents easily and with safety from your Android device. It is also capable of retrieving messages, contacts, and export in HTML, vCard, CSV and XML formats to your PC so that you can easily if needed read, print and download your lost, into your HTC mobile.


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Without your Android data your mobile will be a total void and if you again reload the backup files the android data will be overwritten. By doing this you will never be able to recover your data

The following are the steps to recover all your necessary information from your mobile with the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Launch Dr Fone toolkit for your HTC on your computer and select data recovery option as in the image below:

recover htc deleted photos

Now connect your HTC phone to your computer via USB cable while ensuring that you have enabled USB debugging on your HTC.

recover htc deleted photos

To avail the USB debugging setting on your phone first you have to go to your settings and navigate down to About phone and tap on Software information. You will find build numbers and on that you have to repeatedly keep on clicking seven times to activate developer options. Now after activating the developer mode go to the developer option and tap on to the USB debugging option.

In case your HTC is of Android version 4.2.2 or above, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone, select ok and continue to allow debugging.

recover htc deleted photos

Step 2:

Once the phone is connected successfully, Dr fone will show you all the data in your phone such as music, photos, videos and etc which can be recovered. By default, it will select all data, but you can check/uncheck the files as you want and then click Next to proceed to recover.

recover htc deleted photos

Step 3: Scan your device

There are two scanning methods you can choose from, Standard and Advanced as per your need. We prefer the Standard Mode as it is faster and quickly gives your results. Incase Standard Mode is unable to find the lost files, you can try again using the Advanced Mode.

Simply, click start to begin the process as shown in the picture below:

recover htc deleted photos

The process of scanning your HTC will take a few minutes. So wait patiently to have your precious data recovered through Dr Fone.

recover htc deleted photos

Important Note: There may be a pop up on  your HTC asking for Superuser authorization while scanning, simply click on 'allow' to continue the process.

Step 4: Once the scan is over, you will be able to preview the data one by one. In fact, you can select the items you want to recover and save all of them to your computer from your HTC. Isn't that simple?

recover htc deleted photos

Part 3: Tips to protect important data on HTC

We have put under a few tips that will be useful for you to protect important data on your HTC mobile

1. Put Antivirus in your HTC mobile:-

To keep all the valuables secure there is lockers, safe box to keep it protected from the burglars and thief from getting it robbed. Thus Antivirus in the mobile helps in keeping all the necessary information from the mobile in getting lost. Keep passwords to your phone so that no one can have easy access and destroy your information.

2. Be careful while deleting the files:-

You may tent to delete the files which are useless in the mobile but while doing that you may also delete some of your important information. The photos, videos, audio, files can be deleted when you select all the files together and delete them all at once. It is recommended that you delete your stuff from your mobile one by one.

3. Daily back up option:-

If you have daily back up option in your mobile then you are very lucky with that phone if you are too careful about the information that is stored in your mobile. You may need internet connection for this but it is totally reliable. Many HTC phones have a built in option in the device.

4. Google drive, drop box, clouding:-

These online storage applications can help you in viewing these data from getting lost. You can view you data and information from anywhere in the world without any inconvenience. But for this you need to have a proper internet connectivity. Many organizations use this facility in keeping their information safe and redeemable at any stage.

So here were the methods of data recovery on your HTC, however, as an advice always tries to frequently back up all your data on the phone so that you don’t have any future problem in data loss. The Android transfer can help in back up process to be quick and reliable. Use this application to copy all your back up data easily.

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