An Extensive Guide to Deleting Contacts from iCloud

Although contacts are an important part of our life, you may need to delete some contacts from your device permanently. There can be numerous reasons for deleting contacts like:

Whatever might be the reason, there are simple ways to delete all contacts from iCloud or even choose to delete a single contact from any device. This extensive guide will help you with every aspect of deleting iCloud contacts while taking care of privacy and easiness.

So, in this post, we will introduce different ways to delete contacts from iCloud. You can also check this post to learn how to delete contacts from iPhone.

Part 1: How to delete a single contact from

Follow these steps delete a single contact from iCloud:

Step 1: First of all, open the website and enter the username & password which you have already set for Apple ID.

Step 2: Here you can find many lists such as email, contacts, and calendar etc. Choose the contacts from the list.

Step 3: Select the contact of the person you want to delete from iCloud. Please note that depending on the operating system, the process of selecting the unwanted contact differs.

Eg: For Mac users, they have to press command button continuously to select the contact. For PC, kindly hold the control button and select the contact.

Step 4: Finally, select the menu button present on the left side of the panel below. You will get the drop-down list such as Select All, Delete, Print etc. Choose the Delete option and confirm it.

delete a single contact from icloud
Select the contact and click on Delete to delete it from iCloud.

Note: You have successfully learned how to delete a single contact from the iCloud. Isn’t it easy and pretty simple to use?

Part 2: How to delete multiple contacts from

In this section, you will understand how to delete the multiple contacts from This process will help you in case you need to delete quite a few contacts at one go, so instead of selected one by one, you can save time by deleting all at once.

So, shall we take a closer look at the steps on how to delete all contacts from iCloud?

Step 1: Process starts with visiting and choosing contacts> Now you must move ahead to press the Ctrl key and select the multiple contacts which you want to delete it from iCloud.

Step 2: Once you have selected the contacts you no longer need, leave the control key. The selected contacts will remain same even if you didn’t hold the control key.

select multiple contacts on
Press Ctrl key on keyboard and select multiple contacts on

Step 3: After step (2), you have two options to delete or edit the contact. Now since here, we are discussing to delete the contacts so we have to choose the delete option.

Step 4: On the screen, you will see the menu button present at the lower left side of the panel. You will get few options and delete menu will be one among them.

Step 5: Select the Delete and thus you will get the pop-up window to confirm delete.

delete multiple contacts on
Click the Gear icon and then the Delete button to delete the contacts from iCloud.

Step 6: Click “yes” and multiple contacts will be deleted.

Note: That’s it! We have deleted multiple contacts from iCloud.

Part 3: How to merge duplicated contacts from iCloud on Mac?

Duplicate contacts are a mess, wouldn’t you agree? Well, so there are two ways to deal with duplicate contacts. One way is to merge and another is to delete. However, while deleting there is a chance to delete the original contact also unconsciously. So in order to get rid of these problems simply merge all the duplicate contacts accordingly.

Follow the steps below to merge duplicate contacts from iCloud on Mac:

Step 1: After you log in to choose the contact and you will be displayed with the contact window.

log in icloud on mac

Step 2: On the top, you can see few menus such as the file, edit, view, card, and window. Select card from the menu and you will get the drop-down list. Select the option “Look for duplicates”.

look for duplicates on mac

Step 3: In this step, it will be displayed with the duplicate such as how many contacts are duplicated and the reason why it is duplicated.

delete duplicated icloud contacts on mac

Step 4: You have an option to merge the duplicated contacts. Tap on the button merge and so, it will start the process to merge out the duplicated contacts.

Note: Finally, we have merged all the duplicated contacts into one. Sounds impressive, right?

Many users have pointed out the questions as to why there is no facility to merge contacts in PC. Well, there hasn’t been a definite answer from developers and neither there is any separate application that can merge duplicate contacts from PC.

One immediate solution is that you can delete the duplicate contacts manually. You will have to access your contact list and search for duplicate contacts, then delete one by one. Yes, and it will be a time-consuming process if you have too many duplicate contacts. However, this is the only solution to get rid of duplicate contacts on PC. For iPhone users, we can also follow the instruction here to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone.

