How to Delete Unwanted Apps from iCloud?

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Without any doubt iCloud is considered as one of the major feature of Apple these days, and users of iOS are willing to make their purchases on the iTunes store for music, data, apps and much more. However there is a time when you download something and you realize that the app is of no use to you or you want to free some of the apps from your iCloud well then it’s a piece of cake. Before moving on let’s look at iCloud purchases. Whenever an app is purchased iCloud does not store that purchase. Instead it just keeps a history of apps which have been purchased or downloaded in the past so that you are able to install them again in to iTunes or any other device. For this purpose iCloud displays which apps have been purchased and makes a link with each of them to the App Store. This means that you can purchase or download unlimited number of apps but they won’t use any of the space in your iCloud account, and Apple won’t grant you the permission to delete these apps from iCloud.

However if you wish to delete apps from iCloud, you can make them “hide”. To hide your unwanted apps, follow the steps below:

Hiding Unwanted Apps on iCloud

1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go over to App Store > Updates > Purchased. You will be able to see the list of apps which have been purchased. For this instance, the square space app is being hided as shown below

2. On your Windows PC or Mac double click on iTunes and head over to the store. Click on Purchased which is on the right hand of window. Now you will be taken to the purchase history

start to delete unwanted apps from iCloud       apps history on iCloud

3. Now open apps which is located on the upper portion of the screen. List of all the downloaded and purchased apps will show up. Now take your mouse over the app you want to hide and a “X” will appear

delete unwanted apps from iCloud processed

4. Clicking on “X” will hide the apps. Then the list of apps would be updated and you won’t be able to see the apps you hide

hide unwanted apps from iCloud

5. Same would be the case on your App Store in your iPhone.

delete unwanted apps from iCloud

So, with the above steps, you can delete unwanted apps from iCloud.

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