Part 4: How to delete contacts from iPhone permanently?

In the above parts, we have explained the process to delete contacts from iCloud one by one and also multiple at once. What about a permanent solution to delete a contact from iCloud? What if you do not need a contact at all and want to get rid of it for privacy reasons?

Well, there is the one immediate solution to sort out all your iPhone privacy with a single click. After all, privacy is of utmost importance. The software is called dr.fone – Erase (iOS), a tool developed by one of the top software companies- Wondershare. You can delete the contacts permanently and be rest assured of your iPhone privacy safety. When it comes to iCloud, privacy can be compromised as a hacker can easily retrieve the information from your iCloud account. Hence it is better to delete the contacts from iPhone using dr.fone- Erase (iOS).

dr.fone - Erase (iOS)

Permanently Delete Contacts, Messages, and More Selectively from iPhone.

  • Simple, click-through, process.
  • You select which data you want to erase.
  • Completely wipe the deleted data from iOS devices.
  • Your data is permanently deleted.
  • Nobody can ever recover and view your private data.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

So, let us try out the magic by downloading the dr.fone – Erase (iOS) from the authorized website.

Step 1: Once downloaded, launch the dr.fone toolkit on your computer. Installation won’t take much time and so, it will get completed within few seconds.

delete contacts on iphone with dr.fone

Step 2: Now, you have to connect the iPhone to the computer using the data cable. After connecting the devices just ensure the connection is successful. Please wait for few seconds to recognize the device.

Step 3: After the system recognition, you will get the window which displays five options such as Erase All Data, Erase Deleted Files, Erase Private Pata etc. Choose Erase Private Data.

erase private data on iphone

Step 4: Before erasing up the private data just scan the data normally. You will be displayed with the start button. Tap on it.

Step 5: The scanning process may take some time. After few minutes, you will be displayed with the private data found after the scan.

Step 6: Take time preview the scanned data such as call history, messages and photos. From the list, select the private data which you want to select it. Select the data and click erase.

select the contacts you'd like to erase

Step 6: Do not interrupt the connection until the private data get deleted.

permamently delete the contacts o iphone

Step 7: Once the erase process is completed you will get the confirmation message saying Erase Completed!

Note: That’s it! This is the complete and final solution to delete contacts from iCloud on iPhone/Mac permanently. Wasn’t that pretty easy to follow? Come on, try it out yourself and see!

Part 5: Bonus tips for managing iPhone and iCloud contacts:

Now, I’m going to stop you right here with few bonus tips to manage iPhone and iCloud contacts. So, let’s read further with some interesting information. You can also check this post to learn more tips on managing iPhone contacts.

Tip 1: You have to keep your contacts up-to-date:

This is by and far related to time-consuming. Just imagine if two or more of your friends have same name and numbers starting with the same digit? Will you call all of them and ask for the person you want? You will be wasting a lot of your and others time. So instead spend a few minutes to update your contacts details. For eg: enter the person’s email id, URL, address, birthday and social profiles manually. This will be a great help to you in identifying the person whom you want to get in touch with.

Tip 2: Add the image by linking the contacts with their Facebook ID:

iPhone is seamless in terms of automation and usage. So make use of that and add an image to your contacts. Thereafter, whenever they call or when you want to call your contacts, you can identify the contact using the picture. You have two choices such as updating the picture automatically from iPhone or using their Facebook images.

To use a Facebook image, log into your Facebook and go to the settings option. There you can find the option “update all contacts”. Tap on it and see the magic. Your iPhone will be automatically updated with the name, image, email id, and number.

Tip 3: Try to update the contact using the Twitter:

If you don’t have a Facebook login you can also use Twitter to update your iPhone contact details. Simply, login to your twitter account and go to settings. Search for the option “update contacts” and you will your contact automatically updated with all info available on twitter.

Hence, to sum up we would say that all the five parts above provide valid information. We are glad that by now you would have learned both how to delete contacts from iCloud on Mac and how to delete contacts from iCloud backup. We assure you that all the above-explained process is true and henceforth, you can use this article to resolve contact issue with your iOS device. We hope this article will help you at present and as well as future. All the best!

